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I was recently asked by the team at Jaguda.com to start a  monthly column on the website about food and cooking. Let me being by saying how excited and honored I am to have been given the opportunity to share my knowledge about simple and easy Nigerian cuisine to Jaguda.com readers. For those of you who may not know me, my name is Lohi. I am a young Nigerian-Canadian lady in her early 20’s who enjoys cooking and eating good food. I can currently be found on the world wide web at www.uzeba-kitchen.blogspot.com

Cooking and food have always been something I have taken a keen interest in since I was a little girl.  I remember when my mother used to force me to be in the kitchen with her. As a little girl I saw this as a punishment  and could never understand why my brothers were allowed to play while I had to stand there! I would get upset and sometimes even throw tantrums(lol).
Little did I know that as the years passed, I would begin to enjoy spending all my time in the kitchen, start a food blog and even have future plans of attending culinary school! I have  my mother and her Akwa-ibom skills to thank for teaching me a good percentage of what I know about cooking. NOTE: I am not a professional of any kind *yet*; I am just a regular person like you who has a great affinity for cooking and who is willing to try any recipe once.
This section of Jaguda.com will work like this: every month, I will write an article showcasing a recipe for a typical Nigerian meal. For the next few months, we will be concentrating on different soups from all over Nigeria. I will be as detailed as possible with the aid of pictures for my  tutorials. However, if you require any further instructions or clarification, you may reach me by email and I will help to the best of my abilities.
This week we will be looking at Efo-Riro. Efo is the traditional Yoruba word for soup. This is a very popular Yoruba soup that can be eaten with both solids and white rice.
Here are the simple steps to make this soup.
Ingredients. …
Spinach/Clean and cut.
Beef/Goat meat (Boiled)
Save stock. Dried fish
Tomato sauce
Fresh tomato
Onion powder
Crushed red pepper
Minced Garlic
Palm oil
Saute onion, tomato and garlic in palm oil
Add tomato sauce and let simmer for 3-5 mins.
Add boiled meat, stock fish, dried fish
Add beef stock (Very little, cos spinach produces water)
Add spinach
Add all seasoning.(maggi, adobo…whatever you like)
Simmer and cook down till there’s little or no liquid left.
Very easy to make…make sure the heat is on low the entire time.
Ok this is my first article, so I would like feedback to let me know how I did and what I need to change to make this educational and fun for all us.
Hugs and Kisses
e-mail- our.journey@live.com


  1. Chai… We kind yawa be this one?… early morning and u're making us hungry like this. with that being said, I loves it…. Great post. Might be coming back here for the recipe

  2. i think i should come to your kitchen to have my breakfasts,lunches and dinners.. for suggestion, try to take a pic in different angle, i mean it's okay to have a clear vision on how to cook it, but don't forget the art of the photos like angle, color, and all composition which make our mouth more watery just by seeing your pictures! congrats for the first column!!

    • I do try with the pictures of the actual meal.. if you check out my own blog, you can see other meals I have prepared. I would be taking your advice however, coz it is a reall good idea! :). Thank you for coming by and for the comment!

  3. This reminds me of my mother's cooking… Good job girl, I think I'm going to give my mom a call now. Hold on a sec., do you do home cooking? I would love to eat some of your cooking. I'm all hungry now, thanks to you.

  4. you are ikwaibom?

    i'd love to taste this soup when you cook it cos this is like a native soup for you guys right?

    when i get my palmoil ill try and make this.


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