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What an inspiring post this is! We thought everyone deserved to Read this piece by Rapper Eva Alordiah – Read what she posted on her blog this morning and share your thoughts in comments below. Truly great piece of writing

eva alordiah
eva alordiah

Who Do you Think you Are? 

I watch a lot of Forensics, too many favorite shows on the Crime channel, and too much of C.S.I – Now in all my many years of loving these shows, if there’s one thing I have learned, it is the simple fact that we all have unique finger print patterns designated to each one of Us.

Now take a minute with me here and imagine those patterns, spiraling in the most unique design, working their paths down every curve of your hands, through every pore of your skin, en circling your hair follicles, penetrating the cracks and crevices of your skull and taking a final stop at your brain. If this were really the case scientifically, then you should already know it would happen in an absolutely different manner for everyone else. And as many as we are on earth, it is a proven fact that we all have these finger patterns/prints differently.

What am I trying to tell you? In your perfection and imperfection my dear friend, you are absolutely different from everyone else.And no, not different in a bad way – but in a perfect way, at least in the eyes of your Maker. You were Built, Designed, Created in the most special way and with Unique gifts and Personality traits different from every one else.


The question is ‘How do you see yourself’, ‘Who do you Think you are’ ?

It is amazing how we go through life from childhood, listening to parents, listening to teachers, listening to friends and peer groups but never stopping to listen to ourselves. Your journey in life in your designated path doesn’t exactly begin until you can tell yourself specifically who you are, why you are here and how you can accomplish that. You feel a different kind of joy, peace in your heart and a huge awakening of the mind that even you cannot describe when you finally come to terms with who you are.

Success comes to only those who have a true sense of self, accept their unique capabilities, chisel and groom themselves well enough to take on the world and never stop at it.


So what are you going to do today?

Are you going to keep complaining at your job or are you going to ask yourself if this is really what you love to do? If it is indeed what you love to do, are you going to begin to accept it in your heart and do your job as a service to others and reap the benefits of that thereof?

If it isn’t, would you have enough faith to get up and start over with what you really were put here on earth to do?

Who do You think You are? How can you even be sure you are what you say you are?

Your body never lies to you. As energy beings, feelings and sensations are very important aspects of our communication with the universe. Your body knows. So begin by listening to yourself. How do you feel? How does your body respond to the actions you take? Are you Happy? Do you feel an unadulterated kind of joy when you do what you think you love?

If you are a writer, you would never write like anyone else- accept that. If you are a singer, you’d never be Michael Jackson no matter how you tried, accept that. If you are a Doctor or a Banker, you’d never be exactly like the best in your field, accept that.

You are you.

Here on earth to inspire others in a different kind of way, to serve in a different light.


Are you really going to leave your unique path only to hurdle your gifts and capabilities in the shadows of someone else who has found theirs?Instead of doing that, take on your journey with a huge sense of faith of completion, improve upon your skills daily that you may be greater than you ever dreamed and do your very best work in the most excellent of ways. That in doing so, you become successful and the world can talk about you – and how unique and special you are.

You are special. Give the world what you have got – and do it in service, not grudgingly. This is the only way to be absolutely satisfied!




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I’ve been having a hard time recently. This work schedule is drilling me. I barely have time to do much else except eat, sleep, and work and every minute extra I have, I rush to briefly visit my nephew and/or niece. But when I was in school, I couldn’t wait to start working. And now I’m working, I can’t wait to find another job with a much saner work schedule.

Let me back-track a bit….

When I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to finish and be a college girl. Then when I started college, I was excited for all of 5 minutes before I couldn’t wait to graduate and start law school. So I expedited my major so much so that I was done with all my requirements by my third year. I couldn’t possibly graduate college at 18 so I picked up a second major, hurried that one up just so I could spend no minute more than 4 years in college and start law school. This past weekend, it was Homecoming at my almamater and I attended my first class reunion. Not only did I feel old, I really miss it. All I had to do was pass my classes. Life was so much simpler back then. That was THE life but I bet you current college students like my baby sister don’t believe me. And from experience, I don’t expect them to. Well, until they graduate and enter the real world.

So yea after college, everyone told me to take a year off, and  maybe travel; after all I graduated college at 20 years old. But no! I couldn’t wait! So I hurriedly entered law school. I complained all through law school. I couldn’t wait to graduate and take the bar. Then I graduated and couldn’t wait to take the bar. Then I took the bar, and I could hardly wait for the result to come out. Then I passed. Then I couldn’t wait to get a Master’s. After the first semester of that, I got bored but I trucked through it anyway just to get a job. Now I have a job, I’m stressed because I hardly have any time and I’m back to square one- looking for something else.

I know I’ve been babbling a bit but I’m trying to make a point…..one I hope you’re getting by now. As human beings, we are hardly satisfied with where we are in life. We are in such a hurry to get to the next stage, we forget to savor where we are. We all couldn’t wait to grow up only to grow up and find out that growing up really sucks…..those who are single can’t wait to get married, those who are married miss the freedom of the single life, those who don’t have kids can’t wait to have little ones and those who have kids wonder when they’ll get to be selfish again. I’d like to say this is the circle of life. But I’m not sure its a good circle to be in.

Yesterday, I realized I’d been whining a lot about this job. When I have to wake up early, I complain that I need at least one more hour of sleep, forgetting that the fact that I woke up at all is a blessing. When I’m in traffic, I curse that I have to be sitting in one place for long periods of time when I could be sleeping, forgetting that I should be thankful that I have a car and a job to go to. When I have extra work that seems to be a challenge, I’m furious at the responsibility, forgetting that the fact that I’m given a challenge is an opportunity to grow and it means someone believes in my capability.

So, I decided to stop whining about how my job doesn’t afford me any time and savor the good parts. So, I made a list of the good things about the job. To start with, there’s monetary security….I’m learning and I’m networking. Until I get a job with a better schedule, I have to try to appreciate where I am and what it offers me. I’ve realized there’s nothing like the perfect life…but the good life is always in front me. I am choosing to see it and appreciate it. I’m choosing my “now”.

I’m just wondering…do you feel the same way? Like you’re so focused on the future, you loose sight of the “now”? If you do, you’re not alone. Do this with me- think about the good things about where you are in life today….pick out the good stuff about it and focus on it….start with the fact that you’re alive and healthy…That alone is a privilege.  Do this and I bet you, it’ll make your day better :-)

Stay Inspired…..
NwaVic – www.nwavic.blogspot.com | dearnwavic@gmail.com |Twitter & Instagram @nwavicesq

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Good Good Music :)

The Search for knowledge and perfection has been the part which has landed “Dholez” on the music scene.
Singer,song-writer and music producer,Dholez constantly experiment with different song genres to produce a relatable version.
Every song/story is unique and for him,each one must find its plue course and path in the way its music is made

Produced by yeankeyz

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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One of radio’s finest, Meka Akerejola, needs to be kept alive.

Meka, who started radio professionally in 2011, is a staff Rhythm 94.7, Abuja. The host of the station’s The Morning Drive, Meka is a vibrant individual who loves life and aims to give back to his community.

However, in March 2011, Meka was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. This is a condition which has made Meka suffer from hypertension, exhaustion and drowsiness. His body retains water, resulting in him having swollen feet.

Meka, who does not drink alcohol, contracted this disease as a result of a rare kidney infection; his condition requires that he gets a kidney transplant as soon as possible.

Meka and his doctors have identified a compatible kidney donor. This procedure, however, needs to be performed abroad and will cost a total of Seven (7) Million Naira.

Friends of Meka, who come from all spheres of life including Bankers, Comedians, On Air Personalities, PR personnel and musicians to name a few, have outlined several projects over the course of the next two weeks to help raise funds for Meka.

This group however cannot raise this amount alone. It is for this reason that we call on well meaning Nigerians to be a part of Meka’s miracle.

We believe if 7000 Nigerians donate 1000 Naira, we will meet our target of seven million Naira in no time.

Due to the short time frame we have to actualize this goal, we have no other option than going public so our voice may be heard.  The sooner we act, the better;we as a country can put an end to Meka’s pain.

This is an appeal to the public to help keep Meka alive.

All donations can be made into the following accounts:


ACCOUNT NUMBER : 2080664569




ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0023054669


For more information, you can contact any of the following people:

Wale Ojo : +2347025096839 (Rhythm 94.7, Abuja, Nigeria. rotalmind24@yahoo.com )

Shedy Kay :+2347065598231 (99.9 Kiss FM, Abuja, Nigeria. bisismallz@hotmail.com )

Oche Ejiga: +2347067723969 (iBlend, Abuja, Nigeria. eoche007@gmail.com )

Douglas Jekan : +2348069211173 (Beat, 99,9 FM, Lagos, Nigeria. kendoug_5@yahoo.com)

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I want to make music that touches your soul with persistent hope that, through your soul, I might graze your spirit with a note, a cord, a word, a lyric or even a smile from up on d stage.

I want to journey through your soul with the LIFE inside my sound.
I want my lyrics to cascade soulfully and caress you from yóur hair strand to your toe-nail.

This I do with a hope.

A hope like the hope of the prodigal son as He travels back to his father’s house without knowledge of his father’s yearning for him to come back home

A hope like the hope of a mother as she watches her child grow into a man with endless expectations.

A hope like the hope of a man in a jewellery store trying to pick out a ring to propose to his beautiful girlfriend not knowing that she’s been praying for this day.

Yes. This I do with a hope.

That my father would receive me when I come home.
That my son would come home after being gone for so long.
That my would grow up to be a man to make me proud.
That my girlfriend would say yes when I ask her to marry me.
That my boyfriend would ask me to marry him like I prayed.

Yes. This I do with the hope that my music would push past your senses and settle in a part of you that responds to it regardless of how you feel.

That part of you that’s sublime, priceless, and eternal.
That part of you that’s spirit.


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Purely to make money? Purely to avoid boredom and idleness? What exactly is the objective of work? When you look at the general working condition in Nigeria, you can easily conclude that work is a hopeless condition.

A condition which generally requires you:

  • To Get up and moving frm bed earlier than man was originally designed to.
  • To Close late from work regardless of the endless cancerous traffic jam that is more inevitable than death.
  • To totally render your weekend useless. Weekends that are meant to be used to do personal stuff. May I add, the weekend rest is never enough.
  • To magically make 2weeks worth of money last through an entire month (some bosses should be crucified)

The list is endless but I’m’a give it a rest here.

You will agree with me when I say that the general working condition in Nigeria can never achieve the aim of the questions asked above;

  • Purely to make money?
  • Purely to avoid boredom and idleness?

Firstly, if you are working purely to make money with the general working condition we find ourselves in Nigeria, I’m sorry to announce to you that your time is heavily being wasted. Find another reason to work.

Secondly, if you are working purely to avoid boredom or idleness, I’m sorry to announce to you that there’s a limit to the crap that the average human being can take in a particular period of time. Its just a matter of time before you reach that point and either slap your boss or knock him to d ground and stump him till he bleeds from every hole(including the holes you made by hitting him so hard). So, find another motivation to work please. I nor fit shout.

I can feel some people asking, “what other reason is there to work?”.

Well, just keep reading and you will find out pretty soon.
I would like you to read every word I write from this point very carefully.

Work was designed by God almighty(Genesis) not to;

  • make money?
  • avoid boredom and idleness?

If you read the account in the bible, when adam was created and God asked him to manage the garden of eden. God did not ask adam, “how much u want make I de pay you now?” And Adam did not consider the question like, “na wa o! God, you know say this Garden big and as per na only me de, make I collect 1million naira per month

If you read your bible well, you will see that the above conversation never happened. Adam tended the garden without any form of payment from God and He was content with the Work without pay. So God did not create work for us to purely make money.

Also God did not give Adam the job of tending the garden of eden cos He saw that adam was bored and idle. God just created the dude. Wetin Adam don see as at then? He could have easily told God, “See. Me I cannot stay inside this garden o. Me I wantu go and explore the world. You wan come trap me inside here. Ur plan nor go work” So God did not give adam work cos adam was bored.

As a matter of fact, Adam didn’t have to work. He had all the food. He didn’t need to buy clothes (Omo hiTv de inside dis BRT o. Na wa o.) Sorry for that break. If the Garden was untidy, God coulda easily snapped His fingers to tidy up the place.

So, why did God create work? What should our motivation to work be? Since all other motivation fails us at some point in time.

The REASON why God created work for Adam. The reason why God wants us to work regardless of pay, state of mind, regardless of an annoying boss, traffic jam. The reason why God still maintains His stand that we must work is cos, He created us to serve.

He created man to serve Him as the Most High.
He created man to serve Him as Jesus Christ.
He created man to Serve Him as the Holy Spirit.

The Holy spirit resides in every man regardless.
The Holy spirit resides in every man. All he needs to do is to realise this, recognise this and walk in this.

The wicked boss can’t know He has the Holy spirit until He is told. I’m not saying you should take the job and go and be preaching to your Boss that, “if you don’t give your life to Christ now, you will DIE!!!” Nope!

I’m also not saying that you shouldn’t make money while you work. Nope!

All I’m saying is that you recognise the Word of God as you make money. Because, when death comes the only thing you take with you is your spirit. Not even your own body.

So its better you yield to the spirit of God in you now and the only way you can yield to the spirit of God is to live by His Word.

The spirit of God is not solely concerned with making money. The spirit of God is primarily concerned with Living by the Word of God(Living by faith) The Spirit of God is Secondarily concerned with you as a person.

So you now understand why you must prioritise your values according to the word of God. If your priorities place Gods word as second, you need to re-prioritise and place Gods word as number one. Every other thing should come second to Gods word. It is wise to Follow God’s word solely. God’s word encompasses whatever you place as second, third, or fourth on your preference scale.

Let me give you an example. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added” Matt 6:25-33.

God said this Himself. So I rest my case y’all. I never chop and I dey inside traffic jam with a tie tightly fitted onto my neck.

It is well.


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Have u ever stopped to realise how empty life is as u constantly dwell on the physical and ignore the spiritual?
The first time this thought occurred to me was two years back when i saw a lifeless body by d road on my way to school. I tot to myself “what’s d difference between the cow or chicken thats slaughtered daily and this dead body?”
And it suddenly struck me… “The soul… The spirit”.

The spirit distinguishes us from every other living thing on the face of the earth.
This is the reason why we ought not to treat our fellow human beings as though they were animals…
Because, they are more than the flesh n bone that we see.

Every human being deserves to be loved regardless of his or her looks or position…

I totally pity people dat look down on other people cos they are ugly or poor or whatever.
As long as they were created by my God, they couldn’t hav been made better… Why?*smiles*
Because, regardless of whether he or she is ugly or poor, that person has one thing that no plastic surgeon can give…
A chance to make it to Heaven…
Only that alone makes any human being beautifulll.

So, please be wise and treat everyone u meet… EVERYONE with respect and love regardless of looks, position or behaviour.
God created us in His Image n likeness… God is not flesh n bone. God is spirit. He created the spirit…

We must always relate with the spirit cos the spirit is flawless.


It was lunch time today at work when the IT Team decided to visit Buffalo Wild Wings to take advantage of their 40cents Tuesday Wings special. Without hesitation, I swiftly grabbed my wallet, realizing my last 5bucks will be sufficient to get 6wings, a medium fries and pink lemonade. After getting there, my stomach was profusely making some serious noise in reaction to the many chicken that have been slaughter and currently cooking/fried/grilled with the smell engulfing the whole bar. We were waited on by a beautiful young lady, and asked to place our order. After few minutes of irrelevant sports game yapping, and of course why Steve Jobs should allow porn on the Ipad, our meal finally came in. Halleluyah I silently yelled, glazing at the hot bbq chicken I had order like a lion ready to devour its prey. Like a gentleman, I smoothly ate my first piece of chicken, snacked on my fries, and washed it down with my pink lemonade, while maintaining my cool and thanking God for providing me my first meal of the day all at the same time. As I was graciously smashing this delicacy, I wasn’t comfortable. I felt like something wasn’t right. My food was tantalizing, but I still wasn’t contented. Then ‘gbagaun,’ it hit me that I haven’t shattered the chicken bones into pieces with my molars like a typical African man would. My conscious-self and alter-ego started wrestling each other on how to address this serious dilemma. My conscious-self employed me to keep it real and crack the bones to the last, suck the juice in it, and if possible eat the table and waitress alongside because it is my hard earned money am utilizing, and not anyone’s business. My alter-ego was telling me to chill out, reminding me how am very well groomed in my fitted T.M Lewin shirt and paisley tie, and it will be a totally shame on me and a big embarrassment to my colleagues and most especially my boss if I indulge in such act. At this moment, I could only wish my roommate or at least one of my nonchalant friends was available so we could do justice to those chickens, you know…This ‘Chicken Situation’ made me very confused and furious. It propelled some serious reasoning in me and for some reason I thought things would have been a little convenient if there was another black brethren around. In paranoia, I started looking around for black folks, but to no avail.

Where are the black people for goodness sake I asked? It felt as though my existence depended on setting my eyes on just one black human. ‘Gbagaun,’ it hit me again that black folks are “minorities,” and it’s not a big deal if we are not everywhere. As soon as those thoughts came into my head, I felt a virtual smack on the back of my head, the smack that you get from your Mother when you’ve done something wrong as a kid. I came back to my senses and concluded that it was very shallow of me to think it’s not a big deal if black folks aren’t everywhere. In this case, it was in a restaurant in an industrious suburban metropolitan area, but so what? I continued to ask myself, where are black folks? Where art thou? Blacks are minorities, yes, but shouldn’t mean we should engage in minor tasks and responsibilities. It shouldn’t mean we can’t be in prestigious places, events or functions. Whatever happened to seeing more black folks striving to be Doctors, Engineers, Programmers, Teachers…? What is wrong with a black kid playing volleyball, or joining the swimming team? (I suppose that is gay huh?!) What fool came up with the terminology “Black people don’t do that, its only a White thing?” When do you decide a black child is a geek? At what stage in a child’s developmental stage should he start working out or having tattoos? We shouldn’t settle for mediocre, and kindheartedly accept the norms presented to us by the society.

I remember few years back as a freshman in college, I was always so proud and full of myself when i found out that am the the only black kid in my class(es). I felt so cool and smart that I continually bragged about it to friends and family members. It wasn’t until when I started missing my own people and feeling isolated every time I was involved in a group project, meetings or curricular activities, which allowed me to be highly sensitive to every comments made, and initiating all kind of negative thoughts in my head about the people I worked with whom for the most part weren’t people of my color. Mind you I love my white folks, and i am no racist. Also, in no way, shape, or form am I an activist, a preacher, counselor or a pioneer for that matter (not to say these titles aren’t to strive for), but I am in every way human. I’ve got soul, body, emotion and a thinking faculty. I want to be able to be in a caucus of professionals and executives where I see, smell and feel people of my own race and color. I want to be able to talk about Colored Greens, Watermelon and Chicken and not looked down upon. I want to be able to wear a dry-cleaned tailored European 3piece suit to work and not assume am overdressed. I want to be able to invite my white colleagues to functions, cookout, and parties without them thinking they will be shut in the brain, robbed or have any fear for their life whatsoever. I guess I just miss my black folks and what them to do bigger things.

Here is to challenge fellow black brothers, continue to write those rap lyrics, keep working and dreaming about being the biggest athletic yet, but do all of these things with education as your armor. The world is most likely to listen to you if you have a college degree or some type of formal education than without one. It is highly possible to attain these heights, as there are records to back them up. Ryan Leslie graduated at age 19 from Harvard, David Banner pursued a Masters Degree in Education, Rondo Rajon was an (A) student while he was in college, J. Cole graduated with honors from St. John university in New York. No one should ever shut your dreams down, but set realistic goals and have alternatives. You don’t have to be Larry Hover or a Drug-Lord before you make money and support yourself. Learn a trade, read a book, watch the news, go to school. Education isn’t only the key to success, but it as well creates numerous opportunities. It would be unfair to shy away from the different circumstances and variables ranging from funds, father-figure, peer-pressure, unemployment amongst others that might deter your aspirations, but keep pushing and praying. If this strikes a nerve, a self evaluation will go a long way. If you are satisfied with where you are right now in your life, congratulations, but don’t forget to help lift another brother up. You are the architect of your own life, don’t ruin your destiny. You are the change the world needs!


From a concerned Brother, Mr. Virtuoso!

*Gbagaun: An exclamation of excitement, pain, surprise… used according to the manner of utterance.

image source: http://adinkrafilms.blogspot.com/2009/11/is-black-hair-black-peoples-business.html

Members Of Positive Nigeria
Members Of Positive Nigeria

In the midst of our struggles in our beloved Nigeria, there are times when we see certain groups and organizations that step up and try to do positive things for Nigeria. These moments, give those of us who love our country dearly, hope that things will get better in the future and that the next generation will have a positive impact on our society. One of those groups that strives to make a positive impact on our society today is Positive Nigeria Inc. It’s a Non Government Organization (NGO) that is aimed at inspiring the present day generation and the future generations to believe that Nigeria can truly be great despite the multi-faceted problems we are passing through currently.

Positive Nigeria will be representing Nigeria in the forth coming “Youth Assembly At the United Nation” from the 5th-7th of August, 2009 and the team members from Nigeria, Canada , UK and the United state will represent Nigeria to discuss global issues that affects youths around the world .

Here is a brief summary of the group:

The primary purpose of this organization, is to re-enact the kind of dedication our past leaders and nationalist displayed in the early years of pre and post colonial period.

The organization hopes to focus on activities that concerns Nigeria mainly assisting the government in the reorientation process while inspiring a positive move towards the betterment of our nation.

Positive Nigeria will also work with the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offenses (ICPC) in Nigeria under the leadership of Justice Ayoola.

Other Aims are:-To provide an environment that supports Anti corruption in all aspect of the Nigeria society.

. To engage in public enlightenment focusing on the rich potentials of Nigeria and Nigerians in Diaspora through the use of Internet, communication, education and seminars and to spread the word of Democracy to the Future generations.

. To promote, encourage and maintain a cohesive relationship with ICPC and all other non-governmental organization.

. To serve as a forum for discussion of health issues and develop a policy agenda for the discovery of person living with HIV, cancer, and other related diseases and in turn provide healthcare support service within the nigeria society.

. Reassessment of Primary and secondary school in rural areas.

. To maintain its status as an independent organization under the ICPC.

. Appraisal of public health facilities in rural communities in Six Regions in Nigeria.

. To promote and maintain programs which enhance the quality of health care in the community, discourage corruption, encourage good governance, a sustainable democracy, build a strong and vital youth who would be future leaders of the country.

. To continue to campaign against corruption in Nigeria and elsewhere, building on the Future of Nigeria and speaking to Nigerians abroad about the rich potential in Nigeria.
. To sensitize youth about corruption and discourage them from indulging in corrupt practices.
. To influence the education Ministry to include “corruption” and the consequence in the school curriculum so as to enlighten the youths on corruption as been evil .
. Assessing the extent of Technological Advancement and its merits in Area of Communication in Rural Communities in Nigeria .
. Advocate for Creation of Micro Finance Infrastructures to Further Empower the Local content in Nigeria Viz a Viz Rural urban Migration in Nigeria.

For more info on Positive Nigeria please visit http://www.postivenigeria.org

Here is a link to a letter written from the President of Positive Nigeria to the Head Of State of Nigeria, The African Challenge.