Odiri [Part 6]


He bit down hard on his bottom lip as he shook his head, pacing the room unsteadily. “You know what I don’t get Diri… WHY?!! Tell me why! Can you do that?” He paused for a second, looking at me, his chest heaving “huh? Just tell me… why???” His voice softened momentarily, cracking under the pressure of his pain… his eyes pleaded in a deranged sort of way, trying to control the rage that burned on the inside to no avail. “You can’t answer me can you?” He chuckled. “You women are just so un-fucking-believable”. He resumed pacing the room… his shaky hands still clutching the rifle as he glanced out of the bedroom window. “… I mean, you
spend your entire childhood obsessing about the perfect man and the perfect love and the perfect life and when you do get ALL THAT… its just not enough for you anymore… and then what do you do? You make up excuses and then you do everything in your power to FUCK IT UP!” he screamed and spat in my face; his face in a mean frown, fighting the tears that threatened to betray a much deeper sense of pain. Obum had lost every semblance of humanity, looking like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie.

Obum…” I struggled to find my words in the midst of my fear.

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” He cursed, violently rubbing his temple and cradling himself. “… Don’t you DARE speak my name”. He gnashed his teeth and shot a mean look in my direction. Even in the fading light I could see his eyes; teary and bloodshot. “You were supposed to be different. You were supposed to be…” He looked away, trying to hide the tear that snuck down his left cheek. “This is all your fault… You forced me to do this!” He sniffed and pulled himself up.

I needed to stay awake. I needed to fight the pain that shot through my entire body and just STAY AWAKE. A part of me needed to understand how and why he had transformed into this monster; the other part just needed to find a way of knocking him out and escaping. My head kept pounding, trying to compete with the wild rhythm of the raindrops on our windowpane. “Forced you to do what???” He remained silent…. pacing the room and looking out the window. “Obum… what are you talking about???

Maybe you should ask Ebuka”. He paced… I froze… that name.

He reached into his denim jacket and pulled out half a pack of Benson and Hedges cigarettes. It was his favourite brand. He always said it was the tobacco for real men, none of that menthol crap that some of his friends smoked. He had become quite popular with his lecture on why it was, without a shadow of doubt, the king of all tobacco brands. He looked out the window once more and then threw a stick of cigarette into his mouth which dangled at the right corner. He then laid the rifle on the floor, resting lazily on the way as he tapped his denim jacket in a search mission before recovering the little lighter that hide itself in his left breast pocket. “… Oh!
I’m sorry…” He smacked his head and chuckled “… you can’t! Nobody can”. He chuckled again and lit the stick of cigarette.

I blinked away the drops that raced down the side of my pounding head, still struggling to stay conscious. “Obum… what did you do?” My words almost disappeared in harsh frightful whispers.

He paused at the windowpane and looked out. His gaze dropped gradually. “… What I had to”.

Oh my God…” I blinked away the tears that threatened to fall… my chest heaving as I stared into the growing darkness, hoping he didn’t mean what I thought he did. My concern seemed to have pissed him off because he picked up the resting rifle and marched towards me, smoke billowing out of his mouth and nostrils. He paused at the sound of a crack under his foot. He bent over and reached down, picking up the cracked picture frame of before but carelessly tossing it aside… paying no attention to
the memories it held.

Obum…” My voice softened, aware of the dangerous grounds I was about to thread but still venturing forth anyways. “… Where is Ebuka?

He swung around with a venomous rage in his eyes and the rifle in his hand.

You dare ask me about him… about your LOVER???… YOU BITCH!!!” He swung his hand, it struck across my face but that wasn’t enough to temper his rage. He lifted the rifle and pointed it straight at me.

The taste of metal filled my mouth to an overwhelming point. I spat out a mouth full of thick red liquid and with it… a loose tooth. My vision blurred once again, worsening with the flickering light of the almost burnt out candle. My chest heaved, my head turned away in pain towards the direction of the impact.

I am asking you about my brother…” I said with a rising gaze.

Same difference” He fiddled with the gun, still pointed at me “you slept with him didn’t you… You FUCKED your brother DIDN’T YOU???!!!” His index finger indecisively tightened and loosened itself around the trigger.

The weight of my shame and the shock of his discovery held my tongue from belting out words. Ebuka had returned, unearthed from a past I thought I had buried and left behind. He had returned… the one who knew me before others… before Obum. He had returned, my love… my sin… my brother.

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  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Na watin she talk O! I can not wait to hear this one. Heh, Next week should come now now!

  2. Kai!!!!!!! wind dey blow, chicken yash wan open……
    I hope its not what i'm thinking sha…. if it is then the story is even deeper….
    We dey wait u madam……
    We dey wait…..


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