Odiri [Part 10]


On the cold marble floor where she huddled; holding her half naked body together, my mother lost all sense of consciousness to the pain that shot though her. Her petite body shook with every groan she made. The old model mikano generator hummed ever so loudly outside the moderately large house but even the noises were not enough to drown out the bitterness that saturated her cries.

Her hands shook uncontrollably as they attempted to hold together the dangling shreds of her tattered white blouse. Their efforts were futile. Like her dignity, they hung in irreparable pieces, unable to be patched or held together in an attempt to hold one’s head up high… there was nothing, just the cold, hard floor and the echoes of a once innocent woman’s whimpers.

She wailed… Like a mother who had lost a son in battle… she wailed… Like a holy man who finally realized that he had lost his faith… she wailed; angry at the world… angry at what was once her family… angry at he who violated her and corrupted her very soul.

Madam… Madam… you dey okay?” The very uncomfortable and saddened cook’s voice shook as he carefully approached her. He had witnessed his master’s unruly behaviour with other members of staff and though it was definitely going to make for great gossip among them later on, seeing her this way only made the act and the knowledge of it the less humane. He slowly knelt down beside her… hesitant on whether to comfort the bleeding young woman who lay half naked at the centre of the living room floor.

Madam… madam abeg no cry” he placed a hand on her shoulder. His touch threw her into a bout of violent screams as she jacked herself up and scrambled to a corner of the living room. He held his hand up, trying to assure her of safety and his good intentions. Her pupils were dilated like a crazed animal on its guard. Her screams were endless and in shrieks, scaring the poor cook who didn’t know what to do.

Nonso…” The soft beckoning of the middle aged woman to the cook seemed to calm Eduvie, my mother down. The older woman drew closer to the frightened young girl and lowered herself beside her. She said nothing; she didn’t need to… her eyes said it all. They were soft and teary. She opened her arms to the shivering little girl, silently urging her to come out of the corner which she huddled into. Eduvie hesitated; her eyes darted back and forth precariously at the silent woman and then the confused cook… indecisive of whether or not to trust her out stretched arms and wondering if they were there to take her back to the monster that had spat on her virtues. She tried to be strong… she tried to be detached but the pain that continually raced through her body, jugged her back into the harsh reality that there was nothing to be strong for anymore. He took it all… everything… there was nothing left. She rushed into the silent woman’s waiting arm, allowing large drops of tears race down her face.

Its okay” she whispered, stroking the wailing girl’s back. “Nonso, go put water for fire, when e don boil, bring am come my room. I dey take am go room, make she baff”.

Yes Ma.” The relieved cook rushed to the kitchen.

The older woman walked with Eduvie, ushering her to her little room that hid a few feet away from the master bedroom. Slowly and steadily they walked… almost holding their breaths as they passed his room. He was asleep. They could hear his loud snores which somewhat put their minds at ease as they passed by.

The door creaked open, revealing a rather simple and mundane room, as opposed to the rest of the house. The room was damp and the curtains were an old dull colour. The bathroom was filled with out of date blue tiles and the taps and toilet were not working. The room had only one window which faced the main gate and a single bed. On the other side of the window were curled iron rods that served as a burglary proof… or what she always thought made up her cage. Seated quietly beside it was a simple wooden crib where her son slept. The older woman took Eduvie to the bed and sat her down. The rusted strings cried out. Together the two women sat; quiet… both looking out of the window, beyond the gate and unto the streets. Eduvie didn’t know if it was just her or the room but the air seemed to get denser, choking the brief serenity she felt when she stepped into the empty room. She gasped for air… her emotions stirred, her pain was rekindled… her eyes teared up… her lips curled in a frown…

DON’T YOU DARE! Don’t you dare shed another tear for him” she said sternly, still looking outside with a squint.


That Bastard is now your husband… whether you admit it or not.” Her head turned slowly, her expression unchanged. “Don’t you understand? It’s been done. Your bride price has been paid… the approval has been given. He owns you now. He can do whatever he wants” Her gaze dropped.

No… my people would never stand for this… they will order him to bring me home once they hear of this”. She cried… “I just… I just need to get out of here and… and…” she breathed.

And what?” she cut in “Do you even know where ‘here’ is? And what makes you think your people didn’t know what they were signing you up for?” she smirked and got up from the bed. She walked over to the wooden crib and towered over the sleeping baby. “You wanted to come to Lagos little girl… well… Welcome to Lagos Eduvie… you haven’t seen anything yet” she smirked.

And what do you know about it? At least I had a dream… I had ambition. You just… float around the house, faceless… voiceless like a… like a… slave. Cause that is what you are… A SLAVE” Eduvie spat in anger.

The corner of older woman’s lips curled up in a sarcastic smile… she remained unshaken. “… and yet you are the one who up until a few minutes ago, laid half naked on a cold hard floor, raped by a man who your family sold you to, a man who you didn’t even know was your husband”. She said, looking at Eduvie through the corner of her eyes. “…So much for ambition”. She adjusted the sleeping. “You have a lot to learn my dear. I know what you’re feeling… I know how bad you want to get back at him and make hum pay for the pain he caused you… I understand and I am ready to teach you how to get the revenge you seek… if you let me. You just have to be… patient”. Her smile disappeared into an evil grin.

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  1. kai!!!! na wa o…
    U took us back to the past again…
    Where are we going next…..
    Im ready for the ride… i dont care where it takes me…
    Great job….

  2. But this quiet woman is evil sha o. see me dey pity am since. Eva ooooooooo stop torturing us with this back and front na…. lol

  3. i just read this part and i got hooked…. i am currently going to read all the parts. Eva you are great. nice one babes

  4. but if he raped her….. he deserves whatever they do to him. All these men that cannot control their dicks. mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

    • Na true…. even if e marry atleast e for try make she love am….
      E just carry all her dignity go like dat…. very bad….

  5. Buahahahahaha @men that can’t control their dicks. Why she provoke am na? †ђξ man was obviously frustrated and needed to kane am na. Lmao! Eva u r a breath of fresh air. I would like to see this in a book or on the screen. God go make u bigger o


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