When is a Little too Much?


Talk to the handI have been thinking about this almost all day. I realize that i might be probably worrying over nothing and simply over-reacting but truth is, i can’t even stand this!

So i want to ask you, in Relationships how little is little enough for a mistake to slip by and you can overlook it without a fuss?

I have been dating my boyfriend now for a little over 3months, i love him..well at least i am sure that i do.We have had several date nights and he takes me out almost all the time. However for the first time since we met, i decided to let him spend the night at my apartment. We could have slept over at his place, but unfortunately he has house mates whom i haven’t gotten comfortable around yet.

Yes we had a plan..have a nice time, watch two movies and then cuddle all night. That was a good plan. We followed through with it. I slept like an angel, i was Happy.. Until….

I woke up at a quarter past 6 in the morning hoping to begin my regular morning chores. I was greeted by the crunching of crackers beneath my feet on the floor as i stepped blindly on my boyfriend’s leftovers. We had crackers and wine while we watched the movie the night before. Apparently he was either to lazy to get off the bed to dump his leftovers in the trash.

I quickly tried to erase my disgust from my face as i stooped low to gather the crumbled pieces of crackers.

Feeling the need for an early morning leak, I walked into the bathroom and was shocked at the first sight that greeted me. Pee! Yellowish-Greenish-pale I don’t even care for the color, as disgusting as can be, splattered all over the toilet sit. Why?!!

I almost puked at the realization of the fact..My beautiful toilet sit, the one i graciously cleaned and kept shiny everyday with my bare hands. Who pees on the toilet sit? Who’s blind enough not to see the big gaping hole of a toilet to point his penis into for a Leak?

Am i overreacting right now?

I closed my eyes, or at least i imagined i did, tried to forget my disgust and began to clean up the toilet.

It’s been two days now and i can’t feel the love anymore. I don’t even want to bare the sight of him and i sincerely can’t imagine him coming over to my place or seeing him without thinking of pee all over my toilet. I didn’t bring it up with him, i couldn’t. But please tell me, am i just a complete case of OCD or is it normal to be upset at this point?




  1. My dear. Talk to him about neatness. Its not really much of a problem. Just saet and discuss about it, let him see the need for personal hygiene.


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