Stop This Madness… Things that work my nerves.

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I think its about time i take this issue to heart and speak from within…its that time to call out of the fakes, pretenders, and misconceptions that silently polute our African community without getting caught. I refuse to let this opportunity pass me by…so allow me to begin….if you find yourself guilty please repent from your dirty ways and get right.

1. If you call your self “quiet”, dress appropriately and dont go to clubs or after night activities, because you dont intend to attract men….yet you sit online looking for potential husband….check yourself, you are a classic bullshitter and pretender.

2. Not all tattooed covered African females are spoiled rotten.

3. Updating your facebook/myspace/twitter account strictly about yourself every 2 seconds would not get anbody’s favorable attention…quit it.

4. If you take it upon yourself to tell the whole world about a certain character trait you have, yet your actions says otherwise you are a fake.

5. If you are living quite comfortably, popping champagne and VIP and not gettin any monthly income from your parents or guardian, or you talk about partying on sundays or weekdays while others are preparing for their next workday, chances are you are 419.

6. Hell, if you say you are self employed or have business back home…especially when you say you own a car dealership….that is a red flag sign, you are a bullshitting 419.

7. You are fake, if you cannot recognise your own face after you apply every layer of makeup…or it looks as though you can peel it off.

8. Stop claiming big girl, if you cannot afford to pay to enter a club or buy yourself a drink.

9. Be ready to entertain bullshit from any guy that buys you a drink…, you brought it upon yourself by accepting such offers.

10. Quit talking about finding Husband all the damn time, you make Nigerian ladies sound desperate.

11. Stop forming imaginary haters/lovers, to make yourself seem important. It’s okay if no one is talking about you or commenting on your album/status or honesty box.

12. We get you have a degree in everything…just stop referencing it in every conversation…its annoying.

13. If you have a buddy that knows gist about everything, everybody and everywhere….. check him/her. They may be interesting with all that gist but hanging out with amebors is very dangerous.

14. Its hard enough to maintain any kind of relationship anywhere…but if your beau…in is Atlanta…thats right, i said Atlanta…just give up on it….most girls here are unforgiving and hungry (rembr its 22 women to a man here…the ratio is messed up)

15. Dont let myopic views cloud your judgement….There are “gay” African men here…be careful.

16. African Men…I applaud your determination and high expections…but NO MEANS NO…if she casted you once, or repeatedly ignored you…Give up…she would never get with you.

17. Be realistic…Not all guys and girls are in your league..remember all things get levels.

That’s about it. Let me stop now. Probably have more things that work my nerves that people do, but that list might go on for a while. lol.

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  1. funny article. Def true about he 419's. I laugh at the "bigz girlz" who wan vex die cos they have to pay to enter club, being a bigz girls mean you shld be able to afford $10-20 to enter party. abi?? I beg, Put your money where your mouth is.

    • man, times are hard. i guess that makes me a small girl since i refuse to drop $20 for the club. that's wat my homies are for. or if the homies cant come through, there's always that good ole' "ladies free till–" lol.

  2. let me add this sis if you claim you are a VIRGIN and then ACT LIKE ONE>>> STOP GOING TO VISIT RANDOM ASS MEN AT 3AM WHAT YOU DO THINK YALL GONNA DO…PRAY Nooo STOP IT.. …

    iF YOU DRIVE a 1990 car and bish you shoppping at dots ,rainbow and PAYLESS STILL ROCKING 9.99 WEAVE you AINT GAT NO HATER BIKO QUIT SAYING YOU HAVE ONE…..




    • she's a bad bitch becuz she's ranting on and on about what annoys her? girl stop. half that mess isn't even about being fake, for one. and with ur thinking, anybody can be a so called "bad bitch" at any point in time cuz everybody complains about one thing or another. oh look, i'm complaining about this blog. I must be a bad bitch too! sike.

      not meant to offend, that's just the "bad bitch" in me. lol.

  3. i laughed, i cried, i had to stop and pause too. this is all to funny. some of it is quite dumb tho. Loved #9: i listen to alot of bulj for a damn almeretto sour or vodka and sprite, but its entertaining to see how hard these dudes try. lol. #11, LMAO! lastly, #6…uh-oh. i need to go make some calls. lol.


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