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Kool iT Saturdays, “KISS” is an entertainment event, that features Rappers, Singers, Producers, Djs, Dancers, Comedians and Fashion Designers.

This is the first KISS event of 2015 and it will premier the release of 12.09 Apparel.

KOOL iT SATURDAYS “KISS” presents a stage, on which the  talent of young Nigerians in the entertainment industry will be showcased, thereby creating opportunities for them to perform to and entertain an audience, interact with successful artists/performers of their likes, and to  get publicized and promoted.

Event Information
Date: Saturday, 31st January 2015
Venue: Club Magnum, Jos, Nigeria
Time:   8:00pm. Red Carpet: 7:00pm

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President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign bus was attacked and set on fire yesterday, January 10th, 2015 in Jos by angry youth who were chanting anti-Jonathan slogans.

The attackers were heard chanting “Sai Buhari” in support of presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

However Buhari has come out to condemn the attacks, stating via twitter:

”I have received news of violence in Jos today. I condemn this violence in its entirety. I reject any supporter who resorts to violence. Like I said after the attack on our supporters in Rivers this week, elections are not war. Electoral violence is unacceptable.”

“We can and we will bring #Change to Nigeria peacefully. I call on the PDP to join this call for peace. Every Nigerian life is sacred,” he added. ‎

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We received this from a University of Jos student, Bella Alubo, earlier today giving some insight as to the protests that are happening right now, and the reasons why. Also some of the damages that have been done to school property.

It was announced recently that University of Jos school fees would be increased from N24,700 to N50,000, starting from the next academic session. The University’s 2nd semester examinations which was meant to begin today 24th November has been suspended due to protests and riots. The protest which (and was meant to be a peaceful protest) began yesterday, escalated into a riot, with students chanting “we are rascals, VC is a bastard”, “V.C haram”, holding placards, sticks and branches expressing their disapproval.

Reports say that the Student Union Government bus was vandalised because the SUG president related the VC’s message to the protesters saying that ‘he has no time to meet and discuss with a bunch of rascals’. Electrical fittings in the permanent site were also vandalised by students.

Police and soldiers eventually came to the school, blocked and locked all the gates, and no one was allowed into the premises. Including final year students like myself who were supposed to start our final exams today.

All roads to the school have been blocked and no one is certain if the exams will go on as scheduled. Among the protesters were class reps, and even the president of microbiology students association was seen holding a placard, referring to the situation as an “insurgency”.

As a final year student, I really just want to be done with my exams and graduate before January.

Here is a mini clip and some more pictures from the protests






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The details are still very sketchy about why, but what we do know now is that there is a massive protest at the University Of Jos right now. According to numerous sources this is as a result of the increase in school fee recently by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Hayward Babale Mafuyai.

Exams are scheduled to start today, but it’s not certain if those will still hold.

Story Developing.











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Still Working on building the Music industry in Jos, Nigeria, Nirvana Int has announced the date for the next Kool iT Saturdays, which is slated to hold on the 30th of August, in Jos, Nigeria. The Kool iT Saturdays team also added that  a special feature – #RedCortex – by one of Jos City’s finest rappers “VAYNE”. Will be hosted.

Event information:

Date: 30/08/2014

Venue: Spoons Sensation, Jos, Nigeria

Time: 3:00pm

Tickets: Free

KOOL iT SATURDAYS “KISS” presents a stage, on which the  talent of youths will be showcased, thereby creating opportunities for them to perform to and entertain an audience, interact with successful artists/performers of their likes, and to  get publicised and promoted.

Kool iT Saturdays is Produced by Nirvana Int Ltd, Sponsored by Jaguda.com and Nirvana Int, Supported by iblend.net, Stage Fix Nigeria and Longtime Entertainment.


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The Plateau state government has announced the death of Solomon Lar, the first civilian governor of the state, and also the pioneer chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He is said to have died at the age of 80 in a hospital in the United States after a protracted illness. Making the announcement was the current governor of Plateau state, Jonah Jang. “He died at about 3.00 a.m. American time (about 9.00 a.m. Nigerian time),” the governor told reporters.

Lar was born in Pongaa, Langtang, Plateau State in April 1933, and was governor of Plateau state from 1979-1983, and PDP Chairman from 1998 to 2002.

He has been a very influential citizen of Plateau State and is well respected in his homestate.

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A rocket was fired at a Muslim school in  Bukuru, Jos this morning and killed a boy aged about 10, military spokesman Salisu Mustapha told Reuters.

“A 10-year-old boy was hit on the head… and he died,” said Abuh, adding that the attacker fled the scene before he could be apprehended.

This is believed to be in retaliation for the the killing of state government officials last week during a funeral, and hundreds others from villages around the capital city.

Hundreds have been killed in ethnic clashes in Jos over the past decade, and the situation has gotten more complex as some attacks have been claimed by Boko Haram and others are suspected to be between fulani herdsmen and the native plateau people.

Source: af.reuters.com & Yahoo.com

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This month’s edition of the monthly Kool iT Saturdays comes with an exciting new twist! BabyBAR Entertainment in collaboration with THE MAGNIFICENT DJ STEENO and Kool iT Entertainment present ‘Next Rap Star’. Next Rap Star (NRS) contest presents an opportunity for young, upcoming and unsigned rap talents in and from Jos to compete for the spotlight! Contestants will be assessed by a panel of judges and crowd responses.

The process of elimination will ensure that only the best contestant emerges as the ‘Next Rap Star’. The ‘Next Rap Star’ will receive a free studio session and a chance to work with one of the best voices from Jtown – Bezalel. One song will also be featured exclusively on Jaguda.com to promote the winner of the contest. Last month saw blazing performances by the best artistes on the Jtown musical scene. This month promises to be even more electrifying as the show would not be complete without performances by only the best artistes Jtown has on offer! NRS is hosted by Rhythm 93.7FM OAP, Verbz and the beautiful Nanna Barde. Special Appearances by T-Bleece (of 3rd Base Inc.) and Bezalel including a premier performance of their hot new single ‘Champion’ off T-Bleece’s soon to be released mixtape – Sounds of a Rapstar (S.O.A.R.)

Also performing this month – Kunem, Butta, Maulsy, Al’Chaddas, BaRuQ, FABB and many more! Event information:

Date: 28th April, 2012

Venue: Lashoms Grill and Bar, Jos

Time: 3:00 pm Tickets: FREE!

Sponsored by Jaguda.com and Lashoms Grill and Bar Produced by: KOOL iT Entertainment, and BabyBar Entertainment.

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A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives Sunday morning outside of the major church in the heart of a Jos Nigeria that has seen hundreds die in religious and ethnic violence, an official said, killing three people and injuring others.

The explosion struck the main headquarters of the Church of Christ in Nigeria during its early morning service, Plateau state spokesman Pam Ayuba said. The blast killed the bomber and a father and child near the explosion, while wounding others, Ayuba said.

Police officials in the city could not be immediately reached for comment. A military spokesman for the area also did not answer calls for comment.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, though a radical Islamist sect known asBoko Haram has launched increasingly bloody attacks across Nigeria, including attacks on churches. A Christmas Day bombing of a Catholic church claimed by the sect in Madalla, a town just outside the country’s capital Abuja, killed at least 44 people.

The group also claimed responsibility for bomb attacks on Christmas Eve that struck Jos, killing as many as 80 people.

Jos and surrounding Plateau state has found itself torn apart in recent years by violence pitting its different ethnic groups and major religions — Christinity and Islam — against each other. Human Rights Watch says at least 1,000 people were killed in communal clashes around Jos in 2010.

The violence, though fractured across religious lines, often has more to do with local politics, economics and rights to grazing lands. The government of Plateau state is controlled by Christian politicians who have blocked Muslims from being legally recognized as citizens. That has locked many out of prized government jobs in a region where the tourism industry and tin mining have collapsed in the last decades.

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The ability to transform everyday experiences and emotions into song and dance is the key ingredient which a true artiste uses to win the hearts and minds of listeners the world over. This ability to express you and I’s joys, fears, triumphs and failures in beautiful prose and harmonious melody is embedded in this multi talented singer and instrumentalist: Jeremiah Gyang.

A native of Jos, Plateau State, Jeremiah became conversant with the piano and guitar before reaching the age of ten. Like most music greats, Jeremiah’s journey began in the house of God where he led the choir as music director.

Often credited as being responsible for bringing contemporary Hausa music to the mainstream with hits like 2004’s rare gem: ‘Na Ba Ka’ (I give you) which featured Six Foot Plus and skyrocketed him to national consciousness, then 2006’s ‘Kauna Allah’ (God’s Love) which features Rapper, M.I on the initial version and 2009’s ‘In Love With You’ which, though sung in English, is laced by Hausa influenced instrumentals.
Jeremiah’s music has been described as a fine blend of soulful African rhythms, blues, rock and gospel. His ability to pen songs like ‘African Child’ where he describes the effects of the horrors of war on the African child, sung perfectly with intense lyrics to the soulful sounds produced by the gentle plucking of his guitar’s strings marks Jeremiah as a songwriter of extraordinary talent.

A spectacular live performer, Jeremiah had regular live performances at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Abuja for a few years where he was a constant delight to visiting foreigners and Nigerians alike. Jeremiah has also performed at numerous concerts locally and internationally.

After a brief absence from the mainstream music scene.

Jeremiah Gyang in collaboration with BabyBAR Entertainment presents ‘MUSIC & BARBECUE’.

Date: 25th February, 2012.
Venue: Yelwa Club Garden, Bukuru – Rayfield Road, Jos, Plateau State.
Time: 3:00 pm
Tickets: N1,000
RSVP: 07065761767, 07037879209, 07063524954

Guest artistes include Bezalel, Bob Wayas and Jah Device.

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Bomb blasts struck two churches in Nigeria on Sunday as worshippers were attending Christmas Day services, stirring memories of strikes against Nigerian churches during last year’s Christmas season.

The first explosion struck near a Catholic church in Madala, west of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, the National Emergency Management Agency said.

The agency said there were at least 17 bodies in the morgue at the National Hospital, and officials were still trying to confirm the total number of dead, local journalist Alkasim Abdulkadir said from Abuja.

A second attack struck the Mountain of Fire Ministries church in the city of Jos, northeast of the capital, said journalist Hassan John, who witnessed the aftermath of the two blasts that targeted the church.

No one was killed in the bombing, which John called a “miracle,” but a policeman who engaged the attackers in a gun battle died of his wounds later, the journalist said, citing officials.

Catholic Church officials were trying to get a picture of what happened in the hours after the attack on the Madala church.
“Lives have been lost but we do not have the details,” said the Rev. Michael Ekpenyong, speaking about the first bombing. “The area has been cordoned off. I tried to call the priest but I couldn’t get through.”

Ekpenyong, the secretary general of the country’s Catholic Secretariat, said the church that was bombed was “not a big church, but lots of people attend.”

Photos from the scene showed burned-out cars and at least three bodies on the ground, one covered with a blanket, at the rural church.

Usman Abdallah Baba, who witnessed the bombing, said there were at least 15 or 16 casualties and that authorities were still counting the toll.

He said local people were already blaming the violent extremist Muslim Boko Haram sect, which has targeted Christians as well as Muslims its members consider insufficiently Islamic.

The second church, in Jos, was hit by two explosions when young men threw bombs, said John, the journalist at the scene.

Police responded quickly and exchanged gunfire with the attackers, who injured at least one of the police officers, he said.

The injured officer was rushed to the Jos University teaching hospital for medical attention, but died of his wounds, John said.

There were about five attackers, one with an AK-47. They fled into the crowd and disappeared after the attack, John said.

Police arrested four people and recovered four unexploded devices, Nigerian state television reported.

Source: CNN.com

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I am an angry Nigerian crying silently in between the lines of these pages. I am an orphan… sitting by the lifeless body of the woman who had once carried me inside her for 9 joyful months. I am the brother embittered by the loss of my kinsmen as I dig graves for their remains. I am what used to be NIGERIA!

*sigh* Everyday, the death toll in the trouble spots of Nigeria rise to an alarming figure. Like a virus, slowly and steadily it sips into other parts of Nigeria. We shake our heads and give off a little ‘Oh my God’… ‘Eeyah’… ‘Na wa ooo’ every now and then whenever we hear of babies, young graduates and married couples dismembered and slaughtered, lying in the pool of their blood… nothing more than victims… casualties of war… the poor unfortunate ones.

Some of us resigned ourselves to our lofty beliefs that it was in a far away country this devastation occurred. And who could blame us? I guess we all felt a little bit safer tucking away the gore and horror in the huge stacks of old news papers we often piled in the rodent infested room in that forgotten part of the house. It was easier to just flick the channel to a more glamorous entertainment, bopping our heads to the bass and snares of hip-hop tunes and smiling at the latest trends of the photo-shopped stars of MTV and BET… that was until we felt our blood slowly drain onto those troubled sands… that was until we lost a husband, a brother, a daughter… a dear friend to what is nothing more than a mindless war.

Yes, we sipped our cup of teas and coffees and said our ‘Eeyahs’ while vigilantes formed pockets of ‘resistant’ groups underneath our very noses… resisting peace… resisting progress… resisting life. We read our newspapers, shook our heads; folded it neatly and tucked it under our armpits as we went on with our mundane routines. We sat down in peer groups; analysing and apportioning blame to the ones seating at the wheels of our nation while we adjusted our halos and maintained the position of innocence and non-accountability BUT most vibrant and intelligent youth… look at your hands as you point. See the blood of hundreds… thousands whose voices you silenced with your silence… see how your lackadaisical nature causes the streets to flow with more blood… OUR BLOOD!!! We say we are but one single voice crying out against an army but even one star makes a different in the blackness of the thick midnight sky. Where we bold enough, we wouldn’t have lost them… we wouldn’t have let them die… those little pieces of Nigeria. We would have held on to them… spoken up… stayed alert… we would have felt the tremors on the ground as this beast marched into our land and done all we could to stop it from making us all prisoners in our own home. For the now departed would have stood with you… with us, brother with brother… sister with sister as we all push for a Greater land… a greater home.

The wind is blowing through the land, gathering the dust of the remains… of the ashes left behind from lives lost and properties condemned…incinerated by the fire of ‘blind hate’ which burns between brothers. Jos, Kaduna, Abuja, Maiduguri and the Niger Delta have lost more than lives and properties… it has lost NIGERIA and everything she used to be.

I see your anger rising as you reach for your guns and machetes. I can taste the bitterness of your resounding call for vengeance… oh but young one… Have you not learned by now that War has and will NEVER be the answer! Violence only begets more violence NEVER a solution. Gradually Africa’s Pride turns to Africa’s shame. A wailing mother will NEVER see beyond the blood of her slaughtered son… an orphan will never recite the National anthem with a patriotic sense of love and devotion to his or her country… A father will never hear past the screams of his brother as he was been butchered. Tell me, how then can there be peace? Why won’t we lose our younger generations to the foreign lands and their cultures when we find ways to destroy ours with more bloodshed and enmity?

As for you idle youth, It is ok… continue to sit back, cross your legs, sip your cups of coffee and tea, shake your heads and then say our ‘Eeyahs’? Hopefully it will all be just a dream…. HOPEFULLY!

Any man or woman can start a war but it takes a REAL MAN or WOMAN to initiate PEACE in and for the pursuit of progress.

We ARE one Nation, under ONE God… and that will never change.

** Twitter – @I_AM_EVAEZI


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Before September 2001, if you had walked up to someone on the street and told that person that There’ll be a major religious/political/ethnic war that’ll transform Jos from Home of Peace and Tourism to Home of Pieces and Terrorism, and last over 10 years, you would probably have been laughed at, or looked at like an idiot.

Why would anyone ever believe it? Prior to September 2001, Jos was the home to all the Ajeburras. The vacation spots for all the people who lived the hectic lives in Lagos, Port and other areas in the country. Quiet, peaceful, and neat. You meet someone from Jos and you can just tell by how extra refined they were.

But in September 2001, like a dream all that vanished and the thought of Jos transformed from a Peaceful calm place, to where “they are fighting and killing people“. You meet someone today and say I’m from Jos, and they reaction is “Isn’t that where they are killing people?”

The horrors of Jos is not what anyone should use their 2 eyes to see. You hear stories but it’s unimaginable until you see pictures or you hear first hand accounts.

I remember talking to a friend who was inches away from the initial battle area hiding in a shop where all the other innocent people were. It was raining and she saw blood flowing down the road with the water. Once the soldiers were able to get to them and take them home, she remembers the truck driving over dead bodies on the way home, and looking over a bridge to see a heap of bodies laid out by the river.

A close friend of mine describes that another incident where he saw, a lorry filled with dead bodies driving to a mass grave to dump all the bodies. Miles away there is an open field with over 100 bodies roasted and decomposing. You cant even begin to imagine that.

But a lot of people didn’t have to imagine because they saw it and much worse.

As years go by, the carnage continues. In early 2010, Jos made major headlines again, as a group of Fulani herdsmen completely slaughtered a village filled with women and young children. A lot of us saw the pictures of mutilated babies as young as a year old. Little kids with their heads scalped, cut in half, women with their necks slit. Yes… It’s not pretty, but it did happen.

It’s almost becomes a battle of who can inflict the most pain and send the gorier message to the opponent.

Over the last Sallah festival, a group of Muslims were attacked and the things that happened just broke my spirit even more. Reports of people eating the roasted remains of their victims, heads on sticks put on display, limbs, and heads scattered around. On one account someone told me people started selling the body parts as souvenirs.

I’ve seen some of those pictures, and it doesn’t matter what side you’re on or who you support it has to send chills down your spine. But I realize with many of us J-town people, it doesn’t anymore. We see it and just move on. We might cringe for a about 10 seconds, and say “God Dey” and move on. It’s like we’ve just grown accustomed to extreme violence or decide to shut it out of our minds. Imagine all this carnage happening and people are around watching and taking pictures… literally.

At this point, I myself have grown numb towards news from Jos. And why shouldn’t I? 10 years of fighting no longer becomes breaking news, it’s normal thing. A lot of us have given up hope.

I’m not here wanting to say what side is right or not, cos personally I think this all comes down to politics. This has gone past wearing tee-shirts that say “jostified”. This has gone passed updating my BB status or changing my FB picture or ranting on twitter. This is had gone passed any form of human comprehension.

At this point, you can say the horrors of Jos has made my mind numb. It’s like watching a horror movie over and over again. After a while, it doesn’t scare you anymore. Now imagine a child growing up around this. Why would death or killing affect him/her?

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Its that time of the month again, and the August edition of “KISS” is all set and ready go. Word on the streets is that Jay town artists are putting their game faces on and taking the kid gloves off. Its absolutely no smiles here, one rapper said “I’m ready, I’m jus gonna get on that stage and  murder this show” that seems to be the state of mind of the artists being featured on this month’s edition of kiss.
The stage awaits, adrenaline is high, we are all hyped up and ready for; Kool iT Saturdays the August edition.

KOOL iT SATURDAYS “KISS” presents a stage, on which the talent of young Nigerians in the entertainment industry will be showcased, thereby creating opportunities for them to perform to and entertain an audience, interact with successful artistes/performers of their likes, and to get publicised and promoted.

Event information

Date: 27th August 2011

Venue: Steffans Hotel. Jos, Nigeria

Time: 2:00pm


To RSVP Visit: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=193636360682247&refid=25

Sponsored by; Jaguda.com, and Steffans hotel

Produced by: KOOL iT Entertainment

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The first of its kind in J-Town, The Naughty vs Nerdy theme party in J-Town brought out the best of the city that has been responsible for some of the biggest stars in Nigerian Entertainment. The event was held at the Elim Hotel on the 8th of July 2011.

The event featured performances from Verbz, Kunem, 3rd base and MI, Eva Alordiah who thrilled fans with their hits. MI (a J-town repper) expressed in his performance how he missed Jos.

DJ clash and DJ Juls were on the wheels of steel to make sure everyone enjoyed the best of tunes all night long.

Check out pics from the event.

Show Organizer Sly Alubo
Eva & Fan
Eva Alordiah

For Full Album, visit our Photo Gallery


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This months edition of the monthly Kool iT Saturdays is slated for the 30th of July 2011. Last month we saw blazing performances by new and upcoming artistes working hard for a spot in the spotlight.

Their challenge was to work up to standard in the performance of their various arts as was presented to them by already rising stars in Jos such as Tommy Shields, Kunem and Verbz.

J-town artistes have been tasked by “KISS” to work hard on upgrading and improving on their music as we are expecting a thrilling experience from them this month.

To encourage upcoming J-town artistes, and show us all how its done, there will be special guest performances by Kahli
Abdu, Mista Seth and Jerome da Diplomat.

KOOL iT SATURDAYS “KISS” presents a stage, on which the talent of young Nigerians in the entertainment industry will be showcased, thereby creating opportunities for them to perform to and entertain an audience, interact with successful artistes/performers of their likes, and to get publicized and promoted.

Event information
Date: 30th July 2011
Venue: Spoon Sensation, Jos, Nigeria
Time: 2:00pm
To RSVP Visit: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=193636360682247&refid=25

Sponsored by; Jaguda.com, Baby Bar, E5G, and Spoon Sensation

Produced by: KOOL iT Entertainment

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A monthly entertainment event, in Jos Nigeria, that features Rappers, Singers, Producers, Djs, Comedians and Fashionists

KOOL iT SATURDAYS “KISS” presents a stage, on which the  talent of young Nigerians in the entertainment industry will be showcased, thereby creating opportunities for them to perform to and entertain an audience, interact with successful artists/performers of their likes, and to  get publicised and promoted.

KISS will premier as a concert with Performances by Praize, Jeremiah Gyang, Kunem, Suranu, Mr Seth and lots more.

Premier Date: 25th June 2011
Venue: De Groove, Jos, Nigeria
Time:   2:00pm

To RSVP Visit: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=193636360682247&refid=25

Sponsored by; Jaguda.com, Baby Bar, E5G, and Nerd Factory

Produced by: KOOL iT Entertainment.


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He told me it was a beautiful place, a place that had the best climate conditions in the whole of the country
Despite being situated in a tropical country, it grew all sorts of exotic fruits and other produce, the people were never hungry

Aside its agricultural aspect, it served as a perfect holiday location for foreign nationals as the temperature hardly ever rose
He called it the Garden of Eden because of its enchanting nature I suppose

Its beautiful undulating landscapes defined it, pure unadulterated natural beauty
He told me how it had an unending supply of tin, so much that it turned into one of the country’s major exports

Tin was so popular that it attracted many investors forcing the government to develop that space
The same government that is now turning a blind eye on the chaos that drowns that place

A blind eye because the place no longer provides the income it used to, because the place is more of a burden than a blessing it used to be
He told me he had seen too much, he had seen enough sorrow to last him a lifetime, he had no option but to flee

Embedded in his mind was the cry of mothers who had lost their infants
Imprinted in his memory was the look of confusion and pain on the faces of children whose parents had been massacred before them

On the surface, this is a religious disagreement but beneath lies a political conspiracy
A conspiracy devoid of human emotion but aimed at attaining human votes
Votes for the conspirators who are sons of the soil
The soil that feed and protected them till present
The present which fills the air with the cries of the most defenseless and innocent

That day he told me the story, the untold story and the reality behind the known story
What I knew before was what the Internet had told me when I typed in the name of the place, not the truth of the place of former glory

He told me that the place had been a home for various tribes and religions for many years
He told me that the place had never been deadly to live in, they had lived without fears

I promised him I would write, write and tell their story
“How many articles and stories have not been written? How many songs have not been sung and how many reports have not been broadcasted?” he asked me

A spark has been ignited, a spark that will easily engulf the country in its intense flames but dare I predict?
Words can only paint a picture, but this picture is a reality in which only those in it know the intensity of the conflict

Who is he you ask? The answer would not provide a solution to the problem. His identity is irrelevant to the assistance needed at this time
The Assistance that should be provided for the innocent for the simple fact that they are human, must I further define?

The acronym Jesus Our Saviour (JOS) attributed by the early missionaries has slowly evolved into Jungle Of Survivors

**2Chronicles 7:14~If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land**

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The central Nigerian city of Jos was brought to a standstill yesterday as thousands of women dressed in black marched through the streets to protest the continuing violence in Plateau State.

The women, some of whom were half-dressed in a cultural sign of deep mourning and desperation, marched to the state governor’s official residence in Jishe, where they also denounced discrimination against Christians in northern Nigeria and called for the military forces stationed in Jos, which are viewed as biased, to be replaced by the mobile police.

The group’s spokesperson Rhoda Awang said, ‘Women are killed and children are killed. Pregnant women are killed and the babies cut out of their wombs. We have local chiefs in all the 17 Local Government Councils. Where are they and what are they doing? We have former governors, where are they? Where is Yakubu Gowon (the former Nigerian President who is from Plateau State)? If the people are killed in the state who will they rule over?”

The women’s anger was further fuelled by the deaths of a woman and child during an attack on a village in Vom on the previous night, and they made clear their rejection of any federally instituted state of emergency in Plateau State. They also called on Plateau State Governor Jonah Jang to relocate Jos’s Motor Park and the Vegetable Market from the Bauchi Road and Farin Gada areas, as several non-Muslims have disappeared there.

Source: ChristianToday