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World Trade Center went down on September 11, 2001 after it was hit by two planes hijacked by terrorist group, al-Queda.

Thirteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attack, the resurrected World Trade Center is again opening for business and has been renamed ‘One World Trade Center’.

Standing at 541 meters with 104 floors, the World Trade Center is officially America’s tallest building and cost $3.9 billion to put the skyscraper together.

Below are the structure photos and Inside the reopened World Trade Center


world trade

world trade c

world trade centre






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On the 25th of July, Dj and producer, Dj Cuppy released her much anticipated compilation mix, House Of Cuppy. A house remix compilation of her 5 favourite Nigerian songs, produced by her.

Cuppy has launched House Of Cuppy in both London and Lagos, both events which turned out beautifully well. With her recent move to the United States, Cuppy had the final launch for House of Cuppy in New York on the 2nd of September.

The super intimate launch for House Of Cuppy in NYC was held at a Chelsea roof top in Manhattan. Attended by few close friends and industry colleagues, Cuppy treated her guests to good music and quality entertainment.



Lola Adamson and Cuppy


Dija and Cuppy


Cuppy and Tiwa Savage
Derenle and Cuppy





DJ Cuppy and DJ Obi













IMG_0496 IMG_0501




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Akon, WizKid, Wale and Bu
Akon, WizKid, Wale and Bu
Akon, WizKid, Wale and Bu

Fans at WizKid‘s concert at the Irving Plaza, NYC last night (July 27th, 2014) were thrilled with a huge surprise as international acts, and friends of WizKid, Wale and Akon took to the stage to perform some of their collabo records with WizKid.

WizKid had been promising fans that there’ll be a some surprises but we’re certain many of the fans didn’t expect the surprise to be of that magnitude. For those that made it out to NYC to see WizKid, we’re sure you guys had a blast.

On social media, WizKid took one last swipe at someone. That person, we’re not so sure of, but it might be….. you guess.



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Davido had a concert in New York City last night, and a lot of fans were left gravely unsatisfied by the organization, Davido’s performance and more.

According to reports, the show was set to end at 4am, and Davido didn’t hit the stage till very late, and shortly after the show was shut down by city police. This left a lot of fans pissed off and they’ve taked to his instagram pictures to lash out at him, and his stage performance.

Davido also sent out a message indicating that he got a lot of love before the show was shut down. See some of the messages fans put on his instagram pictures below:








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Niyola Toh Bad - Video Shoot (New York) (2)

Set for an October 2013 release, NIYOLA who is signed to Banky W’s Empire Mates Entertainment, just concluded the video shoot for fans favorite; TOH BAD. You will recall that Niyola’s TOH BAD was released alongside CRAZY on May 22, 2013. The Oscar produced TOH BAD has over the past few months garnered impressive reviews from Fans, Industry watchers and Opinion moulders. TOH BAD continues to receive massive airplay on leading radio stations all over the country.

Described as a classic love song, it is no surprise that fans clamored loudly for a visual to TOH BAD and their wishes have been granted. The video was shot on location in New York and directed by prolific Cinematographer; Kemi Adetiba who was responsible for Bez’s Stay. The video for TOH BAD is currently in post-production and will be released in a couple of weeks. This will be Niyola’s second video on the Banky W/Segun Demuren owned Empire Mates Entertainment which is also home to Wizkid, Skales, Shaydee and DJ Xclusive.

Niyola is also set to drop two more singles in October and sources say plans are in the works for an exclusive event with Niyola sometime before the year ends.

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The September leg of Social Media Week is here again, and although New York is officially not participating Ibom LLC, The City College of New York (CCNY), and Mayven PR have chosen to be a part of the social media conversation by hosting a panel session titled “You, Your Brand and Social Media – How To Maximize the Relationship”

Social Media Week is a weeklong event that is organized twice a year (February and September), and focuses on the social, cultural and economic impact of social media in our world today. The power of social media in our world today is undeniable, and so individuals and small business owners are advised to learn how to use this readily available, easily accessible and inexpensive tool to their advantage, and how to avoid making major communication and reputation blunders with it as well.

Speakers of the panel include Janell Hazelwood of Black Enterprise, China Muoka of JobClickr and Rentish, Ony Nwachuoha of Ony Law, and Jerryanne Heath Chiume of Concept Link. Janel Martinez, Tech Editor at Black Enterprise, will moderate the panel. In addition to being knowledgeable about the social media space, these panelists are avid hands-on users of social media, and have each in one way or another used different social media platforms in building and growing their brands, followership and online presence. All of which are skills that attendees will be very much interested in hearing about to be able to apply these skills to their own brands, and businesses.

The panel will take place at The City College of New York’s Aronow Theatre located in the North Academic Center building, on 160 Convent Avenue (136th and Amsterdam). Attendees are advised to arrive at 5pm to allow for some pre-event networking, while the panel session begins at 6pm prompt. The Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) department of CCNY is excited to be working with Anie Akpe-Lewis of Ibom LLC and Yvonne Unubun of Mayven PR on this event; both ladies continue to host and organize panel sessions, and networking events that allow people to not only grow their network, but also to learn new information that fosters their personal and professional development.

The organizers are thankful to all event partners, and are looking forward to a great event.

For more information on this event please contact IBOM LLC at ibomllc@gmail.com and Mayven PR at www.mayvenpr.comFollow updates via Twitter using the hashtag #SMWCityCollege

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Panelist and Organizers
Panelist and Organizers

On Thursday, May 2nd IBOM LLC in partnership with Black Enterprise and Mayven PR played hosts to about 100+ attendees at the Africans Creating Technology panel event held in New York City.

The event, which was focused on discussing the growing technology sector and opportunities within Africa, also shed light on ways for African owned tech startups within the US to obtain funding, partnerships and overall pointers to help tech entrepreneurs pursue their goals and drive their businesses to success.

Speaking on the panel were Muoyo Okome, a Microsoft business manager and independent game developer, Tapua Tunduwani, an Information Technology consultant, Mary Olushoga, Founder of the AWPNetwork. Ali Abdullah a partner of the voice mobile app HALLO, and Eric Hamilton, Founder of Around the Way app.

With Janell Hazelwood of Black Enterprise moderating the panel, panelists spoke at length, and shared lots of vital information a lot of which was shared on Twitter by attendees via the hashtag #AfricansInTech

Entrepreneurs were encouraged to not make the lack of capital/funding an excuse for not building and starting their businesses as there are available resources provided by the government and non-profit organizations for startups. Other ways suggested by the panelists include building relationships/networks, partnering with others and to some extent, personal savings.

At the end of the night, attendees were grateful to the organizers for putting together an event that not only was greatly informing and enlightening, but also provided African and non-African entrepreneurs, professionals, and tech enthusiasts the perfect environment to connect, and support each other on the journey of tech entrepreneurship.

The organizers Anie Akpe-Lewis of IBOM LLC and Yvonne Unubun of Mayven PR are thankful to the event sponsors Black Enterprise, Kind Foods, Red Bull, AfroMix Ent., event partners, and to everyone who attended and supported the Africans in Technology event; and look forward to more events geared towards empowering the African entrepreneur.

IBOMLLC and MayvenPR
MayvenPR and Guests
IBOMLLC and Guest
IBOMLLC and Janell Hazelwood


For more information on IBOM LLC and Mayven PR, please visit our sites:

www.ibomllc.com | www.mayvenpr.com

@IbomLLC | @MayvenPR

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Calabar Girl: noun. [kah-la-bah gehl].

  1. A gorgeous female that’s straight wifey material
  2. An edikanikon and ekpang kukwo specialist
  3. A female of Cross River or Akwa Ibom origin


As is typical for me, I learned of Iyanya late. By the time, I started playing Kukere on repeat on my iPod at the gym and perfecting my etighi skills, everyone else was already on to Ur waist. Still, I took great pains to inform any and everyone who would (or would not) listen, that Iyanya is Calabar. That “kukere” is a Calabar word. That it means “Don’t worry.” It was kind of like how back in the day we took great pains to lay claim to Seal and Dr. Alban as Nigerian artists. I know I’m not the only one.

Even my Dad became familiar with Iyanya’s music because of me. You don’t know my Dad. If you did, you’d know that this is nothing to sneeze at.

I was playing Kukere in my car one day while my Dad and I were going somewhere and he casually asked me, “Is this Beyoncé?”

The question threw me. On so many levels. I had questions of my own. The most important two of which were:

  • One- Ok, so Dad, you are now so up on your pop culture game that you ask me questions about Beyoncé?
  • And two- How on earth did you manage to confuse Iyanya for Beyoncé? The musical stylings are nothing alike. Not to mention that one of them is and sounds like a woman. And the other is and sounds like a man.

I was stomped. So I inquired. He explained it to me as if it was obvious, “Well, I heard, “All the ladies! All the ladies!”

Ummm, ok. I wasn’t sure whether to add or subtract from his cool points. On the one hand, Props, Dad, you get ten points for knowing the lyrics to Single Ladies. Kind of. On the other hand, minus ten points for not being able to determine that Kukere and Single Ladies are NOT the same song.

So shortly after I became a fan of Iyanya’s music, my sister, a few friends and I planned a trip to New York. As luck would have it, the weekend we were in town was the weekend Iyanya was kicking off his North American tour in New York. I was sooo there.

I had heard rumors that there was going to be an etighi dance-off. My friend told me that at the concert, people were planning on doing etighi mid-air. In an effort not to be outdone, I started polishing up my never before seen or heard of upside-down etighi dance move.

It was going to be on and popping.

Finally, April 4th rolled around. The weather was cold as hell. Yeah, yeah- hell is probably not all that cold, but you catch my drift. We were not deterred by the cold. I put on my dancing shoes- which were actually a pair of extremely uncomfortable 4.5 inch heels that are a nightmare to dance in, but that’s neither here nor there- and we headed out. We got there super late and finding parking was a disaster of gargantuan proportions. Still, we made it there and rolled up about 8 deep into Club Amazura in Queens, New York.

The venue was packed. I only know two of Iyanya’s songs, so I was curious to see how he was going to make a whole show of it. He brought some girls up on stage and had them winding their waists to Ur Waist. Let’s just say that alcohol is a hell of a thing- And I’m not judging, I had a bit of rosé myself. Ok, fine. More than a bit. But that’s really none of your business. And we are digressing, anyway.

The entire waist winding exercise I’m sure was very pleasurable for the male spectators in the audience. Not so much for me. I will be honest and say, that Iyanya did have something for the ladies too. He took his shirt off. It was interesting.

And then came the moment that made it all worthwhile.

As Calabar girls, we are used to certain things.

We are used to being portrayed in the media as housegirls. We are used to being asked if we know of an Ekaete or an Akpan. We are used to being told some random boring story involving edikanikon soup by people we have just met. We are used to being perceived as sex fiends by people who don’t even know us. Yup, that one is a biggie. For some reason, Naija guys think it is necessary or in some way endearing, attractive or remotely sexy to meet a Calabar girl and be like, “Soooo, I heard you guys got… mad skills… in… you know… doing stuff. Is the myth true?” If I had a dollar for every time some drunk (or not so drunk) guy at a Naija party makes some reference to the Calabar girl’s alleged sexual prowess as a pick up line, I would have built a mansion on Banana Island by now. Mabasi.

What we are not used to, however, is being shouted out at concerts.

All these years, we have gone to concerts, shows, parties and events. Tirelessly. Ad infinitum. And not a single shout out have we EVER received. We have sat silently, muted. Waiting. Watching and praying… while everyone else got shouted out.

April 4th, 2013 was our day of validation. A day of reckoning.

I was sipping on some rosé, minding my business, when Iyanya did the unimaginable, “Are there any Calabar girls in the house?”

I could not believe my ears. Had he just said what I thought I had heard him say?

And then he said it again, “Any Calabar girls in the house? Shout out to the Calabar girls!”

Ladies and gentlemen, we seized our moment. We did it for all the Calabar girls everywhere. We did it for all the years we have lived with the burden of never getting shouted out. We did it for all the many nights of standing at shows and events and being overlooked. We stretched our five seconds of fame into five minutes.

We. Went. Crazy.

All four of us. Me, my sister, my friend, Ofon. And Regina Askia- one of Akwa Ibom’s most finest-est.

And Iyanya shouted out the Calabar girls multiple times. And then he didn’t shout out anybody else. It was wonderful. We came out to support Iyanya. And apparently, he came out to support us right back.

I have now made an executive decision- that Iyanya is a great man who did a very noble thing that night. He is an upstanding individual, a law abiding citizen and a righteous man. In fact, he deserves a “Prado jeep” from Governor Akpabio for this single exemplary act.

I think that other Nigerian artists everywhere would do well to take a page from Iyanya’s book and shout out the Calabar girls in their shows from this day forward. We have stood silent for far too long.

A week later, I still have visions of myself, full to the brim of rosé and hopping from foot to foot. All because Calabar girls got a shout out. I cannot stop laughing.

Shout out to Iyanya… for shouting out the Calabar girls.

Peace, love and light.

Mkpok eto!


Check me out   —> Koko Akan

Blogger: http://kokoakan.blogspot.ca

Instagram: @kokoeka

Twitter: @kokoeka

Keek: @kokoeka

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IBOM LLC is excited to announce its Africans Creating Technology event, which is being hosted in partnership with Black Enterprise and Mayven PR, and is scheduled to take place here in New York City on May 2, 2013.

Over the past couple of years the technology sector in Africa has experienced immense growth from both the international tech market, and a host of local tech startups that have grown to be extremely successful.  As large tech corporations like Google, Microsoft, IBM and Hewlett-Packard continue to invest and show interest in the African tech space and more startups like IrokoTV, TaxiRank, mVerified, Jobberman, to mention a few, come on the scene, Africa and the overall opportunities that it holds for the technology sector, will continue to be a hot-topic both at the international and local level.

Speaking on the panel is Muoyo Okome, a Microsoft business manager and independent game developer, Tapua Tunduwani, an Information Technology consultant, Mary Olushoga, Founder of the AWPNetwork. Also on the panel is Ali Abdullah a partner of the voice mobile app HALLO, and Eric Hamilton, Founder of Around the Way app.  With a well-rounded line-up of panelists, and the wonderful Janell Hazelwood, Assoc. Producer at Black Enterprise moderating the panel and hosting the event, it promises to be another panel discussion to remember.

According to Anie Akpe-Lewis, Founder of IBOM LLC, “our goal is to provide high quality small business education and relevant, comprehensive assistance to the African Diaspora community and this event hopes to help accomplish that by educating and informing Africans and Non-Africans a like of the opportunities that abound in investing in technology in Africa along with other key sectors on the continent.” IBOM LLC is glad to be partnering with Black Enterprise as the official media sponsor, and also to be working again with Mayven PR as pr partner, and promise to deliver an informational, engaging and motivating event to all in attendance.

This event kicks off at 6PM on Thursday, May 2 at the NYC Seminar and Conference Center on 71 West 23rd Str. – suite 515. All interested attendees should send their RSVPs to IBOMLLC@gmail.com. Early arrival is strongly advised and guests are encouraged to maximize the experience by participating in the discussion as well as connecting and networking with fellow attendees and panelists.


For more information on press and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Mayven PR


347 762 0677


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Last week Friday saw the launch of the Celebrating Africa’s Finest Entrepreneurs™ (CAFE) Event Series as part of the line up of Social Media Week events in New York City. The CAFE Event Series is the brainchild of Mayven PR, and aims to celebrate and highlight the achievements of the African entrepreneur (Afropreneur) while also providing an empowering environment where entrepreneurs can Network. Engage. Be Informed.

For the inaugural event of the series, Mayven PR partnered with IBOM LLC and SMWNYC to host a panel session on ‘Social Media for the African Entrepreneur’, that featured well experienced professionals in the social media field; they were Janel Martinez of Black Enterprise, Zandile Blay of Huffington Post and Farai Gundan of Forbes Africa/Farai Today.

The panel was hosted by Janell Hazelwood of Black Enterprise, and attendees were fully engaged in the discussion from start to finish. A wealth of knowledge and social media tips was shared not just from the panelists, but from the attendees as well. The panel session was followed by a networking mixer. Emma Cheppy (@emmacheppy) described her experience at the CAFE Event as “…the best Africans in NY networking event I’ve been to. Informative, well organized and definitely needed.

The organizers (Mayven PR and IBOM LLC) are thankful to all sponsors and partners for their support in putting together this great event. Apologies also go out to Ms. Uduak Oduok who was unable to join the panel due to technical difficulties experienced pre-event.

Enjoy more event pictures below – and to read more about the event, follow the tweets via #smwAfropreneur.

For more information on future events or about Mayven PR and IBOM LLC please visit:

www.mayvenpr.com | @MayvenPR | @IBOMLLC

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February 1, 2013 – New York, NY – As part of the line up of events for this year’s social media week, Mayven PR in association with Social Media Week New York (SMWNYC), and IBOM LLC will be hosting a panel and networking session on social media for African entrepreneurs in New York City.


Currently in its fifth year, Social Media Week is a weeklong worldwide event that explores the social, cultural and economic impact of social media in our ever changing and evolving world. Other cities participating in this leg of the event include Paris, Miami, Tokyo, Hamburg, Singapore, Milan, Copenhagen, Washington D.C, and Lagos. This is the first time, that an African city will be a part of this innovative, global platform and community that has come to be recognized for collaboration, learning and sharing of ideas and information.


With Lagos pioneering Social Media Week on the African continent, Mayven PR has taken on the ingenuity to organize a panel and networking session titled ‘Social Media for the African Entrepreneur’ as part of its Celebrating Africa’s Finest EntrepreneursÔ Event Series. This event is an opportunity for African entrepreneurs (Afropreneurs), and professionals alike to converse, share, and learn ways to better engage and maximize the potential that exists within the world of social media.


Speaking on the panel is Uduak Oduok Esq.  Fashion/Entertainment lawyer, and CEO of Ladybrille, Zandile Blay, Style & Culture Columnist at Huffington Post, and finally Janel Martinez, a columnist at Black Enterprise. All three panelists are well known and respected professionals and industry experts from the world of fashion, law and entertainment who have used social media in building their brands, sharing valuable content, and engaging their following; and continue to do so using multiple social media platforms.


The event kicks off at 5PM prompt at the conference room of StayBridge Suites located at 340 W 40th street, one block from The Port Authority station. Networking mixer with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and good music follows right after. Admission is free, but attendees must RSVP by registering via the event page on the Social Media Week NYC site http://socialmediaweek.org/newyork/schedule/


Mayven PR is proud to be working with Social Media Week NYC and IBOM LLC to bring this great event to the African entrepreneurs and professionals of New York City.

For more information or RSVP details, please contact/visit:




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The highly anticipated & biggest Annual Nigerian Independence Parade Afterparty returns to Manhattan, New York City!

Date: Saturday, October 6, 2012

Venue: Copacabana SkyBox
760 8th Ave( Btw 46th & 47th Street) Manhattan NY
This year, Mr. May D will perform his hits like “Chop My Money”, IIe Ijo”, and “Soundtrack” live for the first time ever in America at the World Famous COPACABANA, rated one of the most popular nightlife destinations in the world.

Watch May D’s Video Drop:

YouTube Preview Image

COPACABANA, located only 5 avenues from the parade and 2 blocks away from the heart of Times Square, boasts one of the best sound systems in the country!!! It is ONLY right that we match the sound system with the best possible jockeys money can afford..

Music By
2012 NEA “Best World DJ” Winner
NYC’s 2012 Most Requested

Other performances by MecMen, Tmoney Jas1time & Mish
This event is brought to you by NYC’s top promoters Incognito Entertainment, and Qrious Media group and sponsored by ITWEETNAIJA, AGU Couture, 3D Media Group, Tru Vision Clothing and more

Get Tickets


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No words required for this one – iROKING, on tour with the United Sounds of Africa, had an incredible night partying with Nigeria’s finest recording artists. 2Face even performed wearing an iROKING t-shirt. Looking FLY!

Michael Ugwu, CEO of iROKING says: “Big love to all the artists who were part of the tour – you guys were incredible – intense, powerful, awesome. These guys are the ultimate advocates to promote Nigerian music around the US.”

Check out some of the pictures from the NYC showing.

Ice Prince
Ice Prince
Jesse Jagz
Timi Dakolo


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Haven’t never heard anything Seun Kuti has ever done, I was pretty stoked when the boss asked me if I will be interested in  representing Jaguda at the concert. After an awful experience in Nigeria, with me not being able to enter a concert as promised, I was a little hesitant though, but still I called up the homie “D” and we headed out.

I was sick all day, so we headed out late, getting in with absolutely no problems as Seun Kuti and the Egypt 80’s band start to perform. Before I go on let me just say this, except you are guaranteed that there will be seating room for everyone, never wear heels to a  concert, especially once you know you are going to be late. I was on my feet for all 2hrs in 5inch heels and the Nigerian in me (unlike the American lady besides me who removed her top and was only in a bra) would not let me take it off. It was not pretty.

The first thing you notice is that there were very few Nigerians there, the place was packed and overflowing but mostly with Whites, Asians, Indians and tons of other races. They were young and old, of different shapes and from different countries and they were loving it. Note that this is not such a NY event where anyone can come in, you pretty much had to have known, wanted to come and then paid for your ticket to attend. They were also clearly oblivious to more than 80% of the lyrics and yet they were happy and dancing and vibing to each sound. I mean I have been to see Fela on Broadway and I saw them go crazy, but that I could understand, it was after all FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI. But this was Seun and I would have thought the lesser known of the Kuti’s and boy was I wrong.

He started off the concert with a popular track of his late father – Zombie, which if you have ever seen the video, involves a lot of “Theatrics” and he embodied it every step of the way. Then he took us through his last album From Africa with Fury: Rise performing “Slave Masters” “You Can Run” “Rise” “The Good Leaf” and “Mr Big Thief”. Most notable of those was “Mr Big Thief” which sees him calling out our late president (amongst other things) Olusegun Obasanjo a Big Thief. It’s a bold song, and he made so much sense. I laughed so hard understanding what he was saying in Yoruba, and some of those around me looked at me with envy because they would have loved to understand it, I could only smile.

Another notable perfomance was “The Good Leaf” which is a song that he calls “his advocate for marijuana”. He argues that, since its a natural occurrence that God put on earth to make us happy in the midst of other natural occurrences that kill thousands of people like “earth quakes” and “tornadoes”, the government has no right to sanction it. That made everyone hype and that was probably the loudest the room ever got. You know folks don’t be playing with their weed. With that said you already know I copped this album right? Its pretty great stuff and I am glad I got a chance to see him do this live.

He also performed “African Problems” from the 2008 album Seun Kuti & Fela’s Egypt 80 which according to him was the first time he had actually ever performed it ( although I’m sure he meant it was a new song on his set for the tour) and it was without doubt my best song and performance of the night. You really ought to hear this.

Now obviously there is something to be said for the fact that he plays with his dad’s band and they are a great band. I really liked the fact that he gave most of the instrumentalists a one minute solo performance. He also had two lovely dancers with him and they did some phenomenal things with their ass. But with all that said, Seun himself is a remarkable performer, entertainer, instrumentalist and he’s just like his dad. I unfortunately never heard his dad perform but as someone with a dad that loved him so much and had tears in his eyes when he got a box set of all his work as a gift, I’ve always thought none of his son’s ever did him justice. Its why I never listened to Seun cos I felt like more than Femi, he was really trying to copy his dad. Is there a resemblance there? Absolutely, but I think you can also see that he is himself out there. He is in my opinion better than his older brother Femi, although I am yet to see Femi perform live, but even the random strangers I spoke to from the Netherlands, who had also seen him perform over there and now got a chance to see him in New York and have seen Femi perform concurred.

That’s the thing about stereotypes, they are almost always unfounded. The one white woman who I walked by who was gushing about him saying “he is just a normal guy” made me laugh so hard, because I was wondering why she would think that he was not normal. But she probably is not as bad as me, who seemed somewhat surprised that he was very well spoken and educated and funny. I guess my point being that at the end of the day, GOOD MUSIC, trumps all and what Seun Kuti does is Great Music that I am proud of. Proud he is a Nigerian, proud he is able to pull a diverse crowd and still stay true to being African and proud and happy that he is successful doing that. Its truly a good look.

He is still on tour till the end of the month so if he is in your city, make sure to check him out. Its definitely worth your money.

[nggallery id=33]

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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In New York this weekend? Here is an event definitely worth checking out. Seun Kuti the son of legend Fela Kuti will be performing in New York alongside his dad’s famous band, Egypt 80.

Seun Kuti & Fela’s Egypt 80
Opening Act(s): Zozo Afrobeat, DJ Rich Medina
Sunday, April 8, 2012
Showtime @ 8:00 PM
Doors open @ 7:00 PM
Tickets $25 in advance, $30 day of show

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Dbanj is definitely staying in the news. Check out this video summary of his show in NY last month. The buzz from the show is still going pretty strong with a lot of interviews from prominent magazines.


YouTube Preview Image

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This past sunday, Dbanj & the mo-hits crew gave NYC all they could handle and more. From the looks of it the show was crazy, and most people that went reported that they had a blast.

Check out some of the pictures from the event. A picture is worth a thousand words. You see for yourself.

Concert Pictures:

[nggallery id=25]

After Party Pics:

[nggallery id=26]


YouTube Preview Image

Photo Credits: odufent photography http://www.facebook.com/OdufentPhoto