Who Deserves To Be Raped?


News broke out today via Linda Ikeji’s blog about 5 boys/men that ganged raped a girl for several hours at Abia State University and video taped the whole incident. The tape allegedly being about an hour long which included periods where the girl pleaded and cried while the men threatened to continue the ordeal for days if she didn’t corporate.

A very barbaric act by these men, and even though I haven’t seen the video, the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. But even the thought of it doesn’t make me as sick as the discussions that continued afterwards.

Barely waking up this morning, as a twitter addict, I reached to my phone as always and quickly caught up on what the hot topic was. A discussion about the incident was buzzing and I realized that a lot of people (men especially) somehow in their minds have given some sort of criteria on who is allowed to be raped or when it’s ok to be raped. A “make me feel better” checklist if you will.

Some of the statements I saw on twitter down right made me sick. “Oh some babes that wear short dresses are asking for it,” “When you go a guy’s house at one kind time, what do you expect?“, “What if nah ashawo sef?” Like for real?… Is that how we see it now? Girl in the short dress is “asking” for it? So if a guy walks around with no shirt on, and another guy comes and rapes him in the a$$, that’s cool because he was showing off his body anyways.

Sometimes I believe some people don’t even realize what they are saying, when it’s coming out of their mouth. Diarrhea of the mouth as I would like to call it.

As much as I do think everyone should be careful with everything in life, and be alert, I despise the fact that some people have given some sort of grounds for justifying rape. Rape by definition is any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. So it can’t be asked for if it’s forceful. That’s contradictory.

A man with violent sexual intentions will do his evil deeds on a woman even if she’s wearing long wrapper to her ankles, or she’s never been out to the club, or she’s sitting in her house minding her business. What a rapist will do, he’ll do and every other silly excuse is just plain stupid.

We (Men especially), need to stop talking trash and giving people stupid and flimsy excuses for crimes committed. We might as well justify everything else in the world.

This is somewhat of a vent post so I’ll go ahead and conclude by answering the question at the header… So who deserves to be raped?

No one.

Not the girl in mini skirt, or the girl out late at night, or the girl dancing in the club, or the ashawo on the corner, or the girl that comes to your house late at night, or the housegirl, or the babe that’s doing shakara. No one…. Absolutely No One deserves to be raped.

…and I’m done.

Image Source: http://notherapedocumentary.org/behind-the-no-camera

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  1. Truth! They will say a girl in a min-skirt deserves to be raped until its their sister!nonsense!
    May God heal the Abia State girl mentally and physically!Amen

  2. It is just wrong I tell you. I had to log off today to avoid getting in a twit fight with any of those insensitive people. The trending topic #RapeHerIf just killed me! God help us.

    • Tara, i saw a statement 2 days ago that read, “rape isn’t a crime, its just surprise sex”
      the way people think these days, is beyond me. i DO NOT care whether it was a joke of not…

  3. Nice one….d most annoying part today,was the websites that posted the video and circulated it on twitter…now its clear some ppl have sawdust for brains…those boys 4get they will have daughters in future.may God reward them.

  4. I just heard about this and I was so pissed off..I dnt even want to watch the video. Thanks for the write up aribaba..NO ONE DESERVES TO BE RAPED!

  5. Wen i read d blog i cried so hard i got a headache…i tried 2 imagine wat she was goin tru n i felt vry sick.dis is a yung woman dat weda she lyks it or not ha lyf is ruined it takes God 2 heal ha totally…i just earnestly pray He does.

  6. What has she done wrong to deserve such an humiliation? Those guys aint gonna go unpunished definately, God! This is so pathetic.

  7. I’m more dan elated dat Finally,itz out i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d open!!!!!!.Appreciate ‘†ђξ fact that,y’all feel horrible about this!
    I’ll neva forget my experience,myn was way more hurtful,bcos it happened wif a very close friend of myn.he was lyk family † me…….we didn’t fight,he neva asked me out,we we’re just cool as friendz…..till it happnd……….I’m rily countin on God nd Gud pple † fish out dis SWINES!!!I’d sincerely feel sum peace inside,cos ¶ see myself thru her eyes

  8. Any man or who could stoop so low as to rape a girl has no consciences at all such men ends up without no good future at all. May God help u to recover 4m dis trauma (Abia state university girl) all I can say to u is dat those guys will never go unpunished. Woes betides such men or guys.

  9. I'm just happy that the word has spread to other platforms to expose the bastards. God will deal with them accordingly.

  10. No one deserves to be raped! Thank you for clearing that up. Its sad that there was any doubt in the minds of some, or that some people thought it was worth joking over. No one deserves to be raped, whether she is a nun or a stripper, forcing sexual intercourse on another human being is downright degrading, cruel, insensitive, and wrong – not to mention illegal. Wonderfully articulated post Ari! <3


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