Jaguda Team Interviews BWIT Consulting Founder


Mekus Jaguda Sat down with BWIT founders for a quick interview and to find out more about the company.

1. Interesting name for a company, how did you come up with it?

BWIT: We (my partner & I) needed a name that would represent what we do. So that’s how the name “BWIT” was formed; BWIT stands for business solutions (B), Web Services (W), & IT solutions (IT)

2. How many people make up the leadership of the company

BWIT: Three people make up the leadership at present but as we broaden so would the board; Chief Architect & Operations Director, Technical Director, and Head of Business Development

3. What expertise does BWIT have?

BWIT: We integrate Statistical modeling and Lean Six Sigma to transform processes and encourage better decision making, implement ERP change management, bespoke applications development, IT infrastructure design & management and E-presence advisory.

4. Giving the depleted stage of the Nigeria’s Power sector how do you plan to prosper without sinking all your expenses in alternative power resources

BWIT: That’s not really an obstacle for us because our communications network enables us to work from anywhere, home/office/client site and so on. Hence we are not restricted to working from the office all day everyday. The flexibility eliminates the boredom that could be experienced coming to work to sit in a cubicle everyday.

 BWIT - What we do

5. Who do you compete with?

BWIT: Our competitors include all the business consulting, IT consulting and Web services firm, but we differ from them by offering three services under one roof. This is what I believe makes us unique and gives us that competitive advantage.


6. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors

BWIT: What differentiate us from our competitors are the three groups that we run effectively under one roof; business consulting, web services and IT solutions. Additionally, we target small and medium enterprises and work with them at every stage of their growth, benchmarking as we progress. We see clients as our lifeline so we endeavor to provide them with the solutions that trounce the challenges they face.

7. Give us a quick sales pitch ….

BWIT: As years advance and the world changes so do the regulations, policies and socio-economic factors that influence business growth trajectory. This makes focusing on long-term rather than short term important, as well as changing the conventional processes vital. The common mistakes that Nigerian companies make is that they focus on short-term gains and are scared of change. Without change you can’t move forward! You might still generate revenue with the conventional process but how big is the net income? When the government both foreign and domestic implements new regulations, how would it affect you? The Healthcare Industry in the US is undergoing serious reconstruction from the federal government and a lot of the Healthcare Groups are affected because they weren’t prepared for it. Some are merging to survive and some are closing shop and re-emerging, and the smart ones that planned long-term are thriving under the new regulations and policies. Nigeria isn’t the way it was 10 years ago and that tells you that next 10 years will be different. So my advice is don’t be complacent, as I have seen businesses dwindle and close. We offer a safety net! Don’t be comfortable with conventional processes, as it wont sustain you long-term. We also offer short term fixes for present business challenges. Give us a call for innovative strategies that trounces both short-term and long-term business challenges

8. How can people contact your company?

BWIT: We can be contacted through Email, Contact page on our website, Phone, Facebook, or Twitter. Whichever method is convenient for the potential client.

9. Any discounts for Jaguda followers?

BWIT: If you are a business owner or work for an organization that need our services, include Jaguda when you contact us and we will offer affordable cost depending on the project. Only web services and IT solutions groups have referral discount.



Tel +234 703 8964731 / +1 404 9410753

Email info@bwitconsulting.com



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