Inside SquareVilla… Pictures From P-Square’s Mansion


There has been a lot of speculation about the mansion, and how much it cost. Is it N100 million? N300 million? or N500 million? Whatever the price is, it sure looks like they spent a good amount of money on it. Here are a few words from Peter when asked about the price of the mansion:

Getting a land in Omole Estate (Ikeja, Lagos) alone is N100m. When you look at the house, especially the finishing, it is over $2million. When people speculated that the house was worth N300 million, we had not even finished the interior. What do you think is the cost of a mansion that has a swimming pool, six living rooms, ten master bedrooms, all fully furnished? It’s far more than the speculated N300million



  1. sooo make we tear pant because their house is 500 million… these boyz are so local i swear,. Thank God for music if not dem for dey motor park dey push wheel barrow

    • u guys wont mind ur business and focus on what ur talents is and make ur own money……if u are criticizing someone dat God has blessed, then know dat u are shuttin ur own doors of progress…so mind ur business pls

    • Go slap yourself. I do not have excess money to throw away. If I did trust me I would be giving to the needy not having 8 living rooms. Wetin you dey do with eight living rooms …

  2. not impressed

    wit 500m…

    wit 250m they could bought a crib in Ikoyi or a whole street in yaba

    the surrounding houses dnt look tapping

    hope they've got security covered cos their house will b sticking out like a sore thumb

  3. P Square your crib is awesome, just keep up d good work hope to ave a collabo with u guys some day – 9ja 4 life

  4. Thats all fine and dandy, but the interesting part of the story is that they seem to plan to live together forever. Where they do that at!?!? I hope they are saving though. and as someone else mentioned, what are they doing about security?

  5. I think u ppl er being jealous.How many of u do give money to charity?please leave them to live there live.all u da bi mo ti da

  6. I think p-square were just being too wasteful building such a mansion!. i am not expecting they give to charity but maintenance will b too expensive. they could be invested wiser with the money and still build a very very comfortable home.

  7. If it has 10 "master bedrooms", how many other "normal/non-master bedrooms" are there in the house or do they plan to sleep in a different room e'ryday of the week?

    Anyways I think they failed woefully in discussing the price tag of the house in the 1st place. Even if its worth N1billion, keep it to urself & enjoy the mystery of being rich (and in case you forgot, there's a difference b/w being rich and WEALTHY) without another person being able to size you & know what you are worth. If that interior cost $2million then these boys got cheated out of their birth-right. Is it the carpet abi rug or the standing a/c unit abi the rail or drapes or leather sofa that cost $2million? Least they forget, swimming pool na just dug out space, layered with brick and plastered with cement before being filled with water!!! Its not that special to mention it and hope that it would increase the value of the house.

    • well,its ok for them, but can any body tell me what they have done for our dear country. we made them what they are today,what hv they done for us?

    • my guy everybody has the same 24hours to make it,they used theirs properly what re you doing with your own.stop beefing them and go make your own.

    • guy stop beefing and go get somefin beta 2 do in lfy …they have made it in life and there iz absolutely notin u wuld do about dat lyk dey said '' e no easy'' so go 2 hell with yur beefin sit der n wait 4 dem 2 come and help u in lyf…dem juxt dey run der mouth

  8. Is it not allowed? Are they not international superstars making money? It's allowed sha! When Nigerians see one 419 guy with big house and 100 German cars, no one blinks, but when these guys are making their money legally and respectably see wahala because they want to spend it! Mind yourself, and allow them to mind their own.

    SN: My only hope is that the roads that they are driving all those big cars on to get to that big house are paved!

  9. Abeg okada man,make u mind ur okada business jeje.dnt let ur mouth destroy u,i knw say u dey jelous,pray 2 God 2 gv u ur own moni. P square na d best,dey can use their dough 4 anythn.if 2 say na 4d charty u said dis.their last bthday was done in d motherless home.

  10. dis is their time so …..i really don't expect less from these business moguls having multiple streams of income…when it's ur time nobody can hold u down..enjoy

  11. I love them. I think they know their forte but not in terms of housing and decor. this house is not all that for 400million or billion or watever they spent

  12. any togue dat speak nonsense abt dis boys god himself i,ll punish d person.wat do u mean p.square should come n put money inside r pocket?just wait they r coming don,t start 2 get busy wit rselfs instead u r dere knwing how much is dere salary,jobless pple like who na knw how much then they pple when dey work y who na dey house.they r enjoying d fruit of dere labour………..go P u guys r d best enjoy rselfs life no get part 2.

  13. i thank God for u guys and all ur achievement in life na baba God hand work i know is not easy i pray that God do the same for me and my family pls keep ur good work up.

  14. jelousy na poor.time wey the piki di work no man no complaint now wey natime for chop complaint don be.shame for all jelousy pple

  15. you guys are better than the best. I no say E NO EASY but i know not think u will not let your fans down. MAKE D BIZZY BODIES HANG UP. RUDE BOIZ. U ROCK

  16. Hey p square when am i ever gonna get down u cuz have been trying to hook up with u guys but i ain’t got luck, so if there is dm just get at me on facebook (oghenekaro oscar) or holler at me on +2348166371813 or +2347064980885

  17. i so much luv p-square dat i can die 4 dem they are making nigeria proud of dem hope 2 hook up wit p-square one day nd dat day will be my happiest day in life dis is ma num 07061648868 keep up d good work jor oh omo 9ja!!!

  18. i love peter and Paul,GOD really bless this guys,no body can stop then in life,4 the shall reap Wat the soul,am delight by stage name,i pray one day i will feature p-square on my album,the are great.

  19. Guys u too much (much) so tell me why i no go crush (crush) u’r mansion is so tempted to watch (watch) Iyeeeh!!! This life E no Easy eeh. i appritiate u guys, make you do u’r best e baba God will handle the rest. AMEN.

  20. if u eat dem go talk..if u no eat dem go talk..i 1da wetin go do 4dis wrld wey ppl no go talk..p square i am ur true fan.also proud of Anambrian..

  21. Mein I like una soo much……lots of achievement!Keep it up. May God blessings in ur life continue to increase in Jesus Name Amen. And equally bless me too becos I like d blessings of God in ur life.

  22. God has really blessed u people it is nw left for u guys to do for him by helping d poor and all dat so dat God wll continue to bless u people.i‘m happi 4 una.cheers!!


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