LaizaLounge Interview with Entrepreneur/Success Coach Nina Ijere


LaizaLounge (the fashion, lifestyle and inspirational blog) had an exclusive interview with motivational speaker, success coach and entrepreneur Nina Ijere.
“Nina Ijere is the founder and CEO of Nina International LLC, a company that is devoted to helping motivated entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and provides them with tools and tips for success as they work towards their goals while building a business that yields result. She is one of America’s top rated Motivational Speakers and Business Success Coach. With years of education and practical daily life experiences, she has learned a lot about effective leadership which she passes on to others by training, coaching and mentoring aspiring and emerging leaders into stable leadership positions.”
In this exclusive phone interview, Nina gives invaluable advice to many entrepreneurs about finding your passion, success, business and in general living a purpose driven life.
LaizaLounge: Nina it’s a great pleasure to have an interview with you. Thank you for taking out time off your busy schedule to talk to me. You have inspired and led many to achieve success and I am very excited to share your story with our readers. Could you start by telling us a little about yourself and background?
Nina: I’m Nina Ijere, originally from Nigeria in West Africa and grew up an only daughter to my parents with three brothers. I did most of my high school education in Nigeria, but my university and post-graduate studies here in the United States and currently residing in Atlanta, GA. I grew to love entrepreneurship; you could call me an “entreprenette.” With my passion for success and entrepreneurship, I started off as an independent consultant with a direct sales company becoming one of the top consultants. Subsequently, realizing that I have a gift of inspiring success and motivating people to be their best while building belief in them, I started doing private success coaching sessions and with that I started getting invitations to be a speaker at several events. I am all about human capacity development, pushing for greater success and inspiring others to succeed in their professional, personal and business goals.
LaizaLounge: What college did you attend and how has your educational background influenced your work today?
Nina: Well, my undergrad was in Business Information Systems, obtained at Devry University and a post graduate studies at Keller Graduate School of Management, MBA with a concentration in General Management and HR. To a large extent, coming from a developing country to a western world, it was more of an opportunity for me to learn the western culture and also to be able to associate with people of different ethnicities. I would say definitely that education does a lot in shaping someone’s future but it is not a key to great success and that has been proven by so many successful business icons today, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs of Apple, Oprah Winfery etc, to mention a few.
LaizaLounge: How would you describe your own personal style?
Nina: My sense of style says a lot about my personality, I love color and accessories and I get very creative when it comes to my sense of fashion, I’d add keeping it comfortable, unique and classy! With a great love for shoes, there’s nothing like too much shoes for a lady.
LaizaLounge: Tell us more about being a skin care and beauty consultant and how this has helped you personally
Nina: The idea of owning a business of mine actually started with me becoming a beauty consultant with a direct sales company. I didn’t plan on doing that; I actually stumbled into it. And I learned how to take care of my skin and got a lot of compliments. With a lot of people asking me what I used on my skin. And being an undergrad in Business information systems at that time, I decided what better way to exercise what you learn in school than starting a business. I decided to implement what I studied in school by basically, ‘learning while learning and earning’- learning in school while learning real life business applications and earning. I realized that everyone wants to look good but some people just don’t know how. And if I had some one teaching me, why not teach somebody else. It helped my personality, sense of style and also helped me to learn some practical sense in running a personal business.
LaizaLounge: Ok, great! This is a good transition into my next question. How did Nina International LLC start?
Nina: It’s amazing you asked that question. I remember vividly the day I actually caught the Nina International vision, although at that time the vision wasn’t clear. One thing I always say to people is this – when you have something that has been placed in your heart, you might not know how, you might not even understand the end of it, but as you go along you’ll figure it out. When I started my business as an independent beauty consultant, I did so well and moved up to the executive level. And at some point, with me embracing my gift of inspiring success and motivating people to be their best while building belief in them, I started doing private success coaching sessions even outside of the scope of my direct sales business which included inspiring women and helping them to position their business. A lot of the women under my leadership were very successful so I decided to expand the scope of my gifting to impact a larger world. Not just women, I have also been able to inspire a lot of men, young guys towards entrepreneurship. And that’s how Nina International was birthed. But we continued to transition and position as we grow and it excited me to know that we are headed in the right direction.
LaizaLounge: It’s so great to see how you inspire and motivate people as you climb the ladder of success. What are the various aspects of Nina International?
Endeared with the passion of human capacity building, Nina International LLC is intended to be a parent company that encompasses my passion for motivational speaking; success coaching and we have it in our future to publish a magazine that focuses on lifestyle and business/career. The vision of Nina International is to be able to support young adults, women and men alike. The Bloom Event also another subsidiary of Nina International is a conference for women CEO’s with the vision to provide an avenue for women CEO’s and intenders to come together for a power-packed seminar that focuses on helping these women soar higher in their goals and business endeavors . Our intermittent teleseminars have also been a great source of resource for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.
LaizaLounge: Through your wonderful learning experience so far, could you share some of the decisions that has led you to where you are today?
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