Naija Disorganization


So I’m at the nigerian embassy in new york and before getting here I was prepared for any kind of foolish disorganized nigerian behavior I might encounter. I had passport pictures, printed all my receipts, and brought every documentation that I had in my possession to make me nigerian.

I got to the embassy and was expecting the worst, and I wasn’t disappointed. But it wasn’t because the workers at the embassy were rude and disorganized. It was more so because nigerians are disorganized.

At the lobby, tell me why a lot of people didn’t bring all the documentation needed. People showed up with no receipts, no money order, no filled out application. One guy with an expired passport showed up and expected to get a new passport the same day… Ah ah… Na so? Another man actually tried to bribe the lady at the desk checking information. Like are u serious? Why would u do that and expect corruption to stop in naija…smh.

One lady at the picture room kept knocking on the door begging that her Baby is asleep so they should hurry up. Now she and I know that she wouldn’t try that at the US passport office. Our people for the most part cause our own problems. When u show up thinking u can bribe ur way to a passport with half documention or show up without filling out the forms online, then u should be ready to receive any kind of random behavior u get in response.

As for me, so far so good. I came with stuff I needed to come with and when I greeted the staff I came across they greeted me back. No one was rude or anything like that. Except one girl that said “excurse me sirrr… I’ve submirred my passport”… Na wa o… Fone` is not by force biko. Lol.

All in all, I didn’t have any major issues at the embassy, and I feel that for the part it was because I had all my ducks in a row. Now, I’m not saying that our embassy is perfect, but it’s not as disorganized as we claim it to be if you have all your stuff together. The disorgnization itself is caused by our people thinking they can half-ass apply for stuff and think things work in an anyhow fashion like it is back home. There is an order and if it is followed then for the most part things will fall in line. Before we go around bashing our system sometimes we have to take a look at the mirror and see how we help or not help it. I know personally I’ve had issues at german embassies, US driver’s license office, and Canadian embassies before and so issues/miscommunication is everywhere on a good or bad day.

Like I said, for me, getting my passport was so easy I was kinda shocked and proud at the same time. Went there on monday and by wednesday, my passport was in my hand. We thank God…lol. Maybe I was lucky, and if u feel so then share ur own crazy experiences at the embassy, and even if u had a smooth ride then u can drop a line or 2. Peace. Naija4Lyfe.



  1. I agree with you. The process at the embassy was quite simple– I got my passport two/three days after. I had to help a lot of people with their forms though and there was no paper to print on. Very few people knew what to do and I believe the online application can be simplified further to avoid unnecessary hiccups at the embassy or are Nigerians just plain slow or lazy? The ambience or look and feel of the place can improve too–pictures on the floor can be so tacky.

    Overall it wasn’t that bad, afterall at the French embassy , you are made to line up outside the building for a long time only to continue the standing when you get inside.

  2. I was expecting the same craziness at the embassy in DC but i was surprised. I mean the ticket dispenser wasn't working so all you had was this long line right in the middle of the office but other than that, it was in and out…maybe because i had all my documents. Nigerians definitely need to get rid of this 'me first" mentality before we can move forward.

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