Odiri [Part 9]


I want you Obum… I want you NOW” I whispered underneath the pouring rain as I frowned in delightful pleasure. He groaned… those words, igniting a much deeper hunger and desire in him. His fingers dug deep into my thighs… raking my moist and slippery skin. My legs wrapped themselves firmly around his waist as he stood in the open fields.

His tongue explored my neck in light sensual strokes… nibbling and kissing along the way. Underneath my buttocks, I could feel him harden up… I could feel his hand reach and grab a hold of himself. He did so with such calm eagerness… fighting to remain in control… fighting to keep the rhythm that went against his more demanding desires.

He teased. Through the gates of my womanhood coursed a stream of desire, moistening the passage that waited anxiously for him. The hunger was insatiable. I moaned louder… my arms flung around his neck as I pulled myself closer to him. “Yeeessss…” I pleaded in soft whispers. “Not yet…” he whispered back. With one hand he held my petite fragile body suspended… legs locked around him, close to himself. My large soft breasts pushed up against his hard chest… feeling every beat of his heart surge through him. With the other hand he wandered around my outer and inner thighs. His fingers teased… seeming to be indecisive… like little children in a candy store until… “Ooohhhhhhhh…..” I gasped at the feel on his fingers inside of me… gently making their way through my walls like little messengers coming to scout an area. Without warning, I was flung into a rapturous state. I shut my eyes tight and let out a series of moans as they explored… in and out… and in… digging and twirling… teasing the tiny gate keeper that stood watch and overwhelming it with the streams that gushed out. He watched me… proud at his accomplishment… and then lowering his face as he kissed and sucked on my neck.

I can feel your insides calling for me…” he whispered. “Ooooo diri… I want sooo bad to dive deep into your ocean right now… so deep you would feel me in your very soul.” His fingers dug deeper… invoking a gasp… then a moan. “Can you feel it? Can you feel how bad I want to be inside of you… do you feel it baby?” his fingers dug in one more time “Yes” I whispered in a pleading surrender as he slowly withdrew his fingers. He kissed my lips lightly… he kissed my neck. He pulled away and looked at me… enjoying the faces he was making me make. Only Obum could make a grown woman like me make funny faces from his kiss and touch. Only Obum could make my heart beat so fast and so hard it nearly jumped out of my chest. We made the perfect kind of music together and he was the perfect maestro… controlling the rhythm of my body. Oooohhh… Obum was an artist and he performed the most amazing solos on me.

He stared at me as he grabbed a hold of himself. I struggled to catch my breath in the quietening rain. The sky reaped open with streaks of light and I could hear the approaching grumble of the night. “Obum I…” My words were lost to the mild explosion that rocked my entire body as his hardness slid so passionately and effortlessly into me. Without a word, Obum bore into me. He took me. The world
in between my thighs welcomed him with such moist eagerness. My chest heaved and my head fell back in absolute surrender. His hand caught and cradled my head and ushered it back up… cutting off the loud moan about to escape my lips with a deep long kiss. It was magical. I could feel him everywhere… in my head… on my tongue… inside of me; down there… way down there… not just in body but in soul. A rising tingling sensation shot through me from my pink fleshy gates to my chest. My fingers locked little colonies of his wet thick hair in unexplainable ecstasy as he rocked slowly at first… pushing in and out as he held me steady to himself… my legs wrapped tight around his waist. He pulled away from the kiss and watched me… smiling at my frowns of overwhelming pleasures. I moaned his name as he rocked… increasing in pace and in impact… his masculine hands cradling my buttocks as he pushed deeper… the fingers of his left hand dinging into my buttocks with each thrust.

Gently he laid me down on the moist green grass once more… the proof of his essence still throbbing inside me. He moulded and massaged my left breast with his hand before taking it into his mouth. He went… in and out… harder and harder… faster and faster like a wild beast but yet with such delicate persuasions. He sucked on my breast… teasing my nipple with his tongue as he went deeper and deeper inside me… groaning uncontrollably.

The rains began once again; first in light trickles and then heavy drops. The brief blinding light in the sky and the angry rumble that followed did not deter Obum. He paused… then pulled away… breathing hard. He turned me over and smacked my bottom… then kissed it. I cried out. My fingers dug deep into the earth as he burrowed into me from behind. He grabbed my dripping hair and pulled. I gave in. my head followed… tilting back. Still on my knees, his right hand found its way to my breasts… squeezing. His left hand found its way to my chasm down below… teasing and massaging my little gate keeper with circular patterns as he pushed in and pulled out of me. I trembled all over in rapturous pleasures like a volcano about to erupt. I screamed him name in moans that only the heavens could understand. “Obum… OBUM…

Obum… DON’T DO IT!!!” I screamed his name in a harsh whisper as I watched his finger tighten around the trigger. A certain fear and pain came over me all over again.

My pleas of reason fell on deaf ears as he shut one eye and targeted his prey with the other. He shot me an angry look and dove away from the window as the young man looked up at the house. He waited in the growing darkness for a few seconds, hoping the stranger did not hear me. He didn’t. The strange man looked up and then shook his head at the absence of electricity before proceeding to our front door. With his back to the wall, Obum waited in a sitting position for a few seconds before slowly raising himself up to once again examine and target the mysterious stranger that had pulled up to his drive way at 2am in the morning. He was gone from sight. Obum panicked. Where did he go??? Obum’s eyes darted restlessly in the darkness. He looked out again. Could he have heard Odiri? He must have thought. He grabbed a hold of his rifle once again and towered over me. “You would do well not to act so foolishly next time…” his voice was stern as he pulled on my hair. I winced in pain. Just then… the moth eaten floorboard creaked. Obum paused… looking at the open bedroom door and tightening his grip on the rifle. “SHIT!!!” he spat. “The front door…”

Obum please don’t do this. Just let me go… I promise I won’t say anything. We will just pretend like this night never happened.” I wept. “Obum pleas…” he quickly looked around for a loose piece of cloth which he found in the dirty laundry bag. It was one of his dirty socks. He picked it up and shoved it into my mouth. “SAY… NOTHING” he warned, pointing his index finger in my face and then tiptoeing out of the room and down the stairs to go and the secure the front door which he had left unlocked when he had stormed into the house. Obum raced downstairs with large strides missing a few stairs down the staircase. The dark eerie corridors came alive with creaks from the weak floorboards. He got to the door… his chest heaving… but then pausing as he watched the handle turn… slowly, He panicked… his head turned left and right… his grip on the rifle tightened. He raised it up to his chest, pointed and aimed… his finger, trembling on the trigger. The handle turned a bit more…

Odiri… you home??

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