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To our U.K. readers, specifically to the ladies that love to shop, here’s an event you wouldn’t want to miss! Bridal and Evening Wear Designer Yemi Kosibah will be hosting his first ever sample sale.  He is cleaning out his closet and giving you ladies a chance at owning some of his prized possessions in the form of Couture Bridal Gowns and Evening Gowns/Dresses! Not familiar with his work? Please have a look at some of his creations [photographed below] and then visit his site here. You can also follow his blog.

DATE: Thursday, March 1st 2012

TIME: 6pm – 9pm

PLACE: Park Plaza Hotel, Westminister Bridge Road

[in conjunction with Primo Bar Ladies Night, hosted by Creative Cornucopia]



Bridal Gowns: £300 – £900

Evening Wear: £90 – £300

Short Dresses: £75 – £90

Stand Alone Corset: £30 – £90

For more details please contact JENNIFER

Telephone: 0770 679 8721

Email: info@willbaforce.com

[These are gowns that have been used repeatedly for shoots and shows. Some of them are a bit careworn but this will be reflected as mostly 90% reduction in price.]

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So he liked it and went ahead to put a ring on it! Congratulations! Next, you call up your close girl friends and family to give them the good news! Before you know it, questions of a date (among others) will be asked. But even before those questions can be answered, we ladies will always have one thing on our minds and that is THE DRESS!

Front all you want because whether your dress is made on the other side of the world hand stitched by skilled couturiers or from the local thrift shop, it will be one of the top things on your lists of things to get for your BIG day!
Now traditionally, there is nothing small about African weddings. They are usually grand in all aspects especially in the clothing department and with the usual fusion of our African culture with that of the Europeans, the white wedding gown or tux is just as important as the aso-oke or the george that will be worn. Now with these things to think about… ladies, let’s not fall under the pressure of wanting to stand out only to end up looking rather questionable. Check out our sister photographed below for example, it can never be this serious.

Or this auntie, in this episode of Say Yes to the Dress that aired some time last year. She also happens to be the daughter of the former adviser to GEJ on petroleum matters, Dr. Egbogah. I personally thought that $27k+ for any dress is ridiculous… but to each his own, right?

YouTube Preview Image

Now if you’re looking to make a helluva statement as a bride on your big day! I suggest three styles of dresses. 

An ‘A-Line’ wedding gown with a thigh slit? Um, yes I’d say this will get the attention of most but that is not the only thing that makes this gown. Check out the one shoulder detail and ruched sweetheart neckline. I do and will always vouch for a sweetheart neckline.

If you have a vision of yourself looking like Cinderella, then here is your dress! It’s a full skirt gown with enough chiffon and tulle to wow your guests at your wedding with a simple beaded bodice and clean neckline.

This vintage lace trumpet gown is my favorite. If you’re not into the full gown, this fitted one will do the trick! The front of the bodice keeps it modest while the back let’s it all hang out with taste. The cap sleeves and the exaggerated bow trailing the back adds a very feminine touch to the gown.

Every bride has the right to wear what she wants on HER day! All I’m saying is think about 20 yrs down the line when you’re looking at pictures from your wedding day. I’m sure none of you want to shake your head in confusion as to what you were thinking to have worn that gown. So choose wisely… no pressure, of course!

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Photo Credit: Fola Lawal Photography

All gowns photographed are Ines Di Santo Bridal gowns, to view their trunk show dates in the U.S.A …click here.

With William & Kate jumping the proverbial broom and ‘wedding season’ upon us, I really think some things should be said to guide us through this summer. Now for the average American couple wedding events consist of the following a bachelor/bachelorette party, the white wedding followed by a reception. Now for the average African couple, it consists of traditional weddings, engagement ceremonies, introductions and the list can go on, literally. As in the events leading up to an African wedding can fill up an entire week. Now with that said, I have some guidelines for the couples looking to get married and the guests that plan to attend these weddings.


10. GUESTS:  Do be prepared to spend money! I do not care if you are not blood relatives to the couple getting married; whether you are collecting aso ebi, buying the couple a gift or spraying the them with dollars that one auntie helped you change, just know that money will be spent. Even if you decide not to spray the couple, if you are anything like me, you will probably end up spraying the lead singer in the live band for praising you.

9. LADIES & GENTS: Throwing the bouquet and garter are ways for the guests to participate in the festivities so, all my single ladies, when the bride tosses the bouquet, do not punch,slap and/or kick the girl beside you out of the way to catch the bouquet because you feel you are next in line to march to the altar. IS IT BY FORCE?! Then awon guys, please do not act as if catching the garter is a death wish, we all know deep down inside you really want to catch that garter. STOP FRONTING and participate a little!

7. COUPLES: When planning on how you will feed your guests, please do consider serving your guests rather than having them line up buffet style. We are not at the school cafeteria! To top it off, Africans can be a bit rough when it comes to lines (meaning they usually do not form one) so why would you want to see a crowd of people surrounding tables, ultimately taking the focus off of you two, THE COUPLE. SAY NO TO BUFFETS!

6. COUPLES (and in some cases THE BRIDAL PARTY): The reception is usually the favorite part for most couples because then and only then can they really let loose. But wait oh, remember this is not the club where you two first met each other so do not grind up on each other. We do not want a peep show of how you will be throwing down during your honeymoon. Yes, you are married now but please let’s keep the dance off PG-13.

5. LADIES (particularly girlfriends of the bride): Seeing your friend get hitched is not a small thing so I can understand you would feel the need to be dressed to KILL. You get dressed in your freshly sown aso ebi and now its time for you to tie your gele. But wait, do not tie your gele into a satellite dish just because you are so ‘happy’ for your friend. I do not care if you are the maid of honor or bridesmaid, if you are not the mother of either the bride or groom, think smaller. You do not want to upstage the bride or the immediate family so in this case abeg use your church mind.

4. GUESTS: If the wedding ceremony and reception is invite only please do RSVP and do so in time. The days of just showing up to that your uncle’s daughter’s friend’s brother’s wedding are (almost) gone. I, for one, am all for invite only weddings, it saves the couple tons of money, having less mouths to feed.

3. COUPLES: When the Pastor announces ‘you may now kiss the bride’… do not proceed in slobbering down your new husband/wife. This is not the ‘ SHOW-US-HOW-MUCH-YOU-LOVE-YOUR-SPOUSE COMPETITION’ so keep the tongue wrestling for later ’cause there is no million dollar cash prize waiting.

2. GUESTS: *twitter input* When the time comes to spray the couple and the money is flowing like the dollars at your favorite strip club PLEASE do hold your children back from collecting the cash off the floor. I’ve ‘reprimanded’ thieving little kids before and I have no problem doing it again. Plus there is nothing more annoying than watching the video of your wedding reception and seeing little Junior pocketing a fistful of singles.

1. COUPLES (especially the BRIDES): Do not stress yourself too much and have fun. I have worked with plenty of brides to know that most of them were two steps away from having an anxiety/panic attack. I understand it is a lot to plan and think about but I honestly feel that’s what wedding planners are for, don’t be afraid to use them.

BONUS: Africans love to DANCE! I mean in the program we even have a whole section, after the vote of thanks, dedicated to DANCE! DANCE!! DANCE!!! So on that note, do hire a banging DJ and/or a live band that will have your guests literally flock to the dance floor. The last thing you want is for people to complain about the music. Next to food, music can make of break the experience for your guests.

Well those are my top ten! I’m sure there are many more but with time I feel we have grown leaps and bounds when it comes to the quality of our weddings. What are some things you think should be addressed when it comes to African/Nigerian weddings?

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Hey you all! I hope your weekend was all that and more! Well, for one of Nollywood’s very own Dakore Egbuson it was one of sheer joy as she was joined together as husband and wife, with her longtime boyfriend, Olumide Akande. The wedding took place in Lagos at the Guiding Light Assembly in Ikoyi and the reception followed after at KFA Event Place in Lekki.

The blushing bride looking flawless in her one shoulder embellished gown topped with a beautiful feathered head piece! Kudos to the make up artist!

Here comes the bride in an asymmetrical embellished A-Line gown with Daddy Dearest.

Train view of her gown.

Aerial View… the obvious colors for the wedding which were orange, brown and gold look gorgeous!

With this ring…

‘You may kiss the bride!’ The two lovebirds after vows were exchanged.

Na serious love wan tin tin… (peep Dakore’s hands o! #badgirl)

The girls.

The guys.

Parents of the couple

Wishing you both a Happy Married Life.

Thanks to BESTNOLLYWOOD.TV for the lovely photos.

Till next time…