The Nigerian Accent Is The 5th Sexiest In The World


Imagine that. Our very own accent is ranked by CNNgo as the 5th sexiest in the world. In their words, “Dignified, with just a hint of willful naiveté, the deep, rich “oh’s” and “eh’s” of Naija bend the English language without breaking it, arousing tremors in places other languages can’t reach. Kinda makes the occasional phone scam worth the swindle.

Read more: World’s sexiest accents #2 |,1#ixzz1VRbwImkL

We were ranked 5th right behind, Czech Republic, Spanish, French and Italian.

So this should be a wake-up call that our accent is actually sexy and the fake fone` peeps can take a chill pill. America is not even on the list, unless of course you count the southern accent ranked 8.

Makes one wonder though, what is the sexiest accent in Nigeria.



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  1. Good 2 know…n I agree with fanbase dat d hausa language z d sexiest in naija…with d ‘ko’s’ n ‘ba’s’…

  2. Nice one. Nigerians will be forming fone up and down. but this doesn't include calabar nbok accent o. that was is just not sexy at all.

  3. Exactly, good question. Because honestly, we have Igbo tongue, Yoruba tongue, Hausa tongue, Calabar tongue. I'm not familiar with the other tongues, but we probably have tongues for as many languages we have, so no need to go there, lol. Then we have regional accents. For instance, all those who grew up in Lagos (stand up) may have a particular lagosian accent. I assume if you lived in Kano, you probably have a kano type accent. I have to agree with Fanbase. The Hausas may replace 'p' with 'fee' but for the most part, it's smooth and flows interestingly!

  4. I don’t agree that hausa accent is the sexiest, coz nigerians as a whole has this unique accent that makes others want to imitate us. It has nothing to do with tribe, it’s just pure unadulterated english spoken by nigerians especially by the educated ones.

  5. Not sure I can agree with that. While I find "pidgin" to sound somewhat interesting in certain circles, I cannot agree to finding (particlarly) the Igbo, Yoruba, Benin, Hause (lol!), or any other typically "Nigerian" accent pleasant to the hearing. No offence, but it's definately way too strong/konk.

  6. Frankly speaking i think its true we dont have thick accents like most african countries n mehn do i love hearing a fulani girl speak english??????? da sound is to die for


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