Nigerian Men vs African American Men


Okay, this is sort of a rebuttal in regards to the article titled: “Nigerian Women vs African American Women.” Written by “One babe like that…”

I’m not writing to “bash” the writer of the afore mentioned article. In fact, I understand where he/she is coming from.  I just believe readers should have the opportunity to see what we (Nigerian women) think as well. Remember, as una get (somewhat valid) opinions about what we are (not) doing, we also have ours.

Disclaimer: Although many people will still ignore this and get mad anyway; I do not mean to indulge in ignorance and generalities. This is all based on my experience and those of too many of us naija chicks who have ” dared to venture” out of our culture. We’re honestly tired of hearing Nigerian men degrade us and not appreciate us, only to be worshiped as Nubian Queens by (responsible) African American men who will do anything to marry us!

As a young Nigerian woman living in America, I’ve had the privileged of meeting people from all over the world (like everyone else here). Most Nigerian women will agree with me that America is where you’ll find some of the worlds most handsome black “gods!” Yeah, I said it!

As you would expect, there is a big difference between the typical Nigerian man and the typical African American man. It may be a good or bad thing depending on the way you choose to look at it. However, in my opinion, they are also very similar in many ways.

Physical Appearance: I must commend my Nigerian brothers, they hold their own. They dress nicely, have good skin, and smell good (some of them). Now, African American men (at least the ones I’ve “known” for years) look “seriously” good, smell really nicely and also dress very well. Rewind! They don’t just look good, I mean, many of them look drop dead gorgeous! Maybe it’s because they do have The (Almighty) exotic look, as mentioned in the first article. Almost everyone in this country has two different races in their blood. Wait a minute! Before you call me “bush igbo giaal!” I’m not talking about light skinned guys here, I’m talking about the dark skinned ones (hey, I love chocolate). Now, if we want to mention the light skinned ones ( for those naija gurls who are into skin tone, like many of our ignorant men) wow, they make u wanna have their baby…just saying!  There is a big difference between a typical Kunle, or Okafor vs Tyrone and Maurice or Blair (Underwood).

Body: Ha! This is where it gets brutal. Now, African American men don’t have to have butt or boobs to compete with Nigerian men (as it is the case for women). Actually, they can be more consumed with their looks than Nigerian men. Many of the American men I know make sure they keep themselves well groomed (hair cut nicely, nails and feet not so ugly, lips not chapped, hands not ashy and soft to the touch…you get the picture), which is well appreciated by us women.

Intelligence:  Okay, I can already sense the tension here. You’re thinking I will lie right? Wrong! My Nigerian brother will win this one. Okay, okay, you’re smart. In fact The Smartest! I actually think Nigerian men are smarter (overall) than Asians, and any other stereotypically smart ethnic group we know. I mean when you add street smartness, academics and everything else combined, Nigerian men are it! Once again, I’ve met and seen African American men, who are equally smart (President Obama is an example. Whatever you say, he was not raised by his African dad).

Attitude: How will I say this without offending people Ooo… Okay, let’s be real here. We can talk like family, right? While many African American men are constantly in and out of jail for bad decisions (thank God again, them no see me), they don’t seem to be as dramatic over trivial things as some Nigerian men are. I don’t even need to elaborate. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know I’m telling the truth. However, one of the disadvantages of being with an African American man, is that there is a high percentage of them who have baby mama(s) (thank God I never had this experience), some of them are not as ambitious as the Nigerian men we grew up around, and that can be very difficult for someone who grew up with a strong father figure. I have to mention that African American men are DEFINITELY less judgmental than Nigerian men are. Hands down! There is (often) no clear view of a man’s role in a household. The good part of this is that you can be yourself around them (and their family members) all day, and they’ll love you for it. The bad part is, you may end up getting tired of being with someone who will not take a stand as a “man”. Now, once again, there are strong (Alpha Male) African American men out there.

Are African American men more honest than Nigerian men? Hmm, that will be another topic; perhaps a good title for my next article…

At the end of the day, regardless of what generalizations we have, I believe we should all strive to be better people inside and out (no matter how corny that sounds), and treat our fellow Nigerians with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Mehn I just browse dis article quick quick cuz for me there is no comparison – 9ja men will always win and I ain't lookin' back! Continue to dey jolly jolly with Tyrone, one day he'll wake up and go GHETTO on your ass. At least with 9ja men you know what you're getting into… (not saying that 9ja men don't have their own "crazy" ooo – they're a piece of work too) I love my culture and would love to genuinely share it with my partner and our kids. I want us to be able to sit back on a lazy Sunday after church and eat eba & egusi with POMO and orishirishi assorted meats without any wahala… I want to reminisce about the good-ole-days in 9ja and other defining things that highlight our childhood growing up in 9ja and our rich culture/heritage… I want out kids to grow up in 9ja if possible. 9ja 4 life !!

    • Obianuju!!!! hmmm…..

      u always make me drop something from the comments u make all the time sha… u dis girl…. hmmm….

      Alright, i admit i agree with you 100%…

      I reside in south africa and it seems the way guys here see naija women and the way guys in the US see them are different.

      We dont have a lot of educated, pretty, wife material ones here (Naija babee) so once you get involved with one, you try your best to hold on….

      All in all, women and men have the potential of being irresponsible or responsible, its a matter of choice and how much your environment influences you….

      I don talk too much… carry go obianuju…..

      Invite me for that eba some day over the web… lol!!!


    • Actually, it's a rebuttal. Rebuttal means response or counter argument…to the article that was written before mine.

  2. Wait… Which naija man have u been with that degraded u and not appreciated u?… That doesn't even sound like a disclaimer sef. hiss.

    Anyways I'm sure akata women can tell u about how well they are treated as "queens" and such… carrying 3-4 kids for men that never show up unless it's time to produce another kid.

    Akata men don't even go to school… of course they'll treat u like a queen. U're their meal ticket. lol

    • "of course they’ll treat u like a queen. U’re their meal ticket. lol"

      Now, that was funny. I did put a link to the article I'm responding to, so you'll read and understand where I was coming from in that context. You are more than welcome to read both articles and compare.

    • Come on bro, don't act like you've not heard of numerous 9ja men complain about how 9ja chick are "this and that…"

      It's no news that 9ja men in America have a lot of qualms with 9ja chicks America. Everyone will agree! So, this is me speaking for most of our chicks. We're tired of ya'll complaining. It's time for us to let ya'll know what we think.

    • These nigerian men are extra salty though. Lol im a portuguese nigerian proud IGBO BOY and hear i look biracial or white ” oyinbo” a lot. I went to school in nigeria and coming back here i noticed nigerian men get envious and act bitter towards me like im taking ” their women” from them and even when they find out im nigerian they still class me as ” akata” gossip about me and down women they see with me, even though im in college, making good grades and getting into business school at an ivy league next fall. Yeah AA guys keep fresh than some of the naija guys i know. My boys are fly and get the ladies, the naija men try too hard to be AA sometimes with slang, dressing etc sometimes they wanna speak slang to me when id rather we speak pidgin so they know they dont measure up so they get all this unwarranted arrogance to justify their ugliness , dirtiness or lack of fly aka swag. Some other IGBO boys keep it fly though

  3. The only level that AA men compete with when compared to our Naija guys is in the looks department. What is this article even saying self? You have a disclaimer, but you didn't even claim anything!

    Nigerian men have their faults, but not nearly as many as AA men and not nearly as detrimental. Try again joor!

    You can enjoy your AA men and continue to dabble so they can ruin person and who will want you when Tyrone drops his 6th baby with you…

    • "Nigerian men have their faults, but not nearly as many as AA men and not nearly as detrimental. Try again joor!

      You can enjoy your AA men and continue to dabble …

      As you obviously noted, I did not claim anything. As you can read, you see that I didn't say African American men are better…get over yourself.

      By the way, why don't you go preach to those 9ja men you mess around with Akata chicks and compare 9ja women to them as if they're better? We all know they have drama, but many 9ja men treat them so much better than they treat our women. YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE!

      • Oya, relax! Which 9ja guy has vexed you like this? I thought the article was about the men, not the women. I don't have a complex about AA women, I know as a whole there is no comparison, so if one 9ja guy wants to make one he can do so and expose himself as the goat he is. I always felt 9ja guys were equal opportunity ass to all women. I think maybe they know that you as a 9ja women, know what is expected and they have little patience when you aren't fullfilling those expectations, whereas with AA women, they just assume she doesn't know any better, so they let things slide (it's not like he will marry her anyway). Perhaps that's what you see as being treated better?

        • "Oya, relax! Which 9ja guy has vexed you like this?"

          You're so funny. You just melted my heart. Thanks for explaining actually. I get it that they expect less from AA women but they actually treat them with respect in many ways. Things they would not do for us, they do for them. And you say they won't marry them, but they marry the white ones don't they? Look, I'm already in a relationship, I just want us (as family) to get to address this issue. It's time women get a break. The criticism of Nigerian women from our men is way too much. Don't you think?

        • newlife
          I am married to a wonderful Nigerian man and to hear these comments is something else. I must say I have never been with a more kinder, compassionate, and loving man. Yes he has his faults but who does not. I am more happier than I ever been.

  4. Everyone has their own opinion…everyone has had different experiences with AA men and NM…whoever wrote this is just merely talking about what she has been exposed to…there are great and horrible men out there, Naija and or AA men…i personally will choose a nigerian man, in fact, yoruba man over any kind of man mainly because i prefer them…but people dont bash whoever wrote this, if u disagree then say it respectfully

  5. Wow, this is an interesting peek 'behind the wall'.

    First let me say, I enjoyed the article. I thought you did a good job and it was kinda funny.

    That said, the comments here are… wow. As an African American man with no hint of anything besides slave blood in me, it's very interesting, and disheartening to see how my Nigerian Brothers, and some Nigerian Sisters think about me. There were a few things that confused me though. When you folks in the comments section talk about how ambitious, educated, smart and successful Nigerian men are, which Nigerian men are you talking about. Not the ones that actually stay in Nigeria right? Because over in Nigeria, over 70% of the country is below the poverty line, and over 70% of the coutry is employed in something related to Agriculture. So Ambitious.

    So, I take it you guys are talking about the small percentage of Nigerians who migrate to the US (or elsewhere). Well, what of those men. I'll admit, that man for man, as far as a-typical standards of success are concerned, the immigrant Nigerian male beats out the average african male hands down. I'd even say they beat out the average male of any race here in the US. But, that's because you're immigrants. The mere fact that you were brave enough to leave your homeland and come here inherently means you have more ambition that the average human being. Are their lazy, good for nothing, multiple baby mama having, ghetto, internet scam operating Nigerians out there. Sure there are, they don't migrate. They stay in Nigeria. So again, my question, who are we comparing. Also, why weren't Nigerians migrating to the US in the 1800's and throughout the first 3/4's of the 1900's. Because in the 1800's African Americans were slaves (since yall decided to sell us to these white dudes that came on boats centuries earlier) and then in then for the first 3/4ths of the 20th century America wasn't a safe place for people of color. So why did ya'll start coming in the 70's 80's and 90's… oh… I know why, because a bunch of ambitious, brave, hardwork African American men and women fought with our lives to end slavery, and then fought some more to change the laws of this land so that African Americans, and any other people who wanted to come here to escape whatever terrible situation was going on in their country and take advantage of what we created here (like… ummm… Nigerians). This land of opportunity that you guys come and make full use of… we made that. 60 years ago, if you would have come here, you would have seen what was going on… and went back. So, instead of nit-picking the MINORITY of our brothers and sisters here who aren't doing much for themselves, and bashing all of us like we all have 3 and 4 bastard kids, how bout you just say thank you. Thank you for making this country a place worth migrating to.

    A couple thing for the record, unemployment in amongst the black population here in the US is at about 13 ir 14%… that means like 85% of black men in this country are GAINFULLY EMPLOYED. The best statics I can find say 1 in 4 black children grow up without a father in the home. That means 3/4's of our kids are growing up with their dads. Don't believe the media hype. Do some research and stop being so judgmental. Good to know how you all really feel though. I'll keep this in mind the next time a nigerian resume comes across my desk.

    Just kidding. My grandmother told me at a young age, just like her grandmother told her, and her grandmother told her, white folks will always try to get you to focus more on how different you are, instead of how similar you are… it's how they make us think we're a minority and thereby maintain control. So yeah, I won't fall for that because I still love yall and consider yall my brothers even yall don't reciprocate.

    • You can't compare what Nigerians in Nigeria are doing to what Blacks in the USA are doing simply because of opportunity…Nigeria is a third world country. Nigerians come from Naija with NOTHING and within 10 years will have more education and more upward mobility than any black person that has been here for generations. Leaving Nigeria to come to the US has nothing to do with bravery…it was about survival for some I don't care what statistics you want to pull out your ass until you know about Nigeria, its people, its history and its struggle please keep your comments to a minimum.

      And you talk about media-hype about Blacks, and yet you throw insults about 419 (internet scam, in case you don't know).

      There really is no argument here…we all know the truth when it comes to Black culture and it's not about statistics, everything we are talking about is from daily encounters.

      Nigerian resume across your desk, abi? How many of those resumes come from black men, you may not even get those to throw them away.

      • You can’t compare what Nigerians in Nigeria are doing to what Blacks in the USA are doing simply because of opportunity…Nigeria is a third world country.

        This is my entire point. I didn't compare, I asked the author if this is what SHE was comparing.

        My other point was, this opportunity that you speak of, where do you think it came from? Change doesn't happen arbitrarily. It happens because people work to affect it. The people who worked to affect the dramatic changes in this country that make it a place where people of color from all over the world wish to come, were African American men and women, the same people who were sold into slavery by their ancestors and brought here, not by choice, and the same people you are disparaging right now.

        And you speak of daily encounters… that this is where your experience comes from… that is exactly why you need to look at statistics… census reports and such. If I went by daily encounters, what do you think I'd think most Nigerians were? On a daily basis I encounter way more Nigerian street vendors and cab drivers than I do doctors or lawyers. But I don't judge off what I see. As you said, when you guys move here, you don't have much (accept above average ambition) so, to start, you move to low-income, predominantly impoverished neighborhoods. Now, because those are the neighborhoods you're moving to, obviously, you're going to see low-income, poverty struck African Americans. If you guys moved to middle class suburbs, your perceptions of African Americans might be very different because your "daily encounters" would be different. Either way, it would be wrong. You can base your judgment off what you see daily, or, base it off what can be measured. I chose to base my comments off of what can be measured.

        You can tell me I know nothing of Nigerian history or culture, but you don't know me so you can't make that assumption. How about this, Nigeria is a country that is more than 90% black, and rich with natural resources – including oil. You gained your independence from England in 1960 (happy belated 50th anniversary Nigerian Independence day by the way) and you have been a self-controlled country 5 decades. So, that begs the question. If you guys are so great, if you can come here, and in 10 years be more educated and 'upwardly mobile' than "any african american" why then can't you fix your own house? On top of that, if you can't fix your own house, don't come to my house, eat at a table that I have set, using my silverware and then sit around in the comments section of blogs bashing your host to other people who think just like you. I bet none of you have expressed these opinions to the african american friends you have.

        What you have shown though, is that you know little about American History, and more specifically, little about African American history or culture. Let me put you on real quick… Our history is directly intertwined in American History. It is a story of a people, disowned by their own people, enslaved by other people who through stregnth, perserverence, faith, solidarity, and good old fashioned hard work brought themselves to their own promised land. But all you know probably know is Jigga My Nigga. It's all good fam. I still love you.

        More than anything though, my purpose for posting was to remind you all that we should be focusing more on the ways we're alike than the ways we are different. Moreover, when we do talk about the things that are different, it should be for the express purposes of enlightening each other of helping each other grow and be better not to tear each other down.

        • "Moreover, when we do talk about the things that are different, it should be for the express purposes of enlightening each other of helping each other grow and be better not to tear each other down."

          Exactly my point. Seriously bro! You really came prepared. Well done! 😉

      • Nice rebuttal.

        "Nigerian resume across your desk, abi? How many of those resumes come from black men, you may not even get those to throw them away."

        Now, that was funny! =)

    • WOW! You laid us out, didn't you! First off, as the writer of this article (thank you, thank you…) I want you to know that this was not meant to bash any race or group ( does not allow it). I'm glad you got a chance to see what some of us think.

      The opinions many people here have expressed is not only fed to us by the media, we have seen it in our co-workers and neighbors. I know you don't like it, but it seems to have been a general perspective. Just like the "Nigerian scam" thingy most of you know of. We don't like that view, but it's been the experience of many, so therefore, it becomes the general perspective.

      Thanks for the statistics by the way.

      I'm sure you'll be getting some rebuttals coming your way…wait for it. 😉

    • "Thank you for making this country a place worth migrating to." I just want to know what exactly did YOU do to make sure I have opportunities here in America?

      "(since yall decided to sell us to these white dudes that came on boats centuries earlier)" I was hoping you were going to put an lol at the end or before, but I guess you were intentionally being ignorant. I certainly did not sell you to any "white dude".

      "Are their lazy, good for nothing, multiple baby mama having, ghetto, internet scam operating Nigerians out there. Sure there are, they don’t migrate. They stay in Nigeria." Please do your research, they're everywhere, bruh.

      Yeah, there are definitely tensions between the two groups.I appreciate what SOME hard-working, strong African-Americans did to make changes in America, but today why do AA think that I have to be grateful to them? It was your ancestors not you, who will I give my respect. You personally didn't DO anything for me. Maybe AA owe us some gratitude Nigerians for boosting up the numbers of Black professionals in America but you don't have to personally thank me. lol

      • First and foremost, we don’t need Nigerians to boost the number of Black professionals in America. Black women do that anyway. We are on par with the white man when it comes to educational and career attainment. Furthermore, our people in America paved the way for you to be treated like a human in this country so you can can the BS. Truth is truth. It’s amazing how you all talk down about African-Americans but we are the most emulated and successful Africans on the planet as a whole. Makes ya go hmmmm…

        • Blah blah blah, i have european blood in me .. through consent of course, and I am part nigerian, part european and born in california, yet i still stand by the fact that more often than not africans (since afr-ame have refused to accept that title and want to call themselves “black” as if that is a race or bears any identity ) are the par of achievement, here.. look around you the “Blacks” at the top are 70% or more foreigners (carribeans and africans) although some of them may have been born and raised here…even your rap artists show this…you did not “pave” the way. Correction, your “raped” leaders who COULD travel saw other “Blacks” living a PROGRESSIVE life with autonomy and leadership (Read your history: Africans had government before the Greeks and Romans) and decided to emulate that BACK in their slaveland of America, After this so called “liberation/revolution” almost eons ago, where are you blacks today??? I’ll wait for your answer, isn’t it a shame that your colleges are filled with women as opposed to your men, oh wait your men are all in jail for rape/drugs/murder, and of course the professional black men want “their man” thug …ah the cycle of ignorance must be bliss for you “blacks”

          • You blacks, your half white and confused. and your dad married a white women beause he hated himself

    • thanks a lot the most interestingma your reply is too intelegent for such a stupid article as a Nigerian man iam happy to have an AA criticise us because it is All IN THE FAMILY it if easy to come over and criticise the people who have done all the fighting once the battle has been won so thank you for making it safe for us to come to America you have taken the heat off us i also love your scepticism about statistics we should always look on the bright side of life 85 percent are in employment in a hostile enviroment
      we have to get to know eachother as long lost cousins

    • Hey Bro,
      You ended you post very nicely. There is one thing though: about the Africans selling AA to the White man for slavery. As you grandmothers, grandmother(who could be mine as well) told you, they make us to focus on how different we are…) Do you think a man who enslaved you will write history books and document their actions without shifting the blame? It’s a perfect way to set confusion and hatred among the people. You will agree with me that communication back then is nothing compared to recent days. When the Whites came to Africa, their primary motives was to exploit land (which sadly still happens 🙁 , ) but then they realize how resistant Blacks were, in so many ways( emotionally and physically). The basic idea was to get some Blacks to come work for them so they can make more money and produce more products which will be beneficial to them and their families. Now here is were the twist is: certain items were given to the leaders as an act of favor on the part of the Whites, NOT, NOT!! as a price in exchange!!!! They had already been given foreign made items to the leaders for the trade relationship which the had. Don’t get fooled by those books which ‘HE’ who committed such crimes against humanity wrote.

      I have always admired Black Americans, throughout my childhood and I still do. But reading things; “why do you hate us”, “you guys don’t like us”, is just sad. For sure the issue comes with respect to the differences in culture. Let’s admit it, the “Rap culture” is what most Africans are not familiar with. The language, nude scenes, and the dollar bills stuff, :D. You should know most African cultures are kindna conservatives. However, the singing, church, “familiness”, dancing, there list continues. I know the media is accountable for this. Just as the media doesn’t do justice to the AA man, same goes to Africans. We’re all brothers.

    • Omg, you definitely said that.
      I just want to point out one thing. Are we to believe that Africa is full of spear chucking, naked, starving, hut dwellers , satanic cannibalistic black ppl? As you Nigerian ppl believe that the African American community are only baby mama’s, or baby daddy’s. With no ambition?

  6. i like the article o but as a naija ghel living abroad i gots to say i still prefer our naija men. sure sum of dem are idiots and they are ruled by their ego and alpha-maleness but the truth is they understand us! african-american men only need u for food or for u to open ur legs! sure most naija men only want sum1 to be an equivalent to house-help/wife but the truth of the matter is our naija men still hold it down for me anyday anytime. not had good experiences wiv dem doh. biko wen sharing dat eba holla @ ur gal

    • Thank you! I appreciate it.

      "african-american men only need u for food or for u to open ur legs"

      Actually, you just described men in general (Akata or Nakata) lol. 🙂

      "not had good experiences wiv dem doh"

      Me neither (as well as many Nigerian women). And this is the purpose for the article.

  7. Your comparison is flawed. You should do African-American VS Nigerian men within the same 'class'. So for example middle/working class(preferably within the same salary range). You will see that there is clearly NO difference between African-American and Nigerian men as long as they can afford that right standard of living (through which the swag is maintained).

  8. hey! dnt mind ma short hand…typin wiv a fone. Now bck 2da topic..,4rm d article its obvious u r a gud writer buh lik d oda guy u claimed 2b AA…..Ur research is kinda poor!. In issues lik dis, u compare based on opportunities,earning power,observations n odas opinions. Am a medical std in one of naijas universities n u CANNOT compare ma schin or performances wiv ma AA colleague….theoretically am bold 2say i'll floor hands down anyday buh on pratical wor k he'l take me 2d cleaner. u were goin on bout gud luks,smell gud,clean cut etc…. have u seen naija guys lately….wiv our earnin power….we dey try. lets take dis example….an average doctor in naija goes home wiv bout 200000 to 500000k per month compare wiv d average AA doc who goes home wiv 2M to 15M per month…in naira…C ma point. u killd d AA by sayin they r nt hustlers….y should they kil themselves when erry tin is there 4em…..lukin at their athletes n u'ld n u'ld c dat 9ja we have 2work alot more n d funny tin we dnt stil get even close. Finally i think u should put erry body on a d same playin field……Then u can compare.

  9. hey! dnt mind ma short hand…typin wiv a fone. Now bck 2da topic..,4rm d article its obvious u r a gud writer buh lik d oda guy u claimed 2b AA…..Ur research is kinda poor!. In issues lik dis, u compare based on opportunities,earning power,observations n odas opinions. Am a medical std in one of naijas universities n u CANNOT compare ma schin or performances wiv ma AA colleague….theoretically am bold 2say i’ll floor hands down anyday buh on pratical wor k he’l take me 2d cleaner. u were goin on bout gud luks,smell gud,clean cut etc…. have u seen naija guys lately….wiv our earnin power….we dey try. lets take dis example….an average doctor in naija goes home wiv bout 200000 to 500000k per month compare wiv d average AA doc who goes home wiv 2M to 15M per month…in naira…C ma point. u killd d AA by sayin they r nt hustlers….y should they kil themselves when erry tin is there 4em…..lukin at their athletes n u’ld n u’ld c dat 9ja we have 2work alot more n d funny tin we dnt stil get even close. Finally i think u should put erry body on a d same playin field……Then u can compare.

    • Thanks for the compliment, and short hand writing is fine by me.

      " u were goin on bout gud luks,smell gud,clean cut etc…. have u seen naija guys lately….wiv our earnin power….we dey try. "

      Hmmm, are you sure you read the same article we're all talking about?

    • Emmanuel, you are very right!! See my comment under yours, it's the point I was trying to make (although the writer of this article appears to have taken offence at my comment or "observation" as he/she put it). There is nothing wrong with making a comparison, just make sure you do it right.

      For example, some student in the US/UK even live a much more comfortably than some working graduates in Nigeria. I will be very wrong to say this is caused by 'lack of knowledge or taste'. Instead it's the economic factors in Nigeria are just plain unfavourable.

      I schooled in the UK and my part time job (with a very small firm) as an administrative assistant paid me £7/hr, I worked only 15hrs a week so monthly I was taking home the equivalent of N105,000; that was way back in 2007. Whereas, the fulltime office administrator at my current firm, which is medium sized, here in Nigeria, pays the office administrator only N30,000 "because she isn't a graduate" yet. The sad but interesting part is that she won't be paid anything more than N50,000 when she graduates! Obviously there are firms out there that may pay more for such services.

      My point is simply; several factors (mainly economic) influences style/way of life. If you want to make these comparisons, do it properly, let the factors be balanced!!!

      I am a Nigerian chic (don't mind my name) and I won't sit back and watch someone make VERY FALSE statements about my Nigerian brothers.

      • LOL Ken, my article is simply a mirrored response to the previous article that was written before mine (which I posted a link to). Check out that article first, you'll get a better understanding of the points I made.

        You're not the only one who "cares" about your Nigerian brothers. LMAO!

    • Very well said. Like i learned from ma parent the attitude you give to life determines how far or how well you will go/be in life. Good looks WAT! Naija guys have that, the brain, the gentle man attitude and all that good stuff stuff.

  10. Great article and comments. The AA dude that threaded here is quite intelligent too, he held his own but failed to realize that the "you sold my ancestors" lies were manufactured and published in books by white men to cos more divides amongst us.Nigerian women all day but as a Bachelor,I am enjoying my AA sisters.The AA dude made some valid points and was respectful on his conclusion.

  11. There isn't a comparison, for this nor the AA (and I use the term loosely) vs. Naija girls article either. (BTW to use "versus" only creates division). Anyway to my point AAs are primarily Yoruba, Kongolese blood with Akan, Ewe, Igbo, Mande, and Wolof mixed in as well as a few other groups (golla, gizdi etc.) THIS is what accounts for the "exotic" look you percive NOT any mixing with europeons (nothing exotic about a flat booty).

    So basicly what you have here is a population that is very much Nigerian so really you are comparing oranges to oranges. That's silly.

    • Actually, most African Americans do have European blood… Through rape of course. But that is part of the reason out phenotype is slightly different from yours as well as the variety of hair textures and skin tones.

  12. The AA gentleman Mostinteresting Ma was correct except for one point. Our Ancestors DID NOT sell themselves into slavery. That is a blame the victim tactic europeans (and americans) use to shift feelings of guilt off themselves and onto us.

    My last point. Please do not call us akata or African-Americans these are not even names, but insulting terms. (terms belong to things, names are for humans). We are African period no matter where we are born or where we go. Case in point (and a true story to boot) I was made in Korea, yet no one calls me African-Korean. Why?

    My father was born in england, his father was born in Venezuela, and my fathers mother was born in Trinidad yet no matter where we go we are still African, and proud of it! (so proud i am working on a graphic novel to flow money INTO Naija!)

    If you take a book out the library it does not become a shrub. In whichever language "akata" comes from how would one say "found brother"? That would be a much better name to call people born in the diaspora.

  13. i think they both suck. Nigerian men (in Nigeria, not any where else, not england, not ireland, not canada, not america) i foolish and GREEDY, and treat women like shit. African American men gross me out especially ppl that imitate little Wayne, all they want to do is have sex, and they desperately go out and hound any light skin girl they can desperately get there hands on. You say the African American Women r prettier (in the other article) but then, do their men appreciate it? Nope. they'd rather date a butt-faced half caste girl than a beautiful african american. In fact, the "beautiful African american women" can only apparently date black douche bags and get pregnant in highschool or be single from breaking up with every african american guy theyve dated. u compare the best looking blk guy u can think of 2 a sterotypical old kunle and ac like its fair, but the 6 pack on a 90 pound hoodlum look that i've seen doen't really do it for me sorry. This whole peice of shit article is just a way 2 say while ppl r superior so u can feed ur sick white worshipping complex. because it always comes down two What looks the "Whaitest"

  14. the nigerian guy i know yes he is smart , however you can tell he is very well read but thats about it, he dont seem to have his own mind pass that . im not saying this is true for all but this guy learn everything from what he read and tell it in a very proud way. im one that love reading however i will go pass that with my own thoughts and opion

  15. married to a successful AA for 3 years and i was ready for a divorce six months into the marriage. He is selfish, bad in bed and he brags he is the best, stupid, disrespectful and has low self esteem. He is a bad father to his children and he is a bad husband to me and his other 2 ex-wife. He is materialistic, he has no clear direction on how to be a man in his own home. Thus, anything goes. last but not least he is not a very intelligent man at all. I just met a man from Nigeria and I was blown away by his manners, respectfulness, kind, self respect, very in tough with his sexuality, very clean, intelligent, educated, driven, hard working, and fun to be with. If he did not tell me he was born in Nigeria, it would not have matter. He his all man!!!!!! Hot as hell. I am also an immigrant and we both already have our papers. If he wants to take advantage of me he can do so for he is sooooo worth it. Black american can continue to behave as if they are still in slavery days and they can kiss my asssss!!!!!!!!!

  16. Well….. I can’t still believe people responded to this articule with great passion as if it will change anything….. As 4 me, its simple, put an African American man in Naija with all our dynamics and jugde if he,s smart or not.. I guarantee u , he’ll fall ur hand woefully…. Abi isn’t it them that acted BABY BOY for us to see….. Any day any time… I go collect any Lady from an African American man!

  17. wallahi this is absolutely true. sometimes i give it a thought why would any Nigerian (or Africa) want to be like an African American. they have issues, and i mean serious issues (unless the media is not portraying them well). the last time i checked they hardly go to school (which almost all of us here do no matter little). can u believe it one US black guy was asking me if Africa is part of Europe. i was like WTF, is this guy for real. they can dance and misbehave no be lie, but the real black man lives on the African Shore. Hakuna matata!

  18. I am a american woman been in america for 38 years.American men dont have half the respect as a nigerian man hell naw they dont even want to work.they lazy ,disrespectful,do they look good yes ,do they takE care of the outer side yes but the inside sucks.and the reason i can see them being nice to a nigerian woman is because THEY LISTEN, WHERE AS THO IN AMERICA AS WOMAN WE SAY AND DO AS WE PLEASE CAUSE WE MAKE MORE MONEY THEN THEM AND ARE VERY INDEPENDENT .WE DONT CATER TO THEM DISRESPECTFUL WANT TO BE RAPPERS AND FAMOUS FAKE GUYS.WE LOOK PASS THE SWAGG THEY STOLE OFF TV GIVE ME A NIGERIAN MAN ANYDAY …….

  19. It is disgusting me how the Nigerian women on here usually say the most stereotypical things about black men as if the media been your only guide. WAKE UP !!!!!!!!

  20. Am a Nigerian lady,born and bred in Lagos state. I will be coming to the US in the fall for my studies. Hope I can meet good Nigerian(Igbo)men who are serious minded and ready for marriage ?


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