LaffPortal Presents “You Think You Can Jonze” Comedy Constest!!!


We at LAFFPORTAL are very excited to present to you an exciting competition titled “YOUTHINKUCANJONZE”. It is basically a competition aimed at bringing out the comedy and humor in everyone. We know you all are funny, some of you are just more expressive of our humor than others, and we would like ALL OF YOU to participate.

To be a part of this contest, all you need to do, is make a comedy video skit, capture a hilarious pose of you or your friend(s), or ANYONE, write an funny article, make memes e.t.c. ANYTHING you can do that you think is funny, and that you would like to share to the world through LAFFPORTAL is accepted. THERE ARE NO LIMITS to how funny you can do, or what you can do to make us laugh, just don’t break any laws, and try not to hurt any one (actually, you can, but that’s on you :D)
After you have your funny item made up, email it to or You can mail in as many entrees as you want to stand a greater chance of winning!!

Once the entree period is over, we would pick our top 20 funniest entrees, and publish them here on LAFFPORTAL for you guys to vote for your favorite ones (We will also publish ALL videos that we think are funny, regardless of if they make the TOP 20).

The WINNER of this contest will get $500
The RUNNER UP will get $200
The THIRD PLACED entree will get $100

ALSO, the top 20 entrees will win a free Laffportal T-shirt or Tank Top, depending on your choice.

This is your chance to be part of something big. Whether you win or not, this is a chance to show the world how funny you are!!!


For more info on the contest, email us at, follow us @laffportal on twitter Laffportal on facebook and @laffportal on Instagram.


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