It was God oh!


It´s God oh!

The one thing I’ve come to love and appreciate through the years of staying overseas, is the close bond I’ve developed with my mum. Over the years we´ve become so close that every 2 or 3 days we do catch up. She´d call me and ask about my health, classes and my friends but of course the real reason I know she was calling was to give me the juicy, dirty, vivid and much exaggerated story in a minute!

She´d tell me of how a friend of a friend´s husband went on an official trip to Bolivia and how his stomach burst open and he died, or how a lady who couldn’t have kids for years was suddenly able to get pregnant in her forties and delivered two healthy baby boys. As much as I love good comical stories for laughs sake, like any other inquisitive person, what I´d like to know is How? How did the man´s stomach burst open? How did the ´barren´ lady suddenly have twins? “How?“ She´d ask back, “don’t you know it´s God?!“And there you have it, the only one response I´ve gotten over the years from my mum. That was how she always replied -“it’s God“. I´d patiently sigh deeply and say “mummy, I know its God, but how did it happen?“ Why did the man´s stomach burst open? How did the ´barren´ lady finally get pregnant and deliver her kids successfully? And depending on the religious status of the person being talked about, depending on their relationship with whoever got the news to my mum, whenever “its God“  was mentioned my mum either meant the person had been punished by a Divine Being for whatever sin he or she committed or was rewarded for being a good Christian.

It´s always made me wonder why Nigerian parents always insist on telling you about events going on while you´re away but leave out the best details and insist that it was `God` who´d finally gotten justice. And when questioned all they ever say is “its God!“  I mean obviously its God, I’m not even going to try and dispute that argument (you never win) but details, woman, details! It´s only after much questioning they tell you, and with annoyance in their tone that the man, probably, wasn’t used to the weather temperature in Bolivia which caused the intestines in his stomach to erupt and how the lady actually went to a fertility clinic and after spending much trial and error and loads of money had been spent she got her babies! Now how hard was that?! Lol! I dislike been told that people misfortune or luck is by a Higher Power, I’d much rather be given details and speculation. Wouldn´t you agree?

Who else has ever been in the same situation as me? please share your story!

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