Naked Tribe discovered in Nigeria

Naked Tribe in Taraba state
Naked Tribe in Taraba state

A naked (and I mean stark naked) tribe was discovered in Nigeria recently. Wow.. I know right? Yeah. This tribe, with their location on the Gerinjina mountain in Gashaka Local Government area of Taraba State pretty much live in the stone ages. They use leaves to cover some of their privates (just like the biblical Adam & Eve) and live in abject poverty and disease infested communities. They are called the Jibu people, and they are descendants of the Kwarafa Kingdom who lived for centuries in nine communities scattered around on the mountains in Gashaka. They were discovered by a journalist, Stepen Osu as he went on a discovery mission into the Koma hills in Jada Local Government area of Adamawa State. This is simply amazing if you ask me, and not in a good way. It’s one more reason to look at Africa in a backward negative light.

Historical accounts have it that the people lived together with their fellow brothers in the kingdom until about 1807 when Fulani Jihadists invaded the kingdom. They were said to have run to the mountain top where they now live and are completely cut off from other tribes, and consequently the whole world. Not even the activities of the colonial masters reached them, largely because of the difficult terrain of their new abode. The mountain top is characterised by rivers, deep gullies and huge rocks.

Interesting facts about the Jibu people:

The Jibu people perform group circumcision of young boys born within the same age bracket. It is considered a test of strength and character for the boys not to cry during the ceremony.

For a young Jibu man to get a wife, he must serve the family of his bride for five years. Nonetheless, the marriage is determined by the capacity of the woman to conceive. This is measured by a dried long firewood that is set on fire for at least three months, within which if the woman does not become pregnant, the simple communication is the gods do not want the marriage. Pregnant women work on the farms to the day of their delivery.

The Jibu people are neither Christians nor Muslims. Rather, they believe in their own gods and the ancestors. In an event of violation of their natural laws by any individual, animals are slaughtered to appease the land.

The Jibu people are ruled by the Waziri Garinjina, Tann Shidin Zunbi.

The Jibu people believe that some gods are not friendly with women. Thus, throughout the period of ritual preparations, women remain indoors to avoid being exposed to the gods who could be harmful to them.

This is a very interesting discovery to say the least. It’s amazing what is still left to be discovered in this world we live in. For more information on the discovery of the Jibu people visit the Nigerian compass article. Thoughts? Comments? I’d love to hear what you think.

Sources: Nigerian Compass

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  1. Gerinjina…na place..plz, it doesnt count…jking.

    On the other hand going entirely nude does not mean they are backwards…even though they are….cos there are countless numbers of nudist colonies around the world(espcially in developed countries) and ive never heard anyone calling them backwards.

    interesting piece sha.

  2. hmm…first koma ,now this! they must be many more tribes like this. I hope there culture is properly recorded and they get help soon, from missionaries and the like.

  3. Nicely written Jaguda…

    In response to other comments, who are we to say that these people need help? If the way they live works for them they may not necessarily need to be "redeemed"…don't you think?

    More importantly, from a health-care stance, I think we need to see how they treat diseases and manage their health conditions…we should look at their mortality and survival rates, so that if they need medical intervention, it can be provided to them through the right sources.

    On the other hand, if they tend to live longer than we "modernized" people do, we may need to learn a thing or two from them. Who knows what important "leaves and roots" they use that may provide the cure to a disease facing the community today?

    I wonder how many other tribes like this are yet to be discovered…at least we wont be as mad when "oyibos" and "akatas" think we (or some of us) live on trees and walk around naked. 🙂

  4. LOL…this is very VERY interesting.

    I do agree with some of the comments though. Aside from the fact that these communities may be "disease infested" which in my opinion is very subjective (what community isn't?)…who is to say these people are "backwards"? They would probably look at our lifestyle and think we're weird too!

    Anyway lemme digress a bit..HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEIR BREASTS GET LIKE THAT?! :-O

  5. Lol @ the Breast question :D. But on a serious note, I didn't think in this day and age Indigenous tribes still existed. I think more research should done on their community other than just posting pics and video clips on National geographic(I know they going to milk this forever)

    Questions like ….are they governed by a monarchistic system? The media claim they were "diseased"…..what are they really infected by? Birth/Death rate? What do they use as medium of exchange as per money? Kaori??(Spell check) Language????

    Just questions i was curious about.

  6. I don't understand why people are calling this ethnic group "backwards". The same "backwards" that spurred the missionaries and other colonizing influences to eradicate aspects of our own culture to become more like them? The same "backwards" charge that makes people ashamed to claim their culture? Tufiakwa! Even though this is not my ethnic group, I reject the notion that b/c they are starkly different from what we know, they are "messed up". Nonsense. I would have thought people would understand that DIFFERENT culture does not mean "inferior" or "backward" in this day and age. Cultures are dynamic. They change over time regardless of the pace. We should allow them the same abilities to change and develop without judging them as though somehow we are "better". Personally I find it interesting and would like to learn more, if not just to expand the scope of my knowledge and understanding about the many interesting cultures of MY country.

  7. well my name happends to be jibu. I have been looking for the correct orgin of my name. in when my son was 1 his doctor from nigeria told me about the tribe. they were not lost, they were just left alone. many people from nigeria knew about the people. they were ran out of their original land some long time ago and went up in the mountains. now this cat who says he discovered them was most likley told they were up there,, now its a big deal. somebody said we should learn from them, true, we should learn from eachother

  8. Let them be.If they could live and survive these years without the so call morthan and advance life,not even with the aid of the 2 blacks inheritance religion.I think,it is better we let them be.These men are living peacefully.So,dont go and corrupt them wit ur religion and……?


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