Umu Igbo Unite Convention 2009 Pics


Umu Igbo Unite Convention 2009
Umu Igbo Unite Convention 2009

The 5th Annual Umu Igbo Unite convention was held this past weekend in Houston, TX. The convention featured a variety of events ranging from a soccer tournament, business professional summit, a banquet, and 2 parties.

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About Umu Igbo Unite:

Umu Igbo Unite is a US based organization that consists of a wide range of young professionals and college students of Igbo heritage residing in the US. Our membership targets people from all parts of the South-Eastern Igbo speaking states of Nigeria including: Abia, Anambra, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Bayelsa, Akwa-Ibom, Cross-River and Rivers states.

Umu Igbo Unite is an association of young Igbos whose primary purpose is to:

1. Promote personal, cultural and professional growth by:

-Networking, not only professionally, but culturally and socially as well.

-Initiating, encouraging and supporting innovative Igbo business ideas and existing businesses that have the potential to improve the quality of life in Nigeria.

-Contributing positively towards improvement of the quality of education in our Nigerian schools, through donation of time and resources.

2. Promote unity, co-operation and general empowerment amongst Igbo youth to enhance our voice in national policy. (A house divided, cannot stand…)

3.Providing a forum where young Igbos can share their experiences in the hopes of contribution positively to the growth and progress of Igbos worldwide.

For more information on Umu Igbo Unite, visit the website at

For pictures from Umu Igbo Unite convention click here


  1. Ndi Igbo mara mma no be small thing o! Glad to see young professionals coming out and doing the darn thing. I just might attend next year, I've always had the impression that it's a regional affair so it makes me reluctant to buy a plane ticket. Does anyone know randomly where some of the attendees reside?

  2. There were people from California, South Dakota, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas New York, Mississippi, Kentucky, Florida, Chicago and so on. It was truly a good weekend. Lots of social and networking avenues. Check it out next year. It will be hot fire ….


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