Anti-Gay Law and How Nigerians React


On Monday Jan. 13th President Jonathan signed a bill that criminalizes same-sex relationships and gay rights groups in Nigeria. The bill involves penalties of up to 14 years in prison.

There are people who feel that this is an appropriate law for our country to uphold and there are others who think that it is simply unjust to have people jailed because of their sexual orientation. Think about it, in this day and age how is an entire nation now labeled a homophobic country? Nigeria has a lot more issues to be focusing on rather than discriminating adults for their individual lifestyle. Personally, I am a strong believer in gay rights and equal rights for all and therefore think this is a harsh and unnecessary law.

Quite a few Nigerians have taken to Twitter and Facebook to express their opinions on this newly passed law. Here are a few of their posts:


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