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Throwback: 5 Nollywood Movies From The 90s That We’ll Never Forget

It's throwback thursday and today we're switching it up a bit. As opposed to doing something music related, we're taking you back into time...

9 Annoying but Funny Things We Hate and Love About Nollywood

When it comes to Nollywood, there are a lot of things we love about the movies. For 1 the storylines are always very fascinating...

Best Of Nollywood Awards Nominees For The Year 2014

 The Best of Nollywood Awards 2014 is upon us once again, and this year we have some of the most interesting nominee categories including...

Top Ten Must Watch Naija Movies

1. Lagos Cougars: Directed by award winning director Emem Isong. ‘Lagos Cougars’ tells a story which centers around the lives of three fun seeking...