Hot or Not: Charlie Boy’s New Photo


Check out Charlie Boy’s new photo that hit the internet. Not sure if this is for a promo campaign or something that just hit the net for the sake of it.

What are your thoughts? Hot? Not? Artistic? Distasteful?

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  1. I dont blame him. Its end. Jst expect more frm him. Afterall he startd wit piercings. Lord hv mercy.

  2. Use ur eyes people dis pic is not real notin but a computer work,corel draw and d rest.luk at it again luk at d point where d head is connected with d body.

    Use ur eyes people dis pic is not real it fake,its a computer pic editin stuff.check how d head is connected to the body

  3. Haba charlieman,na your nyash get sharp edge like dat?
    For a granpa like u…….nice body
    For d public like us……our eyes shall see no evil!

  4. WTF! We’re tired of this ur attention seeking behaviour. This is extremely appalling, so not sexy, peak of an old man’s folly… Abeg next time u wan do somtym crazy, jus carry knife chuk chuk ur neck. With ur nyash triangle.

  5. ogunla idris, This is not good at all & this act should not be encouraged by the govt & the media, he should be delt with cos is trying to advertise gay and we are not ready for his product.

    Dis is not good & this act should be discourage by d govt & d media cos his trying to advertise gay & we nigerians are not ready to patronise any one with such act.

  6. Kai chalie chalie watz dizz bah if it were to b a gurl it will definatelly b hot buh 4 a grandpa lyk U̶̲̥̅̊ is nothng to write home abt what if Ɣ☺ΰя children sees diz U̶̲̥̅̊ ar dizgracng Ɣ☺ΰя pop man @oputa panel

  7. This is not nice…but we all have our life to live. That’s the life he chose. Choose yours and get to his social status.


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