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The Hip Hop Duo of Africa, Show Dem Camp released their debut album The Dreamer Project, last month and it’s one that if you don’t already have, should immediately get.

Ghost (Olumide Ayeni) and Tec (Wale Davies) are the most refreshing addition to the rap scene in Nigeria ever since they released their first mix-tape “Clone Wars” a year earlier. The socially conscious duo fueled my anticipation for their forth coming album early this year with the release of their first single off the album “Farabale” ft May D, and showed us that they could not be placed in a box, and could have fun with their music.

The album is as diverse in it kinds of song as it is cohesive in its quality of songs. The features here were excellent – I mean Tuface and Nneka on an album, does it get any better than that? Likewise, the production was way above par. I rate this album very highly, second only to Timi Dakolo’s “Beautiful Noise” and DJ Klem’s “AfroFunkyDiscoSoul, both released earlier this year.

Here are eighteen reasons why I think so.

1. Phone call (Skit) – It’s simple really. Once Tuface endorses you, you are certified good; after all, he is King in the Nigerian industry. It was a great way to start the album.

2. Welcome – Ghost and Tec try to ease you into what they do with this song. Clear, straight forward verses aimed at getting you to listen and pay attention to them. It’s a very solid introduction. I also really like the beat. 8/10

3. Dreamer ft MI – Ikon on the beat and he totally kills it. Again Ghost and Tec don’t try to lay it heavy and they understand that the song does not require that to send their message. M.I delivers as usual and I am not sure who that is on the hook (young tec?), but he also delivers. 10/10

4. Farable ft MayD – This is my jam, has been since it was released as a single a year ago. I also believe it was my first introduction to MayD and I think he is going places in this business. He really makes this song what it is, the hook, the ad-libs, everything.The song is just a fun listen. 10/10

5. Waiting For ft Lucci – I have already talked about the versatility of this group, they make rap so much more enjoyable than any rapper in Nigeria has in a while. They definitely picked the best artists to collabo with and this song is just another example. Lucci does well and Rundatrax kills on the beat. 8/10

6. We Gele (skit) – This is just hilarious. “I’m getting you”.

7. Getting You ft Benny P – MY SONG! This is just a jam and should continue to ride the waves on the club scene through the new year.. Benny P kills it; he bodies it and Jusa Dementor on the beat deserves much respect. Tec and Ghost just having fun and it brings much joy to my heart. 10/10

8. Once upon a time – A true hip-hop track from beginning to end and takes you back to the 90’s something like an LL Cool J track. They tell a story and do it so well. This Ikon produced song, is something unique to our Nigerian scene in my opinion. Classic. 10/10

9. Na so we see am – The duo go in a little harder on this Kurt produced track. The track is heavy but Tec really bodies the first verse and outshines Ghost on here. Just pure hip-hop. 9/10

10. Wetin I go do – Ladies, this one is for you. Simply they ask what they need to do for your love. I say just continue to be awesome at what you do, what say you? Ghost’s verse on this song is just nice, dude came correct with the kind of approach I would want a man to come at me with. Nice song. 9/10

11.Talk about it ft Tuface – Underlying most of their rap if you listen carefully, you will notice that the duo have a socially conscious mindset. On this song they address the issues head on and talk about the effects on our great country Nigeria but they also ask that we be active in effecting change. Tuface of course comes on here and makes this song all kinds of legit and sh*t. It’s so certified. 10/10

12. Take it Slow ft A1, Lynxx – TUNE! without question. Rundatrax on the beat again and this point I definitely doff my hat. A1 and Lynxx make this song credible. I’m not even mad at Lynxx for saying “Utunu”, way too many times. What I love also is that the duo understands music as a whole, playing very well within the different genres, but still its hip-hop. 9/10

13. Paper – Not in my top songs, but also not a bad song. It just seems dull compared to the rest of the album. Maybe its the topic (tired of songs that talk about money) and I’m not sure I care for the beat too much either. But still good enough for me to not skip. 6/10

14. Listen ft Temi Dollface, Poe – This is a really good song. Again another socially conscious song which like I said earlier is what really distinguishes the duo from the rest of the group. Poe shines on here and Temi’s soulful voice adds the extra element to this song. 9/10

15. Get Up ft BadMan Floss – I actually did not like this song on the first listen. I loved the beat by Ceeko, but I didn’t really like the hook. I listened again and started to pay attention to what was being said and Ghost and Tec both really go in and so does Badman Floss on that last verse. 8/10

16. Eyes on me ft Nneka, MayD – Soulful Hip-hop at its best is what this song is. Poignant verses and excellent story telling by Ghost and Tec. Brilliant vocals by both Nneka and MayD and there you have it, an almost perfect song. 9/10

17. Down ft Eva – Another Soulful HipHop Track and the duo go in. Eva really shines on here and holds her own amongst the guys. The Show N Prove produced track, is just easy on the ears. 8/10

18. Higher ft Efya – Last but definitely not least, a dedication to haters that said they couldn’t make it. They end this album with a banger and Miss Efya lends her voice on here to make this song beautiful. 8/10

Conclusion – That adds up to a total of 8.5-9 out of 10 and that’s pretty fantastic. The duo tell a story in each song and don’t go above your head with their lyrics. On verses I thought Ghost was strong, Tec was weak, and where Tec was strong, Ghost was weak but they complement each other very well. In the album, they address the issues that Nigeria faces, they talk about money, talk about girls, talk about love, a typical hip-hop album, but they do it so effortlessly and it makes you dance and vibe. So do yourself a favor and cop it, if you haven’t already.

That’s what I think, what do you think? How do you rate this album? Let me know.


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Since arriving on the Nigerian music scene in 2009, Show Dem Camp have consistently released quality music and visuals and have quickly established themselves as a unique and dynamic voice in a rising industry.

‘The Dreamer Project’, the debut album, by the burgeoning Nigerian rap duo Ghost (Olumide Ayeni) and Tec (Wale Davies) will be released on the 10th of September 2011.

Show Dem Camp (SDC) have introduced a new voice to the Nigerian Music industry and are gradually becoming the Continents most exciting Hip Hop Duo. Their unique blend of African and Western sounds and influence create a sound that is rich in hip hop culture and vivid imagery.

Dreamer Project heralds a new dawn in African hip-hop and has been 2 years in the works. The album is a collection of music aimed at highlighting the level of talent that currently exists in Africa. Show Dem Camp intends to set new standards with their infectious melodies, beats and their sharp and oftentimes poignant lyrics reflecting on their day-to-day experiences in modern Africa.

Songs like Listen and Talk About It highlight the socio-economic and political situation in their country whilst Eyes on me deals directly with spirituality. The duo trade witty punchlines on Na So We See Am whilst songs like Farabale and Waiting for possess infectious hooks and a strong dose of commercial appeal.

Show Dem Camp’s The Dreamer Project features both established and developing acts across Nigeria. Artists like 2face, Nneka and M.I feature on the project as well as other exciting new voices Lynxxx, A1, Efya (Ghana), Temi Dollface, Badman Floss, Mayd, Lucci, Poe and Benny P.


Album Track List



Dreamer ft. MI

Farabale ft. MayD

Waiting For ft. Lucci

Wegele Skit

Getting You ft. Benny P

Once Upon A Time

Na So We See Am

Wetin I Go Do

Talk About It Ft. 2Face

Take It Slow Ft. A1 and Lynxxx


Listen Ft. Temi Dollface and Poe

Get Up Ft. Badman Floss

Eyes On Me Ft. Nneka and MayD

Down Ft. Eva, and;

Higher Ft. Efya

The Dreamer Project will be released digitally and in Nigeria on the 10th September 2011 and look out for The Dreamer Project documentary coming soon.

Video Teaser:

YouTube Preview Image

Album Photography by Folarin Shasanya

Album Art by Abinibi

Album Recorded in the Red Room Studio, Ikoyi (Except Eyes On Me Ft. Nneka and MayD)

Album Marketed by Iyke The Don and Dojoes