Forever P-Square! The Twins Calm Break Up Rumors and Say They Are Stronger Than Ever



After all the turmoil of the last couple of weeks, P-Square fans have been anxious to find out what the fate of the most successful duo in Nigerian music over the past 2 decades.

The rumors that surrounded the twins included them breaking up, sharing the property, the wives causing issues, Jude (their older brother and manager) not happy with Peter’s wife, etc. None of which were confirmed or should be believed 100%. What is clear though, is that there was some kind of issue that sent the family to the brink, and that turmoil leaked.

Not anymore though. Jude Okoye, Peter & Paul have all come out on social media to calm the waters and say they are a united family. We certainly hope it stays that way for the sake of music.

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  1. Hello…luvly brodaz,am hapi u guys long life nd more money(amin)nd we wnt u guy 2com nd show us in abeokuta ogunstate pls nd pls,we havn’t se uguys ur big fans in ogun state.


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