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The person behind Muna Ibekwe’s fake Twitter account caused a lot of  chaos yesterday in relation to the Death of the popular Actor Muna Ibekwe.He dissipated rumours of the death of the  Nollywood actor.

After rains of insults and curses from the public by those who knew it was a fake account, he came out to publicly apologise for his attitude. He said thus:


From all indications, the soul as a cause of testing his internet tweeting skills must have used this medium to loot and scam loads of people.

Readers be careful of internet fraudsters

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The pictures of Zahra Buhari, Daughter to General Buhari, hit the internet just a few hours and of course Nigerian twitter reacted. Like we always do, we reacted in epic fashion with hilarious comments, and of course the memes.

Check out some of the best we could find

Well there you have it folks. Some of the hilarious comments from twitter over Zahra Buhari’s photo release. A big chess from Buhari’s camp whether they intended to do so or not.

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Charles Novia Blasts Sheyi Shay Over Her Outfit To Channel O awards
He didn’t find her outfit sexy or aappealing. Charles took to Twitter to blast the ‘murder Sheyi Shay over her outrageous outfit

Charles said Sheyi is trying to kill her brand with her  Choice of outfit. And he called that lame thinking and it’s very bizarre to him. Check out his tweets below





Indeed this is Murder lols

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Eldee Da Don shared the message on Instagram and Twitter opening his own views on the current trend of sex in Nigeria, and the Aristo mentality. The star born Musician and producer always lends his voice on rising issues and state of things in the country. See his attack below


After this post on twitter he gets a very hot reply from his fans especially the girls guess they were very pissed at his comment.




but on the hand who is celebrating the hoes? Perhaps that’s a question for him to answer.

As you guys all know Nigeria, the defending champions of the African Nations Cup, have failed to qualify for the 2015 edition of the continental tournament. This came after they drew with South Africa 2-2, last night, and Congo beat Sudan 1-0 to snatch up the 2nd spot.

As we all know, Nigeria is a country of football, and you can guess some of the reactions we saw between last night and today. Here are some of them. The Good, The Bad, The Hilarious and The Depressing

First Wyclef and his shameless plug too


As for us here. This is how we felt after we failed to qualify


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We’re very sure they never experred it! But Nigerians are mean sha.

So Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) asked a question on twitter to fans “What do you like most about NTA and what’s your favorite NTA Programme?”… The response they got was not what they bargained for, and looking at it, you can say NTA kinda set themselves up for this one.

Check out some of the mean and wicked responses LOL





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We woke up this morning to discover that Yvonne Nelson is trending. Not just her name but with the hastag #yvonnenelsoncanblock. Where did it all come from? Well after she posted this picture up on instagram (I guess to make those Africans doing the ALS challenge feel bad), a lot of fans (and non fans actually) jumped on her and her mentions.

Yvonne Nelson responded how any warm blooded person would do… by blocking :)

Bvh0WfUIgAAhfhE.jpg large



One person in particular stood out, and gave Yvonne Nelson a nice lecture via her instagram page.





The hashtag has continued on with some crazy and hilarious tweets. Some in support of her, and some just down right bashing her. But all in all it’s a good day in the office for those who like the entertainment :)



LOL. This can be fun when you just on the side lines watching :)




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Ever since ALS Ice Bucket challenge started trending internationally, you knew it was just a matter of time before celebrities in Nigeria joined in on the fun and started challenging themselves with the Ice Bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS a common ailment in the USA.

Just yesterday, we posted some of the Nigerian notable names who have done their ice bucket challenge, but it seems like Nigerians (especially on twitter) are not too thrilled about the idea.

Check out some reactions on twitter from Nigerian celebrities doing the ALS ice bucket challenge.



Nigerians are just mean *sigh*

So far Don Jazzy, Genevieve Nnaji, Davido, Ice Prince, Peter Okoye have all joined in on the trend. But as for popular nollywood actress, Yvonne Nelson? Here’s what she had to say about the ice bucket challenge.

Bvh0WfUIgAAhfhE.jpg large


 Soooo Yvonne not going to take up Iyanya on that challenge then?


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Types of men to avoid
Types of men to avoid

Hey Hey Hey My Jaguda peoples! I’m back again (I know I’m a trouble maker) but this time I bring good things in the form of advice. In 2013, in the age of twitter, facebook, instagram, myspace, blah blah blah it’s no surprise that a good number of the people we end up meeting and dating are from the virtual world.

If you want to lie to yourself then lie, but for those that do set P or intend to set P with those peeps online, here are some tips of type of guys to avoid.

1. Mr Noise Maker

Yes! This guy is always on every discussion that’s going on. Every fight, every game, every political discussion, everything he must talk. One has to wonder, does this guy have a life outside his phone or laptop? You can spot him by the 556k tweets he already has (most of them retweets of his replies) or the numerous updates that clog your minifeed. Chances are he’s a popular person on social media, but there is a greater chance that he’s a lamo in real life. Don’t believe me? Meet one of them. Hopefully you’ll get to have a full conversation without him constantly on his phone updating something.

Some call them twitter celebrities, me I call them noisemakers.

2. The I Hate Women Guy

You know you’ve seen them. Every excuse to bash a girl they are on it. Calling girls ashawos, hoes, etc. They get all the retweets and think ultimately they are making sense but in reality they come off as complete idiots. One has to wonder if these guys have mothers. On the flip side they rarely have anything positive to say about any woman, and in their books all women are evil. Frustration due to lack of P? Maybe. Who knows?

3. TMI

Oh-M-G!! These are the guys that don’t have a close lid on their page. If it’s on their mind they are sharing it. Be it issues at home, in their relationships, business, whatever. If there’s a problem, that ish is going on facebook, twitter, etc with immediate effect. In my opinion it’s just tacky, and who knows, maybe when/if you guys date, and break up and your whole gist will be on CNN & BBC the next morning. Yea, if you like your business to yourself, run from this guy when you see him.

4. Mr Big Baller

His profile has all the achievements he’s ever had in his life! If he won 10 naira in a competition, he’ll add “N10 winner 2013” to his bio & profile. He’s always bragging about how much he’s making, what he just bought, that he’s in VIP, who he’s chilling with, posting pics of cars he probably doesn’t own or houses he doesn’t live in. I mean I know social media is for sharing but jeez, no one needs to know if you just made 20 naira yesterday. That’s for yourself.

Reason to avoid this guy? The big letdown! After all the bragging you’ll be thinking he’s living the life, however….. Nothing. Probably has none of the stuff he’s bragging about. Real big boys move in silence :)

5. Mr See My Body

Let me just say this first, there’s nothing wrong with sharing an occasional body photo or gym photo every so often, but if every other picture of you on instagram or faceboook is about your body then one has to wonder if you have anything else to offer. I mean your last 4 avis or profile pictures don’t all have to be you half naked. We get it.

You’ll see him always updating some gym status, or talking about eating healthy (always) or constantly showing the 6 packs. I mean I like looking o, but after a while he will just come off as doing the most…. Unless of course he’s running a fitness business :)


Ok that’s all ladies. I’m sure there’s plenty more types of guys to avoid on these things called social media, and I’d like to hear what you have. So yea, let’s hear it.

What kind of men do you avoid on social media?

PS: I don’t hate men, I just think some of them are dumb.

Image Source: http://www.mandommag.com/2013/04/smut-marriage.html

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This is not a sub from EME’s starboy, this is a full blown shotgun blast! WizKid apparently irritated by some comment by upcoming act, Fresh L, fired instantly “Fuck that nigga Fresh L,his crew,Label,management and every1 else that lied to him about his wack ass career!“.

Whoa!!! Ok 2pac!

He continued by adding “***some wack nigga i just made famous with one tweet!…” when asked by a fan who Fresh L was.

So what did Fresh L say? Not entirely sure of the whole story but it seems Fresh L might have made a comment eluding to the fact that his label mate, BOJ based in the UK is better than WizKid. Again, we’re not sure if that’s all he said but that’s what we do know so far.

We could talk about all the tweets but it’s much better to just show you, right? Here is a screen shot.

With all this publicity something tells me, Fresh L aint really complaining. No publicity is bad publicity right?


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I’ve been seeing a lot of twitter rants around and I knew it was just a matter of time before I wrote mine up. First of all, my definition of a rant is “to speak violently, and sometimes incoherently on a matter” so keep that in mind as you read (emphasis on incoherently).

See, when I first joined twitter I was relieved that I had finally found somewhere that I could anonymously (sort of) speak my mind in it’s most raw form. Facebook had become too crowded with judgmental all-up-in-yo-bizness family members that everything you said was dissected and scrutinized so much that the best you could do was post a “TGIF” (on which a family member was sure to comment “Thank God I’m Forgiven”.. Just saying). Anyways, I used twitter to spill my incoherent thoughts and exhibit my crazy weird almost creepy nature.

Twitter became the sweet escape where I could finally be MYSELF.

I found like minded people that shared  my likes, dislikes, sick thoughts, beliefs etc etc and it was oh so sweet (like the taste of cold soaked garri and sugar after a hot afternoon of cutting grass with a blunt cutlass). Then people that I actually know in “Real Life” also discovered twitter. Didn’t stop me from expressing myself but, out of respect (and simply because I’d rather keep some of that stuff to myself), I decided to tone it down a bit. I still used the medium to speak my church mind but in a little bit more PG-13 mode.

And that is when the problem started. Since some of my followers were also friends (or acquaintances) in real life, I started noticing some serious inconsistencies in their portrayal of themselves on twitter and the way they actually were in real life. Now you might be thinking ”but bros, isn’t that what you do too? are you not different on twitter and in person?”.. Very good question, and I will explain. See, If you know me in person and you read my tweets, you can see a relationship between my twitter handle and my real personality. Get it?.. If I post a tweet that seems a bit racy, anyone that knows me in person can understand that it is something I can possibly say in normal conversation because that’s the kind of person I am. I will not necessarily say that thing out loud, but I can. And people that know me, know I can. So I tweet it instead.

Understand? (Abeg if you still don’t understand, go jor. mtcheew)

Anyways, so yea. I noticed that some people that I know in person decided to take advantage of the anonymity (so to speak) of twitter to forge for themselves a personality that almost completely contradicts who they actually are. It’s like they used twitter to become who they either wish they were or the idea of the person their followers think is cool. People suddenly started saying anything that would get them the most followers or retweets, be it yabbing another person, kissing a local celebrity’s ass, “f***ing cursing like a** s**t after every f***ing word“, or mistakenly leaking nude pictures on purpose. I mean, it was out of hand even before I knew it existed. That’s when I put the pieces together.

What I thought was the perfect avenue for inner self expression became the photoshop of the online social world. Give any roadsider a BB in naija and they can win the “Twitter Personality of the Month” award (Believe it or not, that actually exists). Twitter has become the avenue where you can create the “You” that you want the world to see, with very little effort. It’s like a lot of people no longer speak what they really think or believe, but what the general public thinks is cool or right. People are no longer themselves but who they wish they were or who their followers think is cool. But of course there are the people that tweet exactly who they are and what they think, and are sometimes even worse than those that are faking it.

Twitter is where you can find 14 year old virgins that will verbally school you on all the sex positions you didn’t even know existed. Where you can invent an entire day of assorted events from chillin’ with the “hommies” to going to see “That hot babe” and then heading to the club to “Pop Rozay” with “awon boyz”, all done while you were sitting in the living room watching TBN with your father, or while you’ve been making aunty Yemi’s hair since morning. Twitter is where a girl can go on and on about the imaginary guy that has been toasting her, or express her love for her “Boo boo” of 2 years whom no one has actually seen or seems to know about. Don’t even let me get started on the misleading avatars.

Now you might want to ask (and by all means, do) “But guy, not everyone is like that now, you sef why you just dey vex?”.. And to that I say, very well put Captain Obvious, not everyone is an attention seeking monger, of course. But the few that I have come across have caused this rant.

Maybe I’m just having a bad day, or I’m over-analyzing things, or maybe it’s all in my head. But you can’t deny that you have one or two people that act like so on your timeline. This is not something that keeps me up at night, it just all hit me at once that I decided to pen it down. I guess one thing I can take out of this is, thread with care.. That P you are setting with that hot babe via twitter might just turn out to sound like a man, slap you with gbagaun for days and possess body odor. Just saying.

Some might agree with this rant, and if you do then I tip my hat to you for recognizing. To those that don’t agree, you can take this as another point for my rant. That anyone can sit behind a computer and make up whatever they like.

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Check out Dandi Mil , a new bubbling under artiste. here with his first single, twitter. It’s very rare for someone to have a song called twitter, i guess the twitter is the real Tho. Listen Up and Share Your thoughts.

DANDI MIL real name daniel Vincent ubi is an Abuja/Lagos based artiste, who comes from yakurr local government area in cross river state of Nigeria ,music for him started at the age of 15 from a singing group back in secondary school as the lead singer, he is presently a last year student, studying business administration in Bingham university Abuja, his known for his smooth voices & hot swag, he has a couple of songs which are on air around Abuja/Lagos radio stations, he has worked with artist like pherowshuz phantom & stix…his official single “TWITTER” @dandimil just dropped

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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If you’ve been observing the Twitter scene, you will notice that lately people have taken to repping all kinds of teams… #Teamnatural, #Teamlonghairdontcare, #Teambreezy, #TeamIblowgarri, #TeamIdeychopfiletmignon, #Teamthis and #Teamthat.  As for me, I stay representing for #Teamsiddondeylook and as a member of this team, I pretty much like to sit and observe the going-ons on Twirra.  I do not necessarily comment on everything that I see, but like someone tweeted the other day, and I paraphrase…“I am sipping wine, reading your tweets and judging all of you”. Hahaha.

As I’ve been sipping my imaginary wine and observing the tweet scene, I’ve observed a lot of random types of e-personalities/tweets.  The ones that I will address today, are the so called internet meanies and e-bullies.  As in, I don’t know when it suddenly became cool to be an internet gangsta or meanie but it seems like that is what is popping these days.  Some of these mean people are just flat out mean, while others try to mask their own under the guise of humor…at someone else’s expense.  And of course, if you’re a so called ‘popular jingo’ on Twitter, everyone just RTs your meanness with a bunch of ‘LOLs’, LWKMDs’ and what have you as opposed to calling it out for what it really is.  Of course, I’m sure that the individuals who have earned their reputations as the mean girls and boys on Twitter probably claim to ‘keep it real’, claim that ‘it’s just for fun’ or might even say things like “It’s just the internet, and I am not my tweets” but c’mon…really though?

[commercial break]Can I just take a quick minute to address  that phrase… “I am not my tweets”…umm, then what are you? I guess some people log onto Twitter and assume a whole new personality on some I am not my tweets. Abegi, if you’re going to be a bitch/irritant/meanie/sexpot/spiro and all the random personas that I see on Twitter, then please own it because you are your tweets (and you ain’t fooling anybody either) [/end commercial break].

Back to regularly scheduled programming, there is a thin line between keeping it real and flat out being mean, rude and just generally extra.  As in, must you always comment on everything that you see? Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to just close your eyes, shut your mouth abi hold your fingers and keep it moving.  And sometimes, we as individuals generally need to take a step back and think about how your words might have an effect on someone else. You might think “Oh, I’m tweeting from my little corner in Alaska and the recipient of this tweet is all the way in Nigeria…he/she doesn’t know me and vice versa” but still…are your words necessary? Do they affect the price of crayfish in the market? As you type those mean things, does it make you feel better about yourself? Why art thou so mean?

And while I’m talking about individual meanness, let me quickly address concept this concept of e-bullying (aka collective meanness) where a group of folks gang up on some random hapless person.  Like ahn ahn! When we read stories of bullying in high schools, we feel outraged, but believe me folks…the ish happens on Twitter and from my siddondeylook angle, it is just not cool.  I guess its all fun and games for all, until you’re the one on the receiving end and then you can see how it feels to be the target of such insensitive attacks.

So, in summary…wetin I dey yarn? You can keep it 100% without resorting to some mean girl/mean boy tactics. You can speak your mind without being a total bitch about it. And, just because everyone is going in on someone and making them the butt of jokes, doesn’t mean that you have to join in the fun. Ultimately, if it doesn’t need to be said, then you don’t have to say it.  Sure, it might provide entertainment and laughs for some, but in the end what goal have you achieved? I personally look at such people and think ‘eeek!’ …but that’s just me in my little corner.  Now I’m not claiming to be Miss perfect, but hey…at least I try to respect myself and respect other people. It really doesn’t take much…

Image source: http://www.mahala.co.za/culture/internet-thugs/

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This is probably one of my more “spur of the moment” posts, but I had to go ahead and go in. On truth tuesday today, we are talking about lame people on twitter and maybe facebook that feel like they have arrived in life because they decided to call a celebrity gay (with intent to insult), a bitch or throw any other insult they can think of.

One of these random days on twitter, someone started feeling like a local champion because they insulted a well-known Nigerian celebrity and finally got a response. All of a sudden this lamo is feeling so cool with himself, and starts retweeting and arguing with people and basically getting off the attention of being important by the few hundred friends that follow them… maybe it’s 90-something sef. Who gives a shit really?

News Flash: Insulting celebrities to get attention is very very very very lame, and it speaks volumes as to how far you would go to get noticed.

These are things I’ve seen so much, and rubbed me the wrong way for so long, and eventually I had to say something.

On one occasion someone went as far as sending Toni Payne a fb message asking for “nodding” and then twitpic-ing the screenshot while raining abuses on her. I mean, how much of a lamo can you be to do that? Thank God some of our parents showed us attention when we were younger so we don’t have to resort to seeking attention by throwing insults at celebrities that are people just like you and I.

A few days ago, a similar incident happened when some random babe decided to call eldee fat and tell him to go to the gym, and when he responded and told her she was ugly and needed to get cosmetic surgery (which was funny by the way) she got all offended and started raining insults and stuff. I mean common, if you can’t receive it, don’t dish it out. But hey, from the little tweets I saw it sounded like she had an orgasmic moment from the fact that eldee actually responded.

I can go on and on about all the incidents I’ve witnessed, from one person insulting MI, and then eventually begging him to be unblocked, to begging a celebrity to follow you back, and when they don’t respond say “well u’re upcoming anyways, I don’t know why you’re acting like you’re the sh*t.” It’s pathetic really.

These losers still exist partly cos the celebrities either respond or retweet, and hurray!!! XYZ finally responded to me when I insulted him/her, and now all my followers will start tweeting at me, and I can get 9 more followers before this becomes old news. I do understand how some insults can cut so deep that it really provokes a response, but at the end of the day it’s best to ignore IMO… Or better yet just block like wizkid does. *evil grin*…#shikenan

Before anyone says anything, this doesn’t apply to folks that are stating their opinion about an outfit, a song, a video, a movie, or some incident. This specifically applies to those who intentionally say malicious things to provoke a response. If you’ve done this to feel cool to your 127 followers then you’re lame and deserved to be flogged with peppered koboko. Yeah I said it. If you don’t like it, sit down inside dustbin and catch cro-cro for nyash.

I’m sure after this some lamo will jump up and say they wrote article about them… Enjoy the publicity if you want to claim. I’m sure I made your day.

Anyways, I’m done with that topic. Catch us next time on truth tuesday… Drop a comment if you feel me, and if you don’t drop one too :)


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  • Whatever happened to those good ‘ol traditional days when the glory of technology has never seen limelight? The good ‘ol days before our conventional ways was put in the dark… Whatever happened to our love?!
  • The time when communicating verbally and expressing your feelings mutually wasn’t conveyed virtually …Whatever happened to our love?!
  • A pinnacle when only the privilege had an exclusive access to a Pager, a Mobile Phone or Computer, but still didn’t deter the less privileged from caring so much about each other… Whatever happened to our love?!
  • The period when a young teenage boy sat down during his idle time, picked up a pencil and a sheet of paper and jot down the way he felt about this young pretty innocent girl he has a super bionic crush on in his English as a Second Language class, and timelessly monitor her every move just to find that opportunity to place the lovely heartfelt note in her backpack while she excuses herself to the bathroom . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Those moments when the only choice and option a Brother had in tracking down a very well endowed Sister on Campus was to creep on her secretly for the sole purpose of knowing what dorm she abodes, and maybe send a “secret admirer” card/ flower in front of her room . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Duration when you call an opposite sex after 9:00pm, and (with all due respect) their obnoxious, overprotective Father yells and dish out curse(s) at you like you have been starving for some for ages . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • The Generation “old school” perhaps, when you visited a platonic friend or potential lover, and their Cat, Dog, Tiger or Monkey which might be named Tom, Bingo, Jerry or Bonobo respectively, makes every attempt and effort to get your overindulging buttocks out of the house because a stranger is diverting and sharing the attention they barely get . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • An era when you would crawl, jog, walk, swim, bike, drive or fly (if you be Mami-water), to a significant others neighborhood, throw a piece of rock on their window so they can sneak out of the house, spend quality time together, and maybe do a “lil quickie,” behind the bushes before the nosy neighbor interrupts . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • The zenith when greetings, notes or poems transmitted from 123greetings.com or passionup.com meant the world . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Before the inception of Skype, Chat rooms, hi5, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Iphone, BlackBerry, Foursquare, and other social networks . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Before the genesis of inactive, online, offline, likes, tweet, retweet, ping, available, signoff, logoff, shutdown, blowoff, carrygo . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • That time where every status, likes, pokes on Facebook don’t mean jack, the time when a Youtube Video cant even directly, indirectly or proportionally relate to someone or the redundant 160words tweets on twitter that gives an intense analysis of the story of your life, because these things then weren’t even in existence . . .Whatever happened to our love?!
  • Before the number of friends you have on these social networks determines how famous you are, or the number of events you accept justifies how cool you are . . . Whatever happened to our love?!

Unfortunately technology has robbed us off our sense of caring, loving, friendship, and empathy. In this case, it is fair to say globalization, modernization, civilization, westernization or whatever terminology you use, have caused more harm than good.

How can a tool give you the option of who you want to be friends with? We all rant about not judging a book by its cover, but most folks nowadays technically take a deep dive into a person’s page = life, go through there pictures, friends, comments, tags, notes or what have you, before making that ultimate decision to ‘add as friend.”

Nowadays you hear folks lamenting about haters, making online threats, and pretty much acting like computer thugs. It even gets very interesting and shocking to say the least, when someone “likes” your every comment, post, notes, pictures, blah blah, and will just act like a total stranger in public. Aint that a ‘female dog?!’

No wonder this generation, the so called “Generation Y,” is crankier, confused, greedy, lazy, proud, impatient, and insecure than the past generations. Intimacy is on the decline, while breakups are on the incline. Of course, you will lose your boyfriend or girlfriend to that prey that sleeps on these networks, flirting with your partner behind your back.

This is not to say am not as guilty as the million rest, but it is just to point out the less obvious or otherwise, so we all could improve in this areas. Skype is cool, but a meeting at Starbucks is cooler. Text messages with smiley faces are fancy, but cute short note sent by the postman will mean much more. Stalking/Checking on someone you miss on Facebook is tight, but calling them and letting them know how you feel will be much appreciated.

Lets rekindle this old love!!!


When Peter Griffin started the, ” you-know-what-really-grinds my gears” segment on family guy, I couldn’t help but marvel at the idea of being able to vent like he did..(in my case, anonymously) and be able to have the opportunity for people to read and perhaps agree and/or diss me as is the norm on any Nigerian website comments nowadays. So, shout out to Jaguda for creating the medium for me to do so…and anonymously too.

Now to what grinds my gears…you know what really grinds my gears, People feeling themselves on Twitter. Sure one can argue that the basic idea of twitter centers around self and as a result, feeds on egocentricity, but like everything in this world, too much of something can easily becomes a bad thing. Being that I am Nigerian, majority of my friends/followers on twitter are also Nigerians, and if I must add some of them have really taken the twitter craze to the next level. Even those that you know personally, have a completely different life on twitter…, One time, a friend of mine who complained of how broke she was and how much of a hard time she was having, tweeted hours later about being in Lenox mall (any one who is familiar with Lenox, knows its a high end mall almost always filled with celebrities) and was torn between what “very famous designer” shoe to purchase. She even accompanied the tweet with pictures, asking her followers to help her with the decision… as she finally settled on one after so many comments. Of course I knew it was a lie as I knew at that point she couldn’t buy a happy meal to save her life. So really, why the fronting? Its not like anyone really cares if you can buy the shoes or not…must you delve into unnecessary lies to seek attention on twitter?

Another is the twitter bully, because they won a verbal back and forth on twitter, gained a little bit of notoriety, as a result, more amebos..err…I mean followers. These particular dumb breed irks me the most. Although I follow a select few of these goons (all females, if I might add), you can always bet on them to be in a tweet beef, “sharpening mouth” and throwing punches. Being that I know these shameless young girls, I know that in reality its the reverse. They pick on everyone, talk smack and @ them, making everyone believe they have “balls”. It’s a shame really that these few sold shame, for disgrace.

And to the ones who happen to have an unbalanced ratio of followers – following, favoring the follower side. These special breed of people adopt the idea of what I call a false elevated sense of self importance. They begin to think because they somehow have well over 400 followers, they appoint themselves as twitter’s president, and chief of police. They believe each and every 140 or less character from them is worth gold and everyone must listen and pay attention. God forbids if anyone goes against their opinion and disagrees, with them….you would be punished with “@’s” and RT (re-tweets) from them and a few of their faithful supporters club who also have aided them in the false realization of celebrity they think they have achieved through twitter. A few Nigerian DJ’s are very well guilty of these… since I am anonymous, I shall also respect them and not name names, but I’m sure they know themselves.

Some way or the other we all seek attention on twitter, but you cannot help but notice those who constantly try hard in seeking attention that it becomes a problem. From the people who constantly talk about their sexual prowess to the brazen ones who lost all sense of modesty by twitpic-ing pictures of their half naked mushroom looking self, to the comedians who try hard to prove that they are funny, but come out as just plain annoying, and to the twitter groupie who stalks/@’s every celebrity whether Nigerian or international. Lest I forget, the lip pouting, boob squeezing, ass pushing, bad weaved girls who constantly tweets and re-tweets the MI’s and don jazzy or Joe Schmoes with uber number of followers in hopes that she too can graduate and become the twitter whore that boasts many followers. You guys need to chill and calm the f*&k down, its damn right embarrassing and quite frankly awkward for some of us. You really don’t have to overdo it and be easy, its just twitter….not reality or a measure of achievement. Abeg, stop trying too hard.

And that people, is what really grinds my gears… Drop a comment… Catch the next Truth Tuesday. Peace.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column “Truth Tuesday” does not express the views of Jaguda.com but rather the views of the particular individual writing the article. Thanks.