Mercy Johnson Goes Bald For A Movie Role


Nollywood star actress, Mercy Johnson is currently in Enugu shooting a movie in which she is playing the role of a widow. The role requires her to go bald and she has indeed confirmed that she had to cut all her hair for the movie being directed by Micheal Jaja to interpret the role very well. Though the movie has not been titled yet, it will soon be revealed. So whenever you see her, she is not sick or has any disease. See more pictures below… Pretty interesting. Showing some real dedication.

Hair Being Shaved
With Actors Artus Frank and Angela Okorie

Source: CelebRegion



  1. She doesn't look half as bad as I expected. Gotta give it to Mercy J … she is dedicated indeed. Go girl. More grease to your elbows.

    That said, they better have paid her well for this. Hair is not easy to grow biko.

  2. Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this o. I mean did she have to go that far?… So that means if we see her with long hair next week we can snatch the wig off abi. LOL.

  3. @Bush girl: There's nothing wrong with going as far as she did, cos if she didn't we'll criticize her for not being real. Hollywood stars do much extreme things for their roles and I'm glad Nollywood stars are doing the same. Go Mercy!!

  4. What happened to the hollywood style of using a bald cap instead? Nollywood is not informed. Bald caps are available for sale. You get the same result of hollywood picture. Cuttng her unecessary!

  5. MERCY J. You look sharp on dat, thats cool i love you cause u’re making it real. Keep d flag flying. U’re d best

  6. haba why? If nigerians need to be original in film actin it shld b in the aspect of spendin real money in makin a gud movie instead of this so called original low budget movie, get professional advice and assistance, pay someone like mel gibson, john woo and see how ur movie will look luke and not to wake up one day and remember the story that ur forefada use to tell ur grandfada and then act a drama out of it and call it a movie, we are 50 yearz nw .. Giant of africa lol… and as for mercy EiYa….

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