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Okay, this is sort of a rebuttal in regards to the article titled: “Nigerian Women vs African American Women.” Written by “One babe like that…”

I’m not writing to “bash” the writer of the afore mentioned article. In fact, I understand where he/she is coming from.  I just believe readers should have the opportunity to see what we (Nigerian women) think as well. Remember, as una get (somewhat valid) opinions about what we are (not) doing, we also have ours.

Disclaimer: Although many people will still ignore this and get mad anyway; I do not mean to indulge in ignorance and generalities. This is all based on my experience and those of too many of us naija chicks who have ” dared to venture” out of our culture. We’re honestly tired of hearing Nigerian men degrade us and not appreciate us, only to be worshiped as Nubian Queens by (responsible) African American men who will do anything to marry us!

As a young Nigerian woman living in America, I’ve had the privileged of meeting people from all over the world (like everyone else here). Most Nigerian women will agree with me that America is where you’ll find some of the worlds most handsome black “gods!” Yeah, I said it!

As you would expect, there is a big difference between the typical Nigerian man and the typical African American man. It may be a good or bad thing depending on the way you choose to look at it. However, in my opinion, they are also very similar in many ways.

Physical Appearance: I must commend my Nigerian brothers, they hold their own. They dress nicely, have good skin, and smell good (some of them). Now, African American men (at least the ones I’ve “known” for years) look “seriously” good, smell really nicely and also dress very well. Rewind! They don’t just look good, I mean, many of them look drop dead gorgeous! Maybe it’s because they do have The (Almighty) exotic look, as mentioned in the first article. Almost everyone in this country has two different races in their blood. Wait a minute! Before you call me “bush igbo giaal!” I’m not talking about light skinned guys here, I’m talking about the dark skinned ones (hey, I love chocolate). Now, if we want to mention the light skinned ones ( for those naija gurls who are into skin tone, like many of our ignorant men) wow, they make u wanna have their baby…just saying!  There is a big difference between a typical Kunle, or Okafor vs Tyrone and Maurice or Blair (Underwood).

Body: Ha! This is where it gets brutal. Now, African American men don’t have to have butt or boobs to compete with Nigerian men (as it is the case for women). Actually, they can be more consumed with their looks than Nigerian men. Many of the American men I know make sure they keep themselves well groomed (hair cut nicely, nails and feet not so ugly, lips not chapped, hands not ashy and soft to the touch…you get the picture), which is well appreciated by us women.

Intelligence:  Okay, I can already sense the tension here. You’re thinking I will lie right? Wrong! My Nigerian brother will win this one. Okay, okay, you’re smart. In fact The Smartest! I actually think Nigerian men are smarter (overall) than Asians, and any other stereotypically smart ethnic group we know. I mean when you add street smartness, academics and everything else combined, Nigerian men are it! Once again, I’ve met and seen African American men, who are equally smart (President Obama is an example. Whatever you say, he was not raised by his African dad).

Attitude: How will I say this without offending people Ooo… Okay, let’s be real here. We can talk like family, right? While many African American men are constantly in and out of jail for bad decisions (thank God again, them no see me), they don’t seem to be as dramatic over trivial things as some Nigerian men are. I don’t even need to elaborate. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know I’m telling the truth. However, one of the disadvantages of being with an African American man, is that there is a high percentage of them who have baby mama(s) (thank God I never had this experience), some of them are not as ambitious as the Nigerian men we grew up around, and that can be very difficult for someone who grew up with a strong father figure. I have to mention that African American men are DEFINITELY less judgmental than Nigerian men are. Hands down! There is (often) no clear view of a man’s role in a household. The good part of this is that you can be yourself around them (and their family members) all day, and they’ll love you for it. The bad part is, you may end up getting tired of being with someone who will not take a stand as a “man”. Now, once again, there are strong (Alpha Male) African American men out there.

Are African American men more honest than Nigerian men? Hmm, that will be another topic; perhaps a good title for my next article…

At the end of the day, regardless of what generalizations we have, I believe we should all strive to be better people inside and out (no matter how corny that sounds), and treat our fellow Nigerians with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Thanks for reading.

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Disclaimer: This is not to criticize all Nigerian men.

Females, unfortunately this has probably happened to you once, several times, hell you may have even lost count.  A Nigerian man twice, triple, or quadruple your age has boldly confronted you with admiration.  For you it may have been at a wedding reception, convention, or some kind of special occasion, but one thing is for sure, it’s disgusting.  Just the thought of a much older man hitting on you is upsetting and the first thing that comes to mind is, “Shift, your old enough to be my dad. Tufiakwa.  What makes you think, fine fine girl like me would ever want anything to do with you?  Look at me and look at you, there can never, whatsoever be an attraction; sexually or physically.”  The older these men get, the younger the women they go after.

This past weekend I was invited to attend one of the many celebrations held in recognition of Nigeria’s 50th independence.  I was invited by an executive board member who I hadn’t yet met but because I was there on assignment I called him to let him know I would be coming.  That night he was responsible for collecting guests’ admission fees and checking off their names.  I walked in, and before getting through to the main hall I introduced myself in the lobby and explained I was the person who he spoke with over the phone.  He stared me down from head to toe then asked where in Nigeria am I from.  I answered him, and then he made a remark about how gorgeous I was.  I payed it no mind then made my way inside, free of paying due to the circumstances of which I was there.  I sat at a reserved table and from across the room I noticed a woman who wore matching lace identical to the treasurer’s so of course it was safe to conclude he was married.  Then I saw a young boy who looked about 7 also wearing matching lace so it was safe to assume he had a child; a family.  I laughed at how his story just kept unfolding all throughout the night as I continued on with the ceremony.  When it was over I said bye, thanked him for inviting me, and told him I would e-mail him the work I was supposed to.  He said, “Ok, if you want to talk more just call or text me.  Maybe I can take you out.” NAWAOO. Can you imagine?  A married man with a kid and yet he had the nerve to over-step his boundaries and try turning business into pleasure.  I didn’t respond, I just quickened my pace and made my way to the exit.  However, that wasn’t it, his chase wasn’t over.  He literally jogged out of the hall to catch me before I finally left.  This was an effort to get me privately, away from his wife.  He asked me how I got to the event and I told him I drove there, but he stated that if I had no way of getting back home that he would take me.  I said to myself, “This guy has never met me before, without shame, how can he say to me, a stranger, that he is willing to take me home.”  I was pissed, though I kept my composure and left without response.

This man is married to a doctor, a very successful pediatrician who is not too good looking so I am sure why he married her, but the point is he’s married, and to make things even better she’s a doctor.  Enjoy ooo.  Seriously, Nigerian men whether married or single have no limits to pursuing a female.  Whether in her late teens to mid twenties, for Nigerian men age is no barrier.

I guessed his age to be no less than 50, a few years under half my age and for the record, I certainly look it.  His remarks and actions were all too typical of how Nigerian men act toward young females.

Photo Credit: http://scottroeben.blogspot.com/2008/06/portrait.html

By: Ashley I. Okonkwo

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This is a rebuttal to …. “ It does not matter what I look like… I am a man.”


Bella it is not your fault.

She brings up some valid points about staying in shape. Not only is it physically appealing to your mate but also imperative for health reasons. She makes a point about men demanding their babe stay in the gym, while they themselves shack a crate of small stout every night. Unfortunately her argument is invalid on a couple of counts.

First of all, most women will admit that men are more visual creatures than women. When a man meets a woman at the club he normally says something to the tune of “look at that dime over there”. As opposed to when a woman meets a guy, she normally say something like “we had great conversation and he has a great smile”. There is no doubt that a woman is somewhat stimulated by a man’s appearance but it is not paramount in the decision to engage the guy. Most men will only approach a woman that they are attracted to. So when a guy starts to date a girl, he starts with physical attraction and then digs deeper into the other attributes. A woman does the opposite. So it is should be natural that when both man and woman start to gain weight, it is more imperative for the woman to lose weight. Women are attracted to our personality first, so as long as we keep our behaviors and character the same then nsobgu adiro (No problem).

What was your bait when you caught him? Was it not your booty looking amazing in those jeans or your twins hanging out for fresh air in that tank top? Now you want him to all of a sudden forget what you used to catch him and focus on your personality? Does not make sense.

In my humble opinion it is really important that a woman maintains her shape as much as possible. Since you guys regard Ms. Beyonce Knowles as the leader of the “I am woman movement” you should follow her advice in the song “Cater to you”. There is a line in the song that goes something like “Keep my figure right, so I can be the same chic you fell in love with”. This song should in fact be every woman’s theme song, but that’s a different subject.

Nothing is more annoying than talking to a babe and she informs you that she does not work out because she does not like to sweat. I sit back and shake my head because after child birth she is in trouble. Women blame men and say that we have big belly after marriage; keep in mind that this is the same woman who has now abandoned the freak’um dress for the wrapper. No more rocking the seven jeans cause she has traded those in for mom jeans.

Before and After
Before and After

I understand that men who are sloppy and useless should not demand that their wives get in shape. But if the guy is in decent shape he has all the right to demand that wifey gets her butt in the gym. The obligation to get in the gym should fall on the woman rather than the man because after all your body was the bait to start (Some might have used something else but 80% of woman use their body).

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NYAB 2010 Winter Masquerade Ball
NYAB 2010 Winter Masquerade Ball

NYAB is hosting a Winter Masquerade Ball! The event will feature traditional entertainment and plenty of food, drink, and dancing! Come dressed in your best tux, fancy dress, or traditional wear. And please don’t forget your Venetian mask!

We attended this event last year and it was very classy.  NYAB has promised that this year will be a time to remember.  The NYAB troupe dancers and male masquerade will be in the building.  Appetizers and drinks will be served prior to a delicious three course dinner. The bar will be wide open all night. So that means you can shaiyo all night.  Tickets are $35 and can be  purchased by contacting Ijeoma Ikpeama (301) 379-1702, Uche Chinwuba (301) 512-6431, Onyeka Obodoako (678) 372-9164, Ikem Nwolisa (301) 704-5079 or buy online @ http://nyab2010.eventbrite.com/ So with $35 you get food, drinks, entertainment, and a party … Sounds like a good deal.

You must be 21 to enter so no kids allowed. Dress Code is Formal or traditional so go organize yourself .  Ladies rock the traditional or  rock that ball room gown that is floor length. Fellows I beg no hand ball. The ladies are already talking that we can’t dress. Let’s show them. Don’t come to the door rocking jeans. This will not be accepted and you will be sent away. NYAB  wants you guys in a tux or traditional. If you no get tux I beg borrow one (borrow borrow make you rich). We no be pikin no more lets bring that swag with the way we dress.

Jaguda photography will be in the building to cover this classy event.

See below for places to purchase mask
*Party City: http://www.partycity.com/category/holiday+parties/mardi+gras+party+supplies/masks.do

*Mardi Gras Outlet: http://www.mardigrasoutlet.com/C103D4/Venetian-Carnival-Masks.html?gclid=CKCM96zZi58CFdA65QodnV5BRQ

*Costume Discounters: http://search.costumediscounters.com/search?asug=&w=venetian

*Venetian Masquerade Masks: http://www.venetianmasksociety.com/

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I had a very interesting discussion last weekend with some of my family members. We were discussing how we met our respective spouses and what we said and did around each other that set off the ‘spark’ that eventually ignited into the full blown flame of matrimony. Simply put, we were discussing the various methodologies and schools of thought of ‘Toasting’ (or ‘tuning’ or ‘chaiking’ or whatever you want to call it) and we came up with several methods.
1) The AGGRESSIVE approach: This method is usually favored by the ‘alpha-male’ type. This involves ‘coming on strong’ to the girl…even if she doesn’t like the guy. This type of guy believes that by bulldozing his way into her life, he can make headway. The typical method of approach for this specie would be something like this: guy walks up confidently to a girl and before she has time to think or gather herself he launches into his speech “I’ve seen you around and I think I like you. I think we would make a good couple. So where do you live and what time can I come and pick you up tonight?” Yes girls, that type does exist. The girl stares at him, gaping, and he thinks she is blown away by his aura and confidence and he starts to feel very good about himself, believing he has made his conquest. In reality, she is wondering where the nearest place of shelter/protection is so she can dash away to safety from this loony.

2) The PITY approach: This guy will approach with a sob story and sad face. The guy will then proceed to appeal to your greater sense of altruism (if you have one and you no be hard chick!) and sense of good. He may do this over a period of a few months or even years (yep, some of them are very persistent) and gradually wear your resistance (and maybe sanity) thin until you capitulate. You will basically look at the dude and think “Kai, omo dis guy try o. He’s not so bad ( yes, he is) and maybe I should give it a try (no, you shouldn’t)”. He will toast you to the point that you will end up going out with him because you feel very sorry for him…which is ALWAYS a bad idea.

3) The ENCIRCLEMENT Strategy: This is by far the most ingenious method as far as I’m concerned. The guy circles his prey slowly, studying her habits and nuances and then he pounces…on her friend, sister or even in some cases her mother. No, I don’t mean he turns his attentions to them – my guy is still very interested in the chick. It’s just that he would rather break down the walls of defense that surround her, and those walls usually comprise of her mother, sisters and friends. He will do this by buying them gifts, lavishing them with effusive compliments and being the general all round nice guy. They will be impressed by him and gradually soften up: pretty soon all the chick will be hearing from them is ‘what a great guy Mr So-and-so is and oh-so-polite and such a gentleman and won’t you go out with him?’ Hah! Mission accomplished! With circle of friends mollified and appeased, my guy now has almost free access to the chick without having to worry about anyone doing ‘black belle’ for him- and thus, our chick almost has no choice in the matter anymore because if she doesn’t go out with the guy, her homies will harass her until she does!

4) The PERSISTENT TO THE POINT OF CAPITULATION Approach: This is one of the most annoying (and common) methods of ‘toasting’. In this case the guy is of the frame of mind that ‘yes’ means ‘no’ and ‘no’ means ‘yes’! Simply said, he believes that the girl couldn’t possibly mean ‘no’ when she says ‘no’ when he asks her out. “She’s just ‘forming’”, he thinks. “She’s playing hard to get”. My guy…the babe doesn’t want to go out with you!!!! But no, he persists…and persists…and persists! This method can easily merge into the PITY Approach because in some cases the girl will agree out of a sense of pity, in a sense rewarding the guy for his endless efforts at pursuing her by going out with him. However, it can also end with her shouting at him, crying, threatening and even in some cases arranging to have him beaten (or a vicious combination of all of the above!) This type of guy can come around month after month and in some particular cases, year after year. Now there is a thin line between true love and obsession (but more on obsession in the next method) and this guy is fast on his way to crossing it. This guy will write love letters (using some fantasmagorical words he got from the dictionary) , burn ‘Love Songs of the 80s’ CDs, buy annoying fuchsia teddy bears with ‘I Love you Beary Much’ written on their tummies, serenade her with “No One like You” by P-Square, and even shed a tear or two when and where the occasion requires- all in a bid to win the girl’s approval.

5) The PSYCHO Approach: This guy isn’t funny: he’s borderline sociopathic and dangerous. He may suffer from delusions and mild to severe schizophrenia- believing himself to be King Arthur and the girl in question his Fair Queen Guinevere. This guy would stalk the girl, sometimes watching her when she is unaware of him and getting obsessed with her. Most of the time this fascination with her fades with time (or he finds another victim) but at other times it doesn’t. This guy is creepy- he can walk up to her and say “You are my Guinevere and I am your Arthur and together we shall live and die in our love! No one can separate us because we are meant to be together FOREVER!” Omo, you say wetin?! Forever ke? DIE KE?! This is her cue to start running and maybe even go to the Police Station (and…ahem…’arrange’ to have him ‘dissuaded’ from his ‘love’ for her, Naija style!).

There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen! Please feel free to add your own comments and brief me on any School of Thought I have missed! BTW, girls toast too…HER version coming up soon…

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My people oooo… How I go even start this one sef? No other way, but to just enter the thing immediately. Abuja babes. Abuja don show me strong thing for this life o. The things I saw in Abuja have permanently changed the way I look at any babe that lives in Abuja, goes to school in Abuja or goes to there a lot.

I entered ABJ on a thursday afternoon to run some errands in the city, and I figured I might as well stay there through the weekend. Heck, I grew up not so far away from Abuja but had never really paroled the city, checked out the clubs, bars, attractions, etc. I was on vacation, and had nothing better to do.

As I started touring the city, I was amazed at the caliber of babes I saw around. Fine, correct looking babes… nice body, pretty face, sophisticated looking… ah ah… most of the babes I saw were on point. Those that know me personally and keep tabs of my facebook status can remember me updating my facebook status a couple of weeks ago to “Abuja babes are creme`.” As far as I was concerned, Abuja had the best babes I’d seen in Naija, and I’ve been to a lot of places in the country. Igbo babes o, Yoruba nko, Edo, Fulani, Calabar, Plateau babes, Mak-Town babes o. All of them you can find in our capital city. Orishirishi, as our Yoruba people would say. Little did I know that there was a good reason for the finest collection of babes from around the country to be in Abuja.

Night time came, and awon boyzes were ready to hit the city hard. Boyz had decked up with their finest yankee baffs, and I was ready to start blowing fone` to any babe I decided to toast that night. First we decided to enter this spot called Ibiza. Omo as we were pulling up to the club nah so I see babes everywhere… it had to be about 100 nice looking babes standing outside with skimpy outfits and all. At first I thought maybe the club was about to be popping that night, and we were reaching our first and final destination for the night, but out of no where, a couple of babes approached the car and started pressing their boobs on the window. Na wa oooo… boys just confuse. You mean to tell me that all these babes outside are asewos. Wow. I wont lie, out of curiosity me and my guy decided to talk to one babe, and I was just amazed at how well-spoken and intelligent she sounded…. I know asewos can be educated too, but my normal line of reasoning when it comes to asewo is razz, pretty local, and just an anyhow babe… forgive my ignorance abeg. The babe said she goes to Uniport (another dangerous school), and was just hustling for money while out of school. According to her, it’s a normal thing to do when school is out. I just weak man. The shock on my face was so visible that my guy told me to stop acting like a JJC. No shaking now… make we enter another spot… maybe it’s just that area that asewos hangout. Or is it?

We rolled out to another spot and on the way there, I just kept on seeing babes on the street standing around, and waiting for cars to stop. It’s like everywhere was filled with asewos. A lot of babes wore low cut tops and had rubbed vaseline or body oil on their breasts to create a shiny glow when cars beamed their headlights while driving by. Innovation I tell u. Finally we got to a club called “_________” (I no want trouble abeg), and it was free to get in so boyz entered the place…. we weren’t losing anything anyways. The spot was popping, the DJ was on point, and there were babes. Fines babes everywhere. I thought to myself  “ehe… now we don land.” I got myself a drink, and was ready to start blowing my fone` that I had been suppressing since I got to naija. I approached one babe to dance, and she just jelled immediately… no hesitation. Ahhh… my fine boy yankee swag must be working overtime 2nite. I danced with the babe for a while and then she told me that I seemed pretty cool, and asked me to come talk to her in the lounge area since the dance floor was too loud. In my mind, I was already thinking “kai… see correct abuja babes jelling for boyz… not like those Lagos girls that you have to beg to buy them drink…hiss.”

When we got to the lounge the babe was creating convo, and pretty much toasting me. Me sef I was feeling myself a lot… afterall, how many times do you get toasted by a Naija babe? I was still letting my head swell, when I heard “so how much you go drop for the night now?” I turned sharply to make sure she was the one that asked the question, and she asked again. Chei… Chineke mee ooo… See me feeling like one hot guy and nah asewo wey dey toast me as customer since. Talk about being chopped and screwed mehn. Just so I don’t give myself away as a JJC I just said one ridiculously low price that I knew she wouldn’t agree to, and she just hissed, got up and left. Na wa oo. Apparently that club is known for that. Most of the babes that go there are asewos looking for customers. That club nah correct “point and kill”.. or “cash and carry”…lol.

Next day I went to Ceddi plaza to watch a movie, and as I was buying tickets for the movie my guy tapped and pointed to one nice looking babe, and asked, “u remember that babe?”… “the babe from Uniport wey been dey chook breast on top our car last night.” I remembered the babe, and she was looking sophisticated, and on point as most Abuja babes do in the day time. Yesterday I would’ve said the babe was “creme`,” but today I know better. Abuja babes … Day & Night nah two different versions of the same book.

Disclaimer abeg: This post is not implying that all abuja babes are asewos.

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The Look of Disgust....lol
The Look of Disgust....lol

“To ba b’oni sakara pade | Pasan to ma fi na e oje l’o nje | Kini won se npe o | Shakara oloje ni”. Those are the lyrics to one of my favorite Fela songs “Shakara Oloje.” Of course I’d like that song seeing that I dey feel where Fela dey come from… esp the verse about the girl doing Shakara. What is shakara some might ask? Well shakara is the act of faking the deal. Acting like you don’t want when you actually do. Pretty much fronting, as our yankee people would say. These days it’s commonly used in the chasing phase of a relationships… esp with Naija babes. Ok… enough definition… Make I enter the main thing.

Naija babes and shakara. Na wa ooo. Sometimes it’s as if dem born Naija babes, come give them “Shakara” as middle name. It’s like their standard Modus Operandi(M.O.). Except if they see Dbanj, Denzel, or someone like that, then all that flies out of the window. But for the masses like us(guys), we have to put up with the Shakara to get anywhere with a naija babe.

To my guys, have you ever tried to approach to naija babe, and she sizes you from head to toe, squeezes her face, looks at you in disgust, and then replies “Yes, Can I help you?”… Kai!! Liver failure sets in immediately… Wetin man fit do after that kind of response? It’s like all the air just escaped from your lungs. At this point, any reasonable guy would know that the babe doesn’t like him or is not feeling his P, so he’ll respect himself, say what he has to say, and try to forget that ever happened… until her friend tells you that she’s actually feeling you – “you know now… babes have to form small.”

Ok… no wahala… let’s try again. This time you decide to call her (as recommended by the friend). You’re lucky if you’re able to squeeze 2 mins of conversation from the babe. She’s even carrying on another conversation with her friend in the background and all your questions are answered with one word answers. “So What’s up now? How are you?” Response – “Fine”….”What do you do?” – “Work”… “So the wedding was great yesterday, right?” – “Yes.” You might even try to make her give you more than one word answer so you ask “So tell me about yourself?” Response -“I don’t know… What do you want to know?” … and we’re back to square one. At this point, boys don begin vex small… What’s the babe feeling like sef? You report back to her friend, and tell her that the babe shakara too much abeg. Of course her friend convinces you one more time… “The babe is feeling you man… she was just telling me about you yesterday sef. She’s just nervous that’s why she’s acting like that.”

Toh`.. no yawa. One last try. You hit the babe up again, and immediately ask her out on a date. After she’s told you how busy she is on saturday afternoon, friday night, thursday night, and saturday night, you’re finally able to get a sunday evening appointment. You go out on the date, and the babe is forming the whole time… texting someone every 10 mins, giving you the standard one word answers, not laughing at your “dry” jokes that all other babes laugh at… I mean the babe even ordered one expensive meal and only ate 2 spoons… Chei!!. Which kind forming be this one now? Nothing seems to be going well. At this point, you’re convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that the babe not only is not feeling you, but actually finds you quite disgusting for some reason. You vex for her friend for playing you, and lying to you, delete the girl’s number and continue about your life. That one don end… or has it?

One random day about 4 days later, your phone rings, and you look at the phone. The babe is actually calling you… “Ah ah… maybe it’s a mistake, or maybe she’s calling to ask for a favor.” When you answer the phone, the babe is actually talking and creating a conversation, and tells you that forgot about her abi… some even go as far as asking you out on a date sef. Na wa o. At this point, omo boyz are either not interested anymore, or they jump on the opportunity and it’s smooth sailing from then on out.

So my question to Naija babes is: Why all the shakara? It makes it difficult for guys to differentiate if the babe is fronting or she really doesn’t like us. Awon boyz… which one be your limit? I know for me after the first phone conversation, I’ll rake for the babe’s friend and end it there. Me I don’t like insult abeg. Let’s hear it… Babes, Guys, what’s your take on Shakara?

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Nigerian or maybe African America...I don't know..lol
Nigerian or maybe African America...I don't know..lol
Nigerian or maybe African America...I don't know..lol

Ok. I’m going to keep this short and simple. Let’s face it… If you live in America you can’t help but notice the stack difference between our girls (yankee naija girls) and “Akata” girls – ages 18-32. I’ve come to accept that the only similarity nowadays is that they are both women who happen to be black. As vain as it may be, I got to thinking about who is better looking, more intelligent, physical difference and stuff like that. Let me elaborate a little.

Before I start, you all should realize that we are all made in the image of God and all that good stuff, and in every race or ethnicity, there are beautiful and ugly ones. So when I write my opinion about what I belive it is in terms of generalization.

Physical Beauty: Ok, hands down African American girls are prettier… think about it. This doesn’t mean all Nigerian girls are ugly and all akata girls are pretty… far from it. All i’m saying is that if you randomly select ten akata girls and ten naija babes, chances are there would be a lot more facially pretty akata girls than naija girls. At this point you might be saying, “Ooohh it’s make-up and what not.” No!! It isn’t, whether natural or all made up they are just prettier and more exotic-looking which helps a lot. Just think about it… a typical Bose, or Nneka vs Lashonda or Toya. Hey… I’m just saying.

Body: Africans, more especially West African Women (big ups to Liberian girls) have been predisposed to having big T & A (titties and ass)… and no one has contested that fact. But who do you think have better bodies… Akata girls or Nigerian girls??? What do you think? I’m on the fence about this because Akata girls can hold their own too… you know. And in addition, when akata babes are blessed with T&A, they tend to have a smaller waist, giving them that almost perfect figure 8 shape. Most of the Yankee Naija girls (and naija girls in general) don’t have that cinched waist and when they do, the T&A ain’t that endowed. Once again, it’s all personal opinion on what is considered a “perfect” body.

Intelligence: After common entrance, Junior WAEC, SSCE, JAM, A levels, O levels, SAT, TOEFL, and the list goes on and on… our Nigerian women are far more intelligent. Deny it all you want, they just are. Period.

Attitude: Another one I’m on the fence with… what do you think? Remember Naija girls think the world can not function without their presence, and with that pride comes attitude. Then again, Akata girls are… well, what can I say?… you just don’t want to start a fight with them.

I said I was going to keep this short and simple, but I guess I was wrong. There are numerous random differences between those heavenly creatures, like who dresses better? who is more of a label whore? who makes a better wife? (in general), who is more of a risk taker? etc. What do you think? Feel free to let it out.

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date3Ladies, it’s 2009…what are your thoughts on approaching a man? Do you still sit back, cross your legs and act cute and hope that he’ll notice you batting your eyes at him? Or do you take matters into your own hands and step to him.

Guys, what do you think about ladies approaching you? Do you feel like the excitement of ‘the chase’ is gone when she does the work? Or are you excited by her boldness?

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Nollywood's Playboy Jim Iyke
Nollywood's Playboy Jim Iyke
Nollywood’s Playboy Jim Iyke

Word on the street is Jim Iyke could have possibly found the woman of his dreams, and is preparing to walk down the isle pretty soon. The woman of his dreams? A Jamaican actress/model by the name of Phil (or Ketuarh).

Jim Iyke, the self proclaimed nollywood plaboy confirmed rumors of his love, saying “Yes, it is true. I have found the woman of my dreams, and we are in love in totality. She is the embodiment of all that I have been looking for: tall, pretty, exotic and supremely intelligent. I was looking for a woman who would complement and reinforce my intellectually curious mind -someone who would add and not subtract, and I’m happy to admit that I have finally found her. Her name is Phil, and I would leave it at that”

More interesting than the fact that Jim is in love with a jamaican actress is the drama that surrounds how they met. Apparently Keturah is being accused by Ruth Okoro of snatching Jim Iyke away from her, even though Ruth is married to Philips Ehigiwina. Interesting isn’t it? Jim Iyke denies having an affair with Ruth Okoro, and even goes on to diss Ruth in the process. In his words, “Ruth is not my kind of woman, and the notion that I was seeing her is totally preposterous. How could I be seeing Ruth, when she was even married to my boy, Philips Ehigiwina? She was sleeping around with Emeka Ike. I have values and moral ethos, and those values were in conflict with what I was seeing.

That was the reason I called Ruth’s husband in Texas, and asked him to come to Maryland and see what his wife was doing with Emeka Ike.


Ruth was caught red handed in bed with Emeka Ike, and she knows this to be the truth. All the nonsense that was written about my alleged jealousy because Ruth was seeing both Emeka and me, were pieces of junk journalism. It is true that Ruth introduced me to Phil. I didn’t need to deny that.

I saw a winner in Phil and I went for her. I have no regrets. What Ruth wanted from me, unfortunately, I couldn’t give it to her because of the fact that I have some morals in me. All the negative things she has said about Phil never bothered me because I know who she is, and I am comfortable with who she is.” This is very interesting to say the least.

Jim also confirmed his plans on getting married, stating that he has met with Phil’s parents and vice versa. Phil has also been to Nigeria, and some discussion as to when this wedding will be have started.

I’m sure most Naija babes would probably ask “Why a Jamo babe?” Well, that’s a question for Mr Iyke. His response? “I think some of the most beautiful women are in Nigeria, and indeed Africa in general… I do have my grouse with the Nigerian woman, though. Our women often go by the dictates and symbol of status, parental influence or pedigree as opposed to substance.

I struggle hard to make them understand who I am, but I am always unsuccessful. I am tired of that struggle. I have come to realize that it is better to deal with a foreign woman.”


Source : Vanguard NGR

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Ever since my arrival in Yankee, I realized that the protocol for dating a man in this country is just too much. I am so used to the naija way of love, you like me, I like you, that’s it, we are together. But no, yankee people do things a little different. It will be ok with me except that our naija guys have joined the madness. Please to all the ladies does this sound really familiar?

First your talking: This is when you guys exchange numbers, you go out on numerous dates, spend ridiculous amounts of time on the phone, text messaging, instant message, yahoo chat, facebook messages etc. At this stage you are both doing your background check on each other. Don’t be fooled though, the woman usually has about 3 to 4 toasters lined up, however the guy could end up being lucky and become number one choice. This phase could last anywhere from 1 to 3 months. God help your life if you fall in love at this stage because unfortunately for you he still refers to you as his home girl. You can’t get mad if he goes to the club, meets other women, etc, because you are just FRIENDS so no big deal. Some girls leave the relationship at this phase if they find out the guy does not have the qualities they are looking for and they move on to the next bobo. But for some women they feel this is what they want and the bobo is acting right so they move on to the dating phase.

Dating Phase: Now this phase is very tricky for a lot of people. For most people they get to really know the individual. However, sometimes the girl doesn’t know if she can call him her boyfriend because the last time he introduced her to someone he called her, his “FRIEND” (can you imagine?). Anyways no hard feelings because she knows they will eventually be together right? (Sure) . This phase can last anywere from 3 months to a year depending on the situation. A lot of things happen in this phase and most guys define it as “ you guys are together but not together.” However for the woman it’s a little disturbing, I mean she kpanshes the guy as needed, cooks for him, takes care of his needs, etc… what else does he want? And then he still calls her a “FRIEND”. When most guys are confronted in this stage they either take their bags and run because all of a sudden they realize they are scared of commitment or they give their typical excuse: “I am just not ready for a relationship.” This leaves most women devastated. They wasted their whole time, their kpanshing tactics, their cooking skills, only for him to realize 6 months later that he is not ready for commitment. However this phase can work for most people and they proceed to the next phase. The big RELATIONSHIP.

Relationship Phase: This phase has its ups and downs. For a lot of people the niceness, dinner every night, text message every five minutes, love notes and poems, all elements of romance just disappears like FILM TRICK…lol. However a lot of people decide if this is someone they want to be with for the rest of their lives and take it up a notch and walking down the aisle. At this point he introduces her as his better half, his girlfiriend, his woman, iyawo mi, lolo….etc and vice versa. They plan their lives together; How many children? and such. She begins to find out his FICO score and so on…lol. As for me I love this phase so do a lot of Naija women over the age of 22.

This piece is not to intended to display the desperateness of naija women or anything like that, however speaking for many naija women over the age of 22 that I know, we don’t have time to be going through the yankee phases of relationship. We are actually ready to come home to a loving man, ready to retire reunion events, and definitely ready to put all our mothering skills to work. At the end of the day, with the diversity of men in this country most naija girls just want a good naija man :)

Babe dropping some serious yarns
Babe dropping some serious yarns

I’m not even sure where to begin with this video. I’m sure some folks have already seen it but I had to post it on here for those that haven’t or those that just feel like seeing what I have to say about it. This, I must say, is a hot mess and just confirms what I’ve always thought about Unilag babes. Now granted that not every babe that went to Unilag will agree with these babes take on men, sex, and money, but most will agree that it is pretty much regular gist that happens in most campuses in Naija. The babes are pretty much talking about what a good number of babes in naija talk about…. Some serious Aristo levels man. It’s entertaining, and disturbing all at the same time…lol. Check the video out. Thoughts?

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money-in-hand-copyThere is a very interesting & disturbing phenomenon going on in yankee these days that has seemed to work its way from Nigeria. The idea that it’s common practice for a guy that wants to date a girl to take her and her friends out on the first date, or maybe not even the first date, but when they all go out to clubs, he’ll pay their way at the door – the girl he’s toasting and all 4 of her friends that is. I mean, why? The guy is only interested in one girl, so wetin concern am with the other babes. It’s not a problem if he offers, which sometimes happens, but when it becomes a case where the girl and her friends get to the club, or finish eating at a restaurant and everyone starts acting like they are on their cell phone, or looking up to the ceiling and pretending like they don’t see the bill or don’t see the door person collecting money, then we have a problem. This needs to stop asap. Sometimes it’s more annoying, because you know some of these girls have money, some come from well to do homes – their parents are high-rollers in naija and yours are civil servants-, but for some strange reason they just like the awoof, and wont think twice about chopping free food.

In some cases, the guy is not even interested in any of the girls. They are all just friends. Maybe they went to school with each other, or go to the same church, or something, but for some reason these babes always feel like it’s their right to be paid for. Let’s see… your dad is balling back home, and my dad isn’t. I work 9-5 (which is nothing so great to brag about), and drive a regular car, and you’re still getting money from parents, and riding in a 2009 whip. How is it fair for me to pay for you and your 6 friends to get into the club at $20 a head. What effizy am I trying to prove? Maybe if I was into 19 business and I just hammered then it wouldn’t be a big deal to pull effizy like that, but unfortunately (or fortunately) I’m not. To be fair this doesn’t apply to a lot of african babes, but a significant number do fall into this category.

Do I think I should pay for a girl I ask out on a date? Yes. Will I treat my friends to dinner or drinks or whatever every once in a while? Yes, but please if I say “Let’s all go to velvet room 2nite,” that doesn’t mean I’m paying for you and your 4 homegirls to enter velvet room, or if I say “let’s all go to dinner”, it doesn’t mean when the check comes you should pretend like it’s not there or start scratching your head and turning in a different direction. Stop this madness! This is yankee – Every man/woman for his/herself unless stated otherwise.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? Yes?, No? Maybe?…. I want to hear what you think.