Danny Glover & Forest Whittiker become Igbo Chiefs

Forest Whittiker & Danny Glover pictured while celebrating chieftaincy title
Forest Whittiker & Danny Glover pictured while celebrating chieftaincy title

Forest Whittiker & Danny Glover became Igbo Chiefs on sunday April 5th, 2009 when traditional rulers of Nkwere, Imo state bestowed upon them chieftancy titles. Apparently Forest Whittiker traced his roots via DNA back to the Igbo land (Nkwere to be precise) in Nigeria.
The elder Anyiam-Osigwe said, ‘’This is our lost brother. We have found him and brought him home. It is only an Nkwere man that can find his way home after many years. We are a people from unparallel kingdom. We are the pride of Igboland. Today our brother Whittiker and his friend Mr. Glover will be made Nkwerre Chiefs and it is not an easy task to be an Nkwerre chief because there are only 30 Nkwerre chiefs in the whole world.’’
Danny Glover was given the title of Enyioma of Nkwere – Good friend of Nkwere, and Forest Whittiker was given Nwannedinamba of Nkwere which means “a brother in foreign land.”

While accepting the honour, the two men thanked the people and the king for accepting them and recognising their achievements as movie stars and for finding them worthy to be honoured. They promised the people that they will live up to the demand of their traditional offices. For more information on this please visit vanguardngr.

Source: Vanguard NGR.


  1. wow, congrats to them. There is probably more to the story….I wonder if someone else from that village was suppose to be made chief in place of Forest? I also wonder what benefit/advantage they bring to their new found heritage?

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww…wow….NA WAHHH oh…me sef i suppose trace my rooots oh. I fit be step sister to queen Eliza!

  3. Ehen! I am not surprised. If you look @ the shape of Forrest's head sef, igafu that it is shaped like a proper Igbo man's head. Hmmm. It's all starting to make sense now. LOL. Hahahaha.

    Congrats to Forrest ooo. Forry b'anyi!

    • LMAO! that is so funny! u r right! i see the head thing.

      But seriously, did he really trace his roots? or he just "claimed" it for claiming sake.

  4. so they quickly made them chiefs because of their celebrity status….such inferiority complex…then again those titles dont mean much in action only for mouth.

    oh wait….im supposed to be happy and go along with the crew and say wow and how nice it is to be associated by country to yet another celebrity slave desendant who found his roots…yipee yay!!! the joy of rapture….*hiss*

  5. Such BS. So now, he's a chief, what will he do to help improve the country. Or does he like the title, so he can brag when other are talking about being chiefs. Again, BS!!


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