Lohi’s Kitchen: Banga Soup

This month we would be looking at Banga soup. Banga soup is of  Urhobo origin (according to my research) It is made from the extract derived from palm kernel and it is VERY YUMMY! Growing up in Port Harcourt-Nigeria, my mum was very open minded in trying different soups from the region and elsewhere. I remember her making banga soup when I was a child and enjoying amazing dinners with my siblings. It took me almost 10 years before I was able to eat this soup again (Because the palm sauce was scarce).  This soup is very easy to make and also can make for a great addition to your meal plans if you are tired of the typical Nigerian soups i.e. egusi, ogbono and okra.  Here are the very simple steps.
Grocery List:
Assorted Meats(Chicken, beef, oxtail,goat)
Fish(stock fish, smoked fish, fresh fish)
Palm sauce
Spices(curry, salt, maggi-know, etc) to taste
  1. Place the washed meat(goat, beef, oxtail,kpomo,snails,chicken)  in a large pot, add a drop of water or stock season with salt and pepper then boil for 20 minutes or until tender.
  2. Add the smoked fish and stockfish, cook for another 10 minutes.
  3. Boil the fresh fish separate
  4. Pour the Palm extract (Canned palm nut sauce)  into the boiled meat.
  5. Sprinkle in the crayfish and seasoning then cook for 20 minutes until the soup is thickened
  6. Add fresh fish Boil for 5mins
  7. Serve with pounded yam (Iyan) or Garri (Eba)

…..And this ladies and gents is how we make banga soup. Now this soup might not appeal to everybody as it is mostly eating in the eastern part of Nigeria, but  try it out, let me know what you think.

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    • The soup is made from palm kernel nuts, so automatically it has palm oil. I did not add a drop of palm oil in it. Thats how it is supposed to be.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I feel certain things r missing frm ur recipe, there r local spices (kind of like pepper soup spices) that r added to banga and utasiri leaves. I never heard of titus fish in banga, rather catfish is more like it. Am just saying…

  2. Hmmmmm nice one bt honestly u don’t use curry wen it comes to banga soup, steamin d fish is nt really neccessary since d soup water will burn inside d fish. Hw abt spices like belletete,dry bitter leave,tyco,roggoge…. There r d major spices. One last thng fresh fish banga has its spices,dry fish also hv a different method n also assorted…………………. If i must comment, actually u tried bt there is room for improvement


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