Masquerades strip 2 women for wearing trousers/pants


ENUGU – WOMEN in Aku community, Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State are now living in fear, following  violent attacks by Odo masqueraders, which stripped two women in broad day-light for allegedly wearing trousers.

The scourge of the latest masquerade scare, which had raised security concern in parts of the state, according to sources, has become worse in Ugwunani village in Aku community, where a very dreaded Ocho-Oku diety linked to the Odo masquerade has been making life unbearable for residents, especially women.

A native of Aku told  newsmen,   that one of the two women stripped, whose name could not be ascertained was a visitor and that she was attacked at Eke Aku by the masqueraders, which  completely removed her blouse and compelled her to pay a ransom of N1,700 to regain her freedom for wearing trousers in the area during the period of the Odo masquerade celebration.

Source: Vanguard

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  1. Men wear dresses in african,arabic countries oh and scotland. In the bible it also forbids men to be feminine so if you cant stick to your clothes why should we?I know because if women wear trousers we are seen as equal and obviously or strength and intelligence threatens you.


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