Jaguda.com has arrived at the world cup. Enjoyment dey happen here in south Africa. If you’re not here get on a plane and start coming … time still dey before the Naija game. When I arrived at the airport those vuvuzelas were so loud and it was apparent that world cup had landed. The buzz is South Africa is crazy; SA citizens are about to witness a once in a lifetime event. Driving around Johannesburg there are signs that the World Cup is indeed in Africa. People are flying their flags of their individual countries on their cars and homes.

On a different note, I am thoroughly impressed with South Africa; it is an image of what our continent could be like if the government functioned the way it should. It looks like there is hope for Africa. This World Cup will do several things for this economy but the most apparent is it will stimulate the economy of several Southern African countries. A guy sitting next to me on the plane had rented a car and planned to travel throughout out South Africa; another was going to watch the USA play all its round robin games and in between would visit the safaris in Zimbabwe. In Johannesburg there are so many tourist in town that all the malls are jam-packed. People are spending money left and right. Hopefully they have a good experience so that they can keep coming back with more and more friends. This is all good for our continent. Southern Africa will be a better place because of this event. Businesses are springing up left and right. I went to cut my hair and all the buzz at the barber shop was about Nigeria’s first game in the world cup. My fellow patrons and friends are saying that Nigeria is in trouble against Argentina. Sadly, I believe that we are lucky if we get a draw. I watched the Nigeria versus North Korea game and we looked hopeless, lazy and selfish. I will not be surprised if we get beat 3-0. Sorry for the football rant but it is the world cup after all.


Anyway you will be hearing from me throughout the cup. I will be reporting about the all the different areas of such a festive event. The “talent” level here is ridiculous. Luda was right the best women are from Africa … odikwa risky. I will report on the bars and hangouts to hit to watch the games and jolly. South Africa opens the cup tomorrow at 4PM South African time. Hopefully Bafana Bafana pulls through with a victory against Mexico. I am attending the Nigeria versus Argentina game. Pray for our boys to pull off a miracle. I will upload pictures as soon as the game is over. If you dey SA let me know. Also you can follow me on twitter @ “emekajr11” … Let the enjoyment continue.

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