In My Opinion?


I am the most opinionated and judgmental person you will ever meet. I should tell you that you will hear/read that sentence a lot in your dealings with me but I say this only to soften the blows I might receive from you once you’ve read this.

On Saturday, The 2010 SoundCity Music Video Awards took place in Lagos, Nigeria and thanks to websites such as Bella Naija and Linda Ikeji, those of us who could not attend the ceremony have seen pictures of the guests or rather the celebrities who did. There has been a large hoopla about it on twitter and even as we speak, that hoopla rumbles on and I don’t have to tell you how mean Nigerian twitter observers can be.

Now I have never been a fan of this phenomenon and I’ll never quite understand why people or fans or observers as it were, feel the need to insult artists or celebrities and I mean taking it further than just disagreeing with or not liking an artist/celebrity’s choice of outfit/shoes and makeup, some people straight up insult the individual, their label, their friends and sometimes even their families. However it’s not as black and white as I’d like to think or suggest because how I see it is, if you put yourself out there in the public eye for whatever reason, you should accept and be able to deal with things like this and not let it affect you.

But the part that kills me is when people start to insult each other and people they don’t know for expressing their OWN PERSONAL opinion. The statement “some people have no business criticizing some of these celebs” drives me absolutely insane. Even my cousin erred in my opinion when she tweeted the following, and I quote

“Every one haff turn fashion critic today o… And the ones wey get fashion sense & the ones wey no get o… You go fear… Buhahahahahahaha *Smh*”

My question therefore is this, who has a right to comment and who doesn’t? Can I comment, because I am fine? (In my mind, at least). Can I because I am a “media personality” or as the case with most of these people, ‘twitter celebs’? Why is it a problem for me to speak my mind about something, when you have clearly just done the same? Why is anyone’s opinion more superior than others?

I’m just trying to understand guys and girls because we Nigerians do this a lot, you see it on the comments on Jaguda, Notjustok, 360nobs and the rest of the sites. So I would love if you guys could enlighten me please.

Anywhooos, my mama told me “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all” and this is a philosophy I live by. But ermmm *coughs* ‘some of them celebs looked horrible”. Lol.


  1. I'm totally with ya. Like someone said 'I don't have to be hot to say that someone else is worwor' and I don't have to wear Prada to criticize your Prada outfit. If you're in the public eye, people will talk about, and discuss you on a constant basis. Get over it folks!

  2. LOL. This is funny. Great article… With the way some naija celebs dress, they deserve to be talked about. Sue me!

  3. Lol.

    I love you Neefemi.

    The thing i can never seem to get is why "some people straight up insult the individual, their label, their friends and sometimes even their families." Word!

    It's just too sad. If only some people would just admit that they are jealous, cannot engage in rational discussions, or provide constructive criticism…


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