Nigerian, Kevin Chuwang Pam, wins Big Brother Africa


Nigerian Kevin Chuwang Pam has won the $200,000 Big Brother Africa – The Revolution prize! Kevin who hails from Jos is the first Nigerian to win Big Brother Africa.

The final five were Nkenna, Edward, Emma, Kevin and Nzamo.

Congrats Kevin! from the team, and best of luck in your future endeavors.


  1. Who God has blessed no man can curse. kevin your light will shin brighter and brighter untill the perfect day. loving you ,kfc 4 live.

  2. Well, Kevin was favored right frm d start, he trully deserved to win. And dat was a landslide win. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Put d moolahs into good use pleeeaaasssseee…….

  3. Yes, kevin. God know you have this before you was born into this world, one day is thousand days from God, and thousand days are one day in his Hand. please, look after your family very well. Unity bring peace in life.

    Good news to the home of peace in JOS. from silas in Regent shoola Abuja Nigeria. be wise boy or man in this life.


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