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This comes as somewhat of a surprise as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man accused of trying to blow up Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day 2009 with a bomb in his underpants, changed his plea to guilty on all counts before saying he did it “to avenge the killing of my Muslim brothers and sisters.”

After consulting with his lawyer, the “underwear bomber” was once again read the charges against him in a Detroit court today and after each one, he told the judge, “I plead guilty.”

“The Koran allows every Muslim to undertake jihad,” Abdulmutallab told the court after changing his plea. “I carried the device to avenge the killing of my Muslim brothers and sisters… Unfortunately, my actions make me guilty of a crime.”

Abdulmutallab called the failed explosives he had hidden in his underwear a “blessed weapon” and said he attempted to use it “because of the tyranny of the United States.”

Abdulmutallab had originally pleaded not guilty to all charges, including attempted murder and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, but apparently changed his mind since the prosecution completed their opening arguments Tuesday.

Abdulmutallab faces Life In Prison.

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The trial of accused terrorist, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab started this past Tuesday. Umar is accused of attempting to blow up a Delta aircraft heading from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas day in 2010.

Apparently there was an outburst where Umar defiantly claimed his mentor is alive, and also called America a cancer.

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Delta Flight 253
Delta Flight 253

This was written up on a group I am part of on Facebook called I-Rev Naija (The Intellectual revolution) and it was written by Jinadu Adekunle. I am as angry as anybody else about us being put on the terrorist list but the things he has to say does resonate with me. We really need to do something because at this point, things are not getting better. In fact, they are getting worse, Case in point … Where the H*** is our president!!!!! Anyway, read it and feel free to comment on what you do and do not agree with. I agree with what he is saying and I definitely understand where he is coming from!!!

~ By Jinadu Adekunle.
Warning: please dont read if you hate truth and reality!

Nigeria is on the ‘list’ so what?!! Why are we complaining? Are we surprised? Shouldn’t this be a call to action? Wait a minute, of all the 150 million Nigerians, how many percent have the opportunity to even enter a plane not to talk of traveling to the United States? I’ve read all manner of articles in the last few days blaming America for their decision and I’m seriously disgusted – pardon my use of that word. Please tell me, in the last three years of what use have we been to them except for oil – and many African countries are taking our place in oil production!

Can someone please tell me where in the world a tenant defines rules to a landlord? E jo! E so fun mi! (Please tell me!). Can’t we ever learn to take responsibility and forge ahead instead of blaming someone else? Any country has the right to suspect anyone. The other option is to stay put in your country! Kilode? Is it the US’ fault that our diplomacy is reactive rather than proactive? Or that our ‘leader’ couldn’t give Obama a call or that we cant do simple lobbying? Are we also blaiming them for our underdevelopment?

Please read this:

“And oil, yes, Nigeria is a major oil producer, but Brazil is now launching a 10-year program that is going to make it one of the major oil producers in the world. And every other country in Africa is now beginning to produce oil.

And Angola is rivalling Nigeria in oil production, and the United States has just discovered a huge gas reserve which is going to replace some of our dependence on imported energy.
So if you look ahead ten years, is Nigeria really going to be that relevant as a major oil producer, or just another of the many oil producers while the world moves on to alternative sources of energy and other sources of supply.

And what about its influence, its contributions to the continent? As our representative from the parliament talked about, there is a great history of those contributions. But that is history!”
– from speech by Princeton Lyman, Former US Ambassador to Nigeria

It’s so painful that we are crying over the ability or inability of a few of us (less that 0.01% of Nigerians) who are privileged, to travel to the US. Do we realize that we have done more badly to ourselves in the past few years? Please show me development in Nigeria except maybe in a few cities. Industries are moving to Ghana, people are losing jobs, Education has failed (they say it’s failing… wow!), is an American your Governor or Local Government Chairman?

The koko is our influence is reducing as we have less to offer them! Is Ghana not better today after the “Ghana-must-go” era? Please tell me oh! Did they die? Aren’t they developing faster? If you’re not sure, ask Barack Obama why He went there and ignored us! Please let’s be responsible for once! Pushing responsibility is not going to help us! Let’s develop our own country as Ghana did when we pursued them! Nobody throws you away if you are an asset!

Let’s move this ‘unusual energy and unity’ into more meaningful use. Let’s start small meetings across the nation! Let’s stop talking and act! I can proudly say I’m taking positive steps geared towards developing my nation! What are you doing? Let’s stop being selfish! As an executive, how are you contributing to developing Nigeria? Are you just stacking up riches for your family?

You have a job now. Do you want to wait till angry Nigerians block the road and stop you from going to work? Your children are in Private universities. Do you want to wait till angry people deny them entry? You have billions in your account. Are you waiting for the day it will be inaccessible due to social unrest? Of what use will your dream car be of then? May we not see violence. Amen.

If we don’t act now, we only endorse violence in the future. One thing I know, Nigeria will change. If we act now, it may be peaceful. If we delay, we do so to our peril!

End of story!