Odiri [Part 5]


THE WORLD WENT QUIET! Like a light switch, it just went… OFF! The wild tapping of the rain seized… the whistling wind lost its rhythm and the flickering sky light remained still, hidden in a thick cloak of inescapable darkness. I could no longer hear the night grumble… not even in the fading distance. The feel of hard cold steel against my face knocked me out of every form of consciousness… except one; that damp old smell, lingering at the back of my throat… musk… and cigarettes. I could feel him all around me. He was in the air… lurking somewhere in the shadows… there was a heightened sense of him everywhere and in everything. He had me now… he had finally won.

He threw his head back in total surrender… to the wind… to the rain… to my every kiss and touch as Mother Nature cradled us in her arms out there on the fields of Obudu cattle ranch. I could still remember the smell of the moist green grass that tickled our naked bodies with every movement we made. She smiled… Mother Nature caressed Obum’s well toned body with gentle tears from her sky. They raced effortlessly down every curve of his body as he moaned. I fiddled with his belt, deliberately brushing up against the hardness underneath. I bit my bottom lip… my eyes fixed on his eager manliness, anticipating all kinds of wondrous pleasures it
promised and trying not to allow my ravenous hunger ruin the passionate show of earthly love and lust for our applauding audience… all of nature … but ooh… how my body craved his in ways that gave me the courage to want to defy Mother Nature
herself and satisfy my own… the animal kind.

His buckle came undone. With such ease, I pulled on the leather belt, tossing it carelessly aside… my eyes, betraying the wild hunger burning on the inside of me, one that only he could feed to a point of orgasmic satisfaction. I licked my lips and kissed his navel, collecting little lingering drops of rain with my tongue… hmmm… salty. An aisle of thin fine hair made its way down into his jeans, tucking itself neatly underneath. It tickled beneath my tongue as I traced and twirled it. I could hear him moan. I smiled… allowing my tongue to roam a little bit more just above his waist line… and nibbling it… just a little. He groaned.

I played with the button of his trousers, slowly undoing it. With my teeth, I pulled down on the zip… slowly… exhaling with a gradual descent; the heat of my soft breath provoking mild jerks from him as he placed both his hands on my hair, raking his fingers through and giving it a gentle squeeze every now and then; a way of letting me know when I pushed the right buttons. He felt it… the heat my insides were generating… he felt the warmth on my breath. I yanked his trousers down… and let out a soft giggle at the sight of his red coloured boxers. I always thought it an odd thing; a man loving certain colours like pink, gold, purple or red… even stranger seeing those same colours as part of his underwear selection but Obum was odd like that… odd and beautiful. “Odiriiiiii…..” He whispered in a plea, raking his fingers through my wet soaked hair with a much firmer hold. I loved the way he said my name. “Shhhh… just relax” I whispered back. He let go of my hair and ran his hands over his face, letting out a much louder groan as I fondled and appreciated his manliness, gently pulling on the surrounding hairs with my lips.

My hands roamed and raked his bare body, feeding every movement. I felt his muscles clench, tightening up as he let out long soft groans with my fingers teasing his nipples… rubbing and gently pulling on them. He liked that. His chest heaved as my tongue stroked him down below. His moans were much louder, much deeper, his hands raked through my hair in a much wilder progression as my lips and tongue moistened the strength between his thighs. I stroked him with such appreciation… articulation… admiration and detailed artistry… feeling him throb inside my mouth as his strong legs trembled. I let my hands drop slowly… my tongue, teasing and massaging his large ego and listening to every moan of gratitude and appreciation. I paused… he let out a trembling sigh. His head dropped slowly… his closed eyes gradually opening up to look at me. “Wow… u no go kill me…” He chuckled
and then sighed again, looking down at me and pushing back the strayed strands of dripping hair on my face ever so delicately… I lifted myself up slowly… my face reached for his in a kiss. He willingly obliged. The kiss was soft and moist at first; his lips tenderly accommodating my upper lips for a few seconds before exploring the inside of my mouth with his tongue. It searched, deeply… passionately… wildly… the rain washing over our naked bodies. His hands wandered down my body, grabbing my thigh and raising it to his side. With such wildness, he pulled on my panties… he ripped them. His hand smacked hard against my buttocks. I pulled away
from the kiss and threw my head back, letting out a loud moan. ‘Do you like that?’ he whispered with a stern gaze on me… his fingers fumbling in between my thighs… “Yessssss…” I cried in response. He grabbed my other thigh and raised me up… both legs locked around his waist… his hands moulding and detailing my buttocks and thighs. “I want you Obum… NOW” I frowned in delightful pleasure. He smiled, reaching down and grabbing a hold of himself with such eagerness and slowly slidi…

The World came back to life with a jolt of pain. The piercing sting from a splash of icy water to my body flung me back into the wild tapping rhythm of the rain. “Wake up!” It was that voice again… this time it wasn’t gentle thunder and the words found their way out of its thickness. I screamed as I jerked awake. My vision blurry in the dim candle light, my head throbbing and my senses discombobulated… spiralling out of control but one thing I was so sure about… it was him. It was Obum.

I struggled to focus… my eyes catching a glimpse of his large silhouette against the almost burnt out candle. He was holding something… I couldn’t quite make out what it was. My head throbbed… my arms tied firmly behind my back and the rest of my body on one of the dinning room chairs. “There is no use struggling Odiri”. The large silhouette said; smoke billowing out of its nostrils. The side of my head felt moist, dripping with water. I tried to blink it away from my eyes. Gosh! My head throbbed.

Obum…” I winced “My head hurts

Well sweetheart, that’s bound to happen when you have been struck across the face with a rifle”. He mocked as he put a half lit stick of cigarette in his mouth and inhaled. YES! That’s what it was… a rifle. My heart and head kept pounding… both from pain… and fear; even more so when he stepped into the poor light. Obum… bloodshot eyes, a stick of cigarette hanging at the right corner of his mouth, his chest heaving, his hands clutching an old rifle gun unsteadily… his face and hands; mud stained and his countenance… giving the room that extra gloom.

Why… why are you doing this Obum?” I struggled to stay conscious. He walked over to me, lowering himself and then pausing for a few seconds to look at me as though it was for the first time before blowing smoke into my face. The look in his eyes scared the hell out of me. It wasn’t so much what I saw but what I didn’t see. This wasn’t Obum… not the Obum I used to know… not the one I made passionate love to on the moist green fields of Obudu Cattle Ranch.

Because honey… we both said… ‘Till death do us part’… well… time to make good on that promise”.

It wasn’t until that I realized that it wasn’t mud on Obum’s face and hands… it was… BLOOD!!!

Eva is a contemporary soul singer with multiple hits under her belt. You can follow her on twitter on@I_AM_EVAEZI

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