Between Me And You


The water runs down my exhausted body
It feels so good on my skin
I have never felt so relieved
Closer by Goapele plays in the background
Am so caught up in myself, to notice anyone walk in
I feel a hand caress my lower back, manly.
He presses his body to mine
I feel his breath on my neck
His hand slowly comes up to my face
All of a sudden, all I see is darkness
He turns me to face him, whispers..
“Don’t be afraid”,
I shiver and open my lips to say something
But he attacks my lips with his in the most passionate kiss ever
I nearly slip to the floor
He holds me and whispers
He gives me little feather kisses and just keeps going lower
I reach out to touch him
His shoulders are so strong, I feel his smooth
He caresses my breasts so delicately,
Rubs my nipple so tenderly
takes one in his mouth..I groan not even knowing my voice
He moves to the next one while his free hand plays
with the other.
He turns me back again leaving me to face the wall
Taking his time, he explores my back, kissing, sucking and
licking my skin
Taking control, I turn and grab him
Kissing him so passionately and roughly at the same time
I let my hands do my own exploring, though clumsy
because I couldn’t see anything
He chuckles, and guides me
Taking my hand lower till I touch him
He grasps but doesn’t remove my hand
I rub him..back and forth..
I give him tender kisses while my hand still remains on him
When I succeed in getting him hard and ready
He opens my legs and lifts me…
As I wrap my arms and legs around him
I hear a knock at the door..
My mum calling out my name..
I open my eyes, I am still in the shower
with my legs still open
But my man is nowhere…
Who is he?

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