Odiri [Part 7]


Again and again his hardness plunged deep into the fragile unbroken void in between her thighs. Again and again he groaned like a wild boar with each thrust… sweat cascading down his face and neck… showing no emotion of pleasure or… dare I say it… remorse as he took her on the cold hard floor of his living room. Again and again her pleas and screams of pain went unnoticed, disappearing into the noisy hum of the generator outside. Gradually she lost all strength to fight him… he and his ravenous hunger. She just lay there, hurting… bleeding… hating.

Her simple white cotton blouse hung loose over her shoulder; reaped on the left side. Her full ripe breast spilled over her rather conservative black bra, gradually changing to a dull pink colour as he squeezed and pressed and sucked on it. There was no time
for passion, no time for romance or the illusion of it… he just pushed aside her purple coloured panties and rammed his large hardness against her soft innocence and oh how it burned… it burned her to her very soul, down to the soft pink layers that had
once held and guarded her virtues.

Uhmmm….” He grunted. “You’re such a sweet girl… such a good girl…” he said in between thrusts. “… I knew I was making the right choice”. He pushed just a little bit harder. “You are sooo tight… and you are all mine… you’re my good little girl”. He groaned louder.

She looked away, biting her bottom lip… tears racing down her eyes… not wanting to see just how much he pleasured in her pain. She looked away… not wanting to accept how naïve and helpless she was…. She looked away, shutting her eyes real tight in disbelief… hoping to block out the voices that kept reminding her of her family’s betrayal… she looked away, only to catch the prying eyes of the chef and the houseboy… peeping from the door that led to the kitchen. The tears were endless, racing down the sides of her face and like every other thing… she was helpless to stop it.

Shhhh…. Don’t cry baby…” he rocked more calmly “It’s just this first time… I promise you you’ll enjoy it the next time” He lowered his face and kissed her neck, softly massaging her breasts and then pulling on her nipples. “You have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen” His eyes widened as he took it into his mouth with his right hand. He paused as he sucked, still inside her… throbbing. His breathing remained heavy and his heart pounded uncontrollably. His left hand gripped her thigh firmly, digging his fingers into the soft layer of skin. He moaned at the softness.

You are sooo beautiful” He whispered. She cried. Her sobs, just a little bit louder than before.

I can only imagine the thoughts that ran through my mother’s head. I guess I could imagine the rage that filled her entire being as every form of humanity drained away with the blood that sipped out of the pink fleshy gates in between her thighs. I guess I could identify with the humiliation of having members of staff watch while Oga robbed ‘madam’ of her dignity, her inner beauty… her very soul in the open. On that cold hard floor, she was finally welcomed into her life… she was finally welcomed into Lagos, the city of ‘Hustling Kings… and now… broken princesses’.

He flipped her over with very little effort. Her face flat on the ground… drenched with tears and her hair… dishevelled. He raised her skirt up, revealing her soft robust buttocks. He kissed it… then smacked it… then squeezed it, eyes still widened at the pleasurable thoughts.

Forgive me my love”. He whispered harshly and then placed his hand on her head and pressed down, holding her fixed in position. She screamed out in pain as he forced himself into her from the rear. She tried to move but the strength in his masculine hand held her head in place. Again and again he thrust into her, ignoring her pleas.

Stop… please… you’re hurting me…. PLEASE” she wailed in bitter pain.

Don’t worry darling… it will soon be over” He breathed. “Oh God… sooo sweet… are you not enjoying it my love? Can you not feel my love throb deep inside you?” He grunted heavily as he picked up his pace. She shut her eyes tight still weeping uncontrollably, her hands clenched in fists on the floor. “Oh yea baby… this is it… I’m cuming… I’m cu…” he groaned uncontrollably. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he jerked violently. His groan was much louder and his hold on her buttocks much tighter for a few seconds and then he slumped on her back… smiling and breathing heavily.

She lay still… sobbing, not saying a word. He raised his head after a few seconds “Look what you made me do… You know how much I love you. I would never do anything to hurt you”. He tried to turn her over with a tenderness that she could only describe as wicked and evil. She refused… rejecting his advances. A disturbing silence filled the room for a few seconds. He blinked and then took a deep breath. He got up, lifted his boxers then his trousers, adjusted them… walked over her and quietly made his way to his room.

She lay there weeping… bleeding out every ounce of humanity she had left from the now sore and swollen pink fleshy gates in between her thighs.

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  1. You flipped back in time again…..
    Mehn… na wa o…..
    Taking me on a crazy ride, making sharp bends between scenes….
    kinda of stuff producers dream of….. n you give it to us for free……?
    Na u try pass……
    I'm loving it……

  2. OMG!!!!!! this shit really happens in real life ooooo. Eva you captured it so beautifully. As in… i almost dove into my pc out of rage


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