Reform likely coming in NYSC Program



The Nigerian Senate last week  directed the Federal Government to carry out a reorganization of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, just as Senators lamented that the scheme was no longer fulfilling its mandate of entrenching national unity. I wonder though how long these short comings have been around. We hear honor stories of corpers not getting adequate work for year so they end up wasting a year.

The directive was upon the consideration of a motion sponsored by Senator Sahabi Yau and 33 others. Senator Yau, while moving the motion, decried the subjection of Corps members to harsh conditions including poor pays and rejections by government organizations, which contradicts the purpose of the scheme. Yau, would like to increase the condition of the youth involved but the only way he can do that is to increase the basic pay of the members. He said: “This noble national program has recently been buffeted by sundry challenges, including attacks on some of them. These heinous attacks on these youths are compounded by organizations that serially and unjustifiably reject them from undertaking their primary assignment under them.”

 Another senators weighed in on the situation: Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, who also called for review of the scheme lamented that the system was failing because of lack of proper coordination and planning. According to him, “It is almost criminal for government agencies to reject corps members. But the fact is that number of those being posted has gone up and the agencies are still the same. I think the problem is due to lack of proper coordination by the NYSC. They should be able to carry out periodic reviews know the number of corps members that will be required by agencies before posting.” Before ruling on the motion, Senate President, David Mark lamenting that the Scheme has lost coordination, criticized prospective corps members who influence their postings to towns.

He added that such practice has led to the overcrowding of towns, thereby making most of the corps members redundant without place of

primary assignments. He said, “we are running into series of problems because of this and I believe that that the NYSC at the moment is bedeviled with lack of proper coordination.

“We need to go back to the drawing board and reorganize NYSC in such a way that it original intention of bringing national unity is achieved.” NYSC has always had issues even when our parents served if these issues are not fixed then Nigeria might as well suspend the program.

 Source: VanguardNGR

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  1. Well, here we go again….government taking forever to make decisions whilst peoples lives are at stake. Here is what I think:
    NYSC needs to be abolished because reforming it will cost more money and waste more time than ever and that is a luxury we cannot afford any more or else we will not move forward. NYSC's purpose was to unite the people of Nigeria however it hasn't been successful at all and we can see that by the killings of corpers in the north of Nigeria. If we want to unite the states or people we have to start earlier and also from the top down. I mean the leaders need to show unity regardless of religion,ethnic issues etc, they set the tone all the way.

    If we look at the house of assembly, we can already see it, we wear our traditional attires to official things, Igbo , hausa , yoruba etc then expect to be unified…i am not against culture or custom but has it helped us in any way politically but frustrate the country. Look at the issue of zoning, that in itself doesn't help any country because it created division. All these decisions or "political custom" sends a message to a Nigerian hence the problems we face at NYSC.

    Also if something hasnt worked for over 30years why keep it together…if David Mark can say he's parents had issues when dey did NYSC..i guess there is NO POINT!

    Finally, NYSC also keeps out the brightest and geniuses out of Nigeria due the sham-bolic way of management of the scheme. Why would a smart first class student come to NYSC when Goldman Sachs offers more in the first year and if they want to even get involved in their country NYSC scheme will certainly frustrate them too.

    I would like to suggest that we start to teach Unity from primary school instead, also implement work experience scheme for secondary school students from JSS3 and SS1 and 2, it could be a way of helping our youths integrate into the system. This could be for 2weeks at any available place possible.
    This might be a way of helping and educating Nigerian youth about work in general. I heard that most corpers who go into companies aren't even smart enough to be giving resposibilities or its their ever first job ahich by the way doesnt help the future of our country.

  2. You know what I'd like? To see chronicles of the life of a typical NYSC corper.. Maybe, we would be able to better see how NYSC encourages (or doesn't) national unity

  3. How can we reform nysc when it is used to discriminate nigerian graduates parttime, evening programme etc nt allowed even when they are less than 3o years old and having paid so much money as shool fees compared to regular student. A country of 150million all its aspering youth would nt be admitted in regular programme becos the slot in the univ re to small to admit all aspering youth so why punish them by exclusion knnwing fully well the advantages of been part of the nysc scheme but rather they hunt young nigerian graduate like cockroaches because they want to serve their father land shame on nigerian goverment.


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