How Many Times Do You Suck Your Wife’s Breast In A Week?


They say a picture is worth a thousand words abi… Well this picture is definitely worth any and everything I can say about this topic. This was on the cover of Kiss & Tell newspaper (I think) for May 22nd 2010. Needless to say, a good number of men had responses to the question. I mean… when did sucking breast become something you count… like, how many times do you work out in a week? How many glasses of alcohol do drink in a week?…How many packs of cigarette do you smoke in a week?… And our final question, How many times do you suck breast in a week? You might want to keep that number handy for the next time you go to the doctor, or fill out your health insurance paper work. Breast sucking, just might reduce some health risk one day.

One guy’s classic response was “I do it everyday. Before I sleep, I fondle it, suck it, play around with it and sleep off. It lures me to sleep. But if my wife is breast-feeding, I stop for while.” #classic. Why stop during breast feeding now?… Get some juice from that thing. Baba I dey hail you…From one breast-sucker to another, It’s allowed biko. Suck on. I might change my name to Aribaba and the 40 breast-suckers. LOL.

We can all ask ourselves (even women), How many times, do we suck breast in a week? 3? 7? 21? 49? (7 times a day would be classic). Enjoy!!!



    • Guess what you forgot to recognise there is the fact that whoever she may be, must definitely be ok having her …… fondled so often. Afterall, its alot better than having sex everyday.

      Ogami, tuale for you, carry go!!!

  1. The truth is a male child never stop breast sucking… He sucks his mother's as a baby, then girl friend and then to the wife… It just go on and on lol…

  2. You can't take a man away from breasts! even they girls like being sucked, it doesn't bother them at all. any fine chick(fine abeg) hu wants some good sucking should contact Mr. Orange on 07034960709.

  3. WTF?! how do you discuss things like that???? naija men… i bow for una. no progress after all these years!

  4. WTF?! how do you discuss things like that???? naija men… i bow for una. no progress after all these years!


  5. Craziest thing is dat ee dont get any juice outta da boobs but we stil dont . We nibble and pible, pressbul and Make sense?

  6. According to me

    approximately suck boobs 45 minute because women is also want this thing and she is satisfied with suck you know that boobs is not growth with the suck in my suggestion always kiss on the nipple and boobs slowly slowly for a long time. do like this women also impressed and don't interest another person its reality

  7. All of you people are sooooo fake! Especially the ladies here! Freaking liers! U̶̲̥̅̊ like to be licked! Shut up! When U̶̲̥̅̊ marry,allow him suck U̶̲̥̅̊ and do whatever he wanna! Haba! I’m nigerian and I hate “being fake” with a serious passion! Nigerian women can be the fakest creature ever! No apologies! I’m talking from experience! Damn!


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