5 Things We Love About Eva Alordiah’s War Coming Video


1. The Costumes:

The costumes in this video are dope. From the African animal print looks to Eva’s hip-hop look, blended in with some African Queen outfits. Everything about the costumes in this video works to perfection. 

2. It’s Sexy:

The whole video is just too sexy. Eva is already undeniably a sexy thing, but put those fully fit shirtless men, and girls in crop tops and grass skirts and you have a fully sexy video. There’s something for everyone.

3. Eva is actually dancing:

We don’t see Eva dance in videos too much if ever. So it’s a really good look to see her bust some moves… More especially some traditional ones too. 

And who else caught that Shoki move? 

All in all the choreography is on point. 

4. The Make Up:

The make up team did a wonderful job on the make up of everyone in the video. Those dancers there we’re almost looking like fela’s dancers. 

5. It’s Artistic:

In the day and age of generic videos, this one sticks out. When you’re done watching the video, you feel like you’ve just left an art gallery. From the customes to the lighting to the colors and location , everything adds some subtle touch to make this a good piece of art. 

Thumbs up to Mex. 

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