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11 months ago

BBC Presenter Komla Dumor Dies At 41

BBC TV presenter Komla Dumor has died suddenly at his home in London at the age of 41, it has been announced.Komla joined the BBC ...

3 years ago

Chocolate Diaries | Webisode 10

Choc Boyz are back with their chocolate diaries.This time we are glad to bring you the webisode 10, and its a chronological look at ...

4 years ago

Movie Trailer: 4PLAY Reloaded

... The first movie was a huge hit, mainly for all the “interesting” reasons, now there’s a “part 2″ so ...

5 years ago

Ghanaian Movie “4Play” Preview

... Very very interesting movie preview. The Ghanaian movie industry seems to be pushing the envelope with their new movies. Hearts of ...

5 years ago

Wale – My Sweetie (Video)

This was originally just a free-style mixtape type song, but it got soo much air play from Naija folks, and so I guess Wale decided it ...

5 years ago

Women As Breadwinners: An Issue?

... I remember getting to work extremely early a couple of months ago and reading an article from a very infuriated wife that her ...

5 years ago

My 2 kobo: Heart of Men

... So Ghollywood decided to make this movie called Heart of Men and when they put out the preview, you would think Africa had decided ...

5 years ago

Independent and In the Dark

... October 1st 1960..a day of hope, expectations and joy. Nigeria was born and ready to take on the world, ready to be Africa’s ...