MEET the HOT girls featured in Eva Alordiah’s DEAF video!


We are excited about this pack of girls! Literally. They were swaggu-dripping in Rapper Eva’s new video “DEAF”. Eva and her team sure did well in choosing these hot girls. The rapper just posted this on her blog, introducing us to the new popular girls in Lagos.

To say I didn’t expect all the positive reviews on the DEAF video so far, would be an understatement. I really didn’t think it would turn out this good and I am ever so grateful to you guys for talking about it and sharing with friends.

When my team and I sat down with Patrick Elis to discuss the video concept and  to decide the girls and the looks we needed, it wasn’t far from what we ended up with. These 6 girls matched every look and all we had to do was make it come alive.

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I have had so many requests from you guys wanting to know who these girls are and what better way to introduce them than a blog post profiling each one. Here we go!

1. Jennifer a.k.a theLadyVhodka
(Twitter: @baby_Vhodka     Instagram: @theladyvhodka)

You surely know Jennifer. She was featured in Jesse Jagz Video for ‘Redemption’ and that was where I first caught sight of her. Her blonde hair, the way she caressed that spliff in her fingers, the way her eyes communicated a thousand sinful thoughts so effortlessly! Dammeet! I knew she just had to be in my Video.
And when we contacted her, the love was mutual! Wasn’t I glad? Hehe

When she is not raping the cameras with her hot brown eyes, she’s a Celebrity stylist working with your favorite celebrity or enjoying a hot day at the beach showing off her hot bod. Jennifer also helped style this video for DEAF with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

2.  Laila a.k.a Ms Cadney

(Twitter: @LilMissFly  Instagram: @flymissgaga)

My sweet pumpkin of a friend Laila made a quickie appearance in DEAF. Y’all may have been to engrossed you probably missed this cool shot of her where hands left the wheels for a bit to show some cool swag.


When Laila isn’t helping her daft Eva friend drive a sweet Mercedes in a music video, she’s working her artistic fingers creating amazing makeup looks as a Professional Makeup artist or being a Fashion model. Oh  and when she’s not all of that, she is advocating for the Nigerian Society of Natural Hair or Die! NSNHD. Hahahaaha 

3. Stephney  a.k.a iLookLikeEva

(Twitter: @Stephanybass  Instagram: @stephneybass)

I first met Steph at my makeup school where she had presented herself at an audition to model for us.
But as time passed she proved to be more than just a pretty face I could work my makeup brushes on and we became quite good friends!
Photo after photo of us together and we began to get the ‘Oh you two look alike’ comments. And what better cool shot in the video than one with two “Evas” abi? Hehe!
So I dressed us up in matching denim dungarees outfits and same makeup. Donno if i nailed it sha… But…

When Stephany isn’t rapping Eva lyrics, she is a writer, columnist and blogger at heart.

4. Cobby

(Twitter: @ruth_cobhamz    Instagram: @ruth_cobhamz)

My sweet Cobby!
Just one meeting at Gray Jon’z studio and I was hooked! I said to her ‘Babes you are tooooooo fine, biko come model for my makeup company.’
You know me and makeup, I’m always on the hunt for a hot face to paint. Hehe.

Turns out, we haven’t shot the photos yet, but wasn’t shooting a video so much better?
It would interest you to know, I didn’t even use foundation makeup and powders on her. Her skin is like velvet, soft, smooth, just perfect! Oh Cobby, why so fine? her ajebutter swag was a such a beautiful thing to have in this video. 

When Cobby isn’t wearing beenies and forming 2pac, she’s in the studio working her amazing voice on the mic as she prepares her singles and an album.
Yes ke! Cobby is a talented singer, an exceptional one at that. So get ready for that good-good Cobby music coming!

5.  Ify
(Twitter: @Ifyokafor  Instagram: @ivatar)

Of all the girls I had the pleasure of working with for this video, Ify was the only one that got my heart beating as I painted her face.
I felt like the most lucky Makeup artist in the world!
Her nose, her eyes, the cheekbones, the skin – Oh dear! Such a work of art God carved on her. Beautiful girl.
And the tattoos on her? Yes please! We needed that look in this video and she was so nice to accept.


When Ify isn’t being a rapper in my Video, she is a full time model, TV host, aspiring DJ and freelance magazine columnist.Missed her appearance in ‘D’prince’s new video ‘Gentleman’? Watch it again!


6.  Wunmi  a.k.a Leefawkes a.k.a MadamDMadam a.k.a SheCarryFrontSheCarryBack

(Twitter: @leefawkes1  Instagram: @iamleefawkes1)

Aunty Wunmi!!! Haha! Everyone loves Wunmi. She may appear mighty on the outside, literally, but beneath all that sexy heap of human flesh, lies a warm soft-spoken young girl who has ambitions that reach beyond the clouds. 

She was such a pleasure to work with. We wanted fun looks for this video and her face was perfect for some colorful makeup. Her yellow themed makeup is probably my favorite look here.

When Ms. Wunmi isn’t oppressing us with her package, she’s hard at work in School and happy to be one of the most sought after Video models in Lagos.
Missed her in Ludu’s video? Watch it again! She made that car look hotter!!

7. Eva  a.ka. Evalomo lati le

eva 1

eva 2

Oh boy! Me sef follow feature for the video na! hehehehe. 

Who’s your Favorite girl? Let us know in Comments below!



There you have it guys, with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that…. LOL!
Shout out to all these beautiful sweet girls, it was an absolute blessing to have them grace the video and kill it! Glad you guys like it, the positive reviews are a welcome relief.

CLICK HERE to Download “DEAF” mp3


-Osa Seven for Live Mechanics, Lagos (Tshirts)
-IMAGINE boutique Ikeja, Lagos (accessories)
-Styling : Eva and theLadyVhodka
-Makeup: Eva for ‘makeupByOrsela
-Artwork(The Deaf Monkey) : Julius Agbaje (@isketchcuteavis) of Platnorm
Video directed by Patrick Elis



























  1. have met celebrities,avnt met Eva yet but dia s sumtin abt like 2face.. She looks so playful n has a beautiful laugh… Deaf video?nice concept. Dont let money change dis about u girl. Dont!!!


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