Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Bans Dbanj’s Oliver Twist


In another odd move by NBC, the government has ordered all broadcasting stations in Nigeria to immediately stop playing Dbanj’s latest hit, Oliver Twist. The song was apparently banned because “lewd lyrics.” You have to wonder where the lewd lyrics are coming from in this song.

This comes less than a month after 2shotz’s song Super Man dead was banned for the use of the word Alomo.

Don Jazzy had this to say via twitter “Tweeps pls worry not about the banning of Oliver o. e dey happen. we’re kinda used to it now. Ijebu garri no dey do advert but e dey sell

Pretty interesting developments from NBC. One has to wonder where are priorities are in Nigeria.

On another note, Dbanj, & Don Jazzy have been enjoying massive fame from their deal with GOOD Music and the success of the Oliver video contest.



    • don't place this on the government, its NBC, and thats their job. Dbanj should have made a radio edit of the song without the "n**sh" line. guess that would pacify the men of NBC. lol

  1. i dont see any reason for the government to call the lyrics lewd.coss the song is ok.besides the song is making money in abroad so who cares.thank GOD for notjustok we gonn download any fresh song here…..

  2. Then I think Nigerian artists"s should have radio edit version of their songs and club 'dirty' versions coz to tell the truth you can hardly put on the radio these days without hearing 'yansh', 'breast' and other such adolescent boyish fantasies! Kudos to NBC! What if a female artist kept singing and comparing the sizes of men's privates would you like it? Food for thot!

  3. I dont know wat d stupid guy who called himself “THE MUMU MASTER”singing.he hav neva sang any reasonable song in his entire life,i thought he was coming out wit somthing good nt knwing it was going 2 be guy pls go and learn 4rm 2face,psquare my real guys,mi,wandy coal,eldee,and even wiz kid.kudos 2 NBC kep d ball rolling.ref 2 d don baba j,pls bon dbanj and concentrate on wANDY COAL giv him chance 2 prove himself again.dbanj is only making noise.

  4. Dbang is trying, its not easy to write a song and perfect it, those words u guys are talking about is our local language which we are very well used to, even for yanki sef no be like so, na we just the claim holy pass, abeg! Kudos to u dbang………

  5. i think dbanj have his reasons and they shouldnt have banned the song give him a break celebrity life is not easy

  6. and God should bless him when he sings/raps or whatever he does, about the very things God hates. Makes perfect sense.


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