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Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers. I hope the New Year has been treating everybody well so far, can you believe we are already two weeks into theyear? I for one am excited as to where this new year would take all of us but mostly in regards to this column on Jaguda.com. I promise to be more frequent with the  posts as well as to bring more exciting and delicious recipes to all my readers.

I had this sudden craving for moin moin one day after work and I just had to make it even though I had not made it in about two years.  Moin moin  is a traditional Naija dish that I believe is eaten in almost every part of Nigeria. Moin Moin (or bean cake for the tush ones among us) is made out of beans that has been blended. It is also traditionally wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed. Alas I live in Canada and banana leaves are not easy to come by, so therefore I am bringing you a simpler and more efficient albeit delicious way to make Moin Moin.  It can be accompanied with either rice, Ogi/pap. bread or however you want. Here is a quick pictiure tutorial on how to make Moin Moin accompanied by a detailed recipe.

Shopping List

  • 2 cups bean flour
  • 1 m onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2 scotch bonnet peppers
  • 2 knorr cubes
  • 1 cup corned beef
  • Cupcake pan
  • 1.5 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • Cooking oil spray
  • Large pot
  • Foil


1. Blend garlic, onion and  peppers. Transfer blended mix to a bowl.

2. Add oil, 1.5 cups water, mix thoroughly. Add 2 cups bean flour, stirring thoroughly to remove any clumps.

3. Add 2 knorr cubes, stir. *Make sure all cubes are melted*

4. Spray cupcake tins  with cooking oil spray. Using a ladie/cup, pour mixture into tins. do not over-fill

5. Mash corned beef to separate it using a fork or spoon

6. Using your hands, sprinkle corned beef onto mix (as much or as little as you want-I used a lot)

7.Using a large pot that can hold all the pans, fill the bottom with water, put stove on low-medium heat

8.. Cut some foil, layer top of water with foil

9. Arrange pans on top on foil.

10. Cover pans with another layer of foil

11. Cover the pot. Let moin-moin steam for 15-25 minutes.  Remove  foil pans from pot when done (dip a knife into center, it should come out clean. The moin moin should be solid.

12. Flip upside down onto a plate .Serve while hot

This Recipe is really easy especially if you live outside Nigeria and find the whole process of soaking, washing and blending the beans to be a tad too difficult

Hope you enjoyed and please leave your comments to let me know how it turned out if you do try it.

Hugs and kisses

Lohi O

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Shoutout to avartsy’s blog for giving me the idea of the muffin tins. 😀


  1. Kai!!!!! looks very good……

    I'll try it out…..

    If i set my flat on fire na you i go send bills to… hehehehe….

    Na to find bean flour now be the koko…..

    Thank God weekend don reach…..

    let the hunt begin….

    Thanks for the recipe….

  2. I was just reading about your new year promise and I was thinking that I will keep visiting here to see if you keep it. But after reading your detailed pictorial, I am not going to hold you on the promise!

    You really did a good job with the Moi Moi.


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