Feature: Sw!tch Magazine


In a country populated mostly of our kind, with a significant contribution to the branding and re-branding of Nigeria most especially in the international scene, the Nigerian youths represent a “voice”.
With the strength of one language and the power of one voice, we (youths) define the Green, white and Green.

MOTTO: Re-branding the Nigerian Youths

We are a team committed to achieving an exclusive brand that stands for a collective “voice” of the Nigerian youths without compromise. This we hope to achieve by:

Consistently providing event coverage throughout the country (both on and off campus) thereby establishing a student/youth “network” that highlights a “one voice for all” basis.

Implementing a captivating publicity strategy to reach out to the youths.

Establishing a window /network with the young, gifted, famous and successful personalities in the society be it in the entertainment, entrepreneurship, political sector, etc.

The magazine shall be published quarterly (every 4 months) and shall feature two celebrated Nigerian youths as cover stories for every edition; i.e. two different design layouts, two different personalities, one edition!!!

So far, the team has being able to establish contact with over 25 universities (both home and abroad) and has gathered various event coverages.

For this edition,our front covers showcase:

JESSE JAGZ (one of the most celebrated Nigerian artists today).

KORIBO HARRISON (a young and successful shell employee).

The magazine features Campus coverage, Entertainment, Fashion, sports, technology etc.

One voice…One language…Nigerian youths.



  1. WIth lIfe comes hope,and what swich represents is the AuDaCiTy of HoPe.one…..voIce one nation………one swich…………..thank nigerian positive youths.keep the flag flyIng save nigeria……………

  2. #switch from negetivity to positivity,ignorance to enlightenment! Its been a long time coming people and its finally here!!!Lets #switch naija ON!!


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