Somebody Is After Wande Coal – Official Statement From Mo-Hitts Concerning Alleged Nude Pics of Wande Coal



Awoke this morning, and saw this in our email box. We’re definitely glad there is an official statement from the Mo-Hitts Camp. We sure hope it’s not him, even though on the flip-side the world wide fame he got from it is not something to shy away from. I’m sure there are a few more itune sales on Wande Coal’s name. Here is the official statment from the Mo-Hitts camp sent via Bigsam Media:

It has come to our notice that a purported nude picture of Wande Coal is being circulated on social networking site, Twiiter and that made him a trending topic yesterday and early hours of today.

Wande is very grateful to those who have shown him love and as well to those who were constructive in their criticisms. He is saying a massive THANK YOU.

We also want to state categorically that there is nothing wrong or to be ashamed about being naked BUT THE PICTURES IN QUESTION ARE NOT THOSE OF WANDE COAL, the multiple Hip Hop World Award winner. That is not him and that can never be him.

It is worthy of note to let you know that the rising star has been a target of orchestrated attacks in past months. Few months ago false reports of him being treated in a psychiatric home were widely circulated even when he was busy performing in shows in Nigeria and around the world. Later, another report of him slapping a fellow in a club was initiated by some faceless people as well, a report which was false in its entirety. Last year it was also reported that he slapped 9ice during an argument, a report 9ice himself denied. Now, it is a false naked picture that is being used.

We have reason to believe that the person behind these nude pictures is the same person(s) behind earlier negative and false stories. Therefore, we are no longer taking the matter lightly. Appropriate security agencies have been briefed and investigations are on-going so as to ascertain true identity of the culprit and bring him or her to book.

Wande would also like to appeal to his numerous fans to keep calm and assure them that he won’t stop making good music, love them and keep right in all his doings.



  1. Yeah right its not him. This is what happens when guys just pick up random keles. You never know which one will steal your money in the hotel room/take your naked picture while you are sleeping. Well…press is press abi? lol.

  2. Rumours are carry by ur enemies(wande coal) spray by illitrates accepted by d fools.4 me i here i 4get i see and i watin d person sabi nayin d person dey do,wande dey do watin u sabi,God will be with u.u will see d downfall of ur enemies(amen).u are my best fans, notin do u,


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