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Call it some kind of moment I’m having right now, but I just got into some kind pro-Naija mode. I’m always pro-Naija but today is especially different. I’m watching random naija videos, and I come across probably, what has to be the video of the year – Eldee’s One day. Watching it reminds me of the rot we Nigerians seem to stay in.

The rot I’m talking about, is whining. We as Nigerians stay whining – We complain and complain and complain. Of course there’s nothing wrong with complaining, and I know we will always complain from now till tomorrow because that is part of human life. And with the state of things in our country, we’re expected to complain. What happens after complaining though, is what matters most. Do we complain and complain and then go and drink small stout and sleep? Or do we complain and try to do something.

I don’t need to go into the issues we have in Nigeria, as we all know it already. From security, to health care, corruption, no electricity, fuel scarcity, mass embezzlement, religious conflicts, kidnapping, armed robbery. I mean, I’m beating a dead horse. We all know about this. Knowing and complaining is the first step in change, but knowing and complaining alone will never get us to our goal unless we act.

We (as youth) can’t depend on our parents to do anything at this point. A lot of our parents are thinking of retiring from jobs, and finally resting after a tough life. In addition the older generation seems to have accepted that Nigeria will be the way it is – almost like a defeated mentality. For us young ones however, our best years are still ahead of us, so this is the time we can effect our change. This is our time to take our future by our hands. Whether you reside in Nigeria or you are in diaspora, if you still have love our country Nigeria, then this is your business whether you like it or not.

In, January 2011, Nigeria will be having the presidential election that will determine our leadership for the next 4 years, and probably 8 years. 8 years is a very long time to have another round of bad leadership. In 8 years, you can be done with under-graduate and graduate studies and be working for about 2 years. In 8 years, you can be married with 3 kids. In 8 years, you might have given up on Nigeria. So I say, we can’t wait 8 more years. Now is the time that we can change our destiny. Now is the time we can say, we no do again… No be like so it suppose be… We no wan do am like this anymore….Enough is Enough.

What can we do? We might not be able take over the government literally, but we can vote. Yes, we can Vote. Even if it’s for the lesser of 2 evils, we can still vote, and we should vote. If you vote, then you’ve said your piece. You’ve had your voice heard, and you’ve done your part. You’ve made peace with yourself, and you can complain on with good reason. If you vote, you’ve inadvertently said, “I’ve done my part, Now it’s up to God.”  So I urge all Nigerians with the capability, to register to vote, and vote come January 2011. Don’t assume others will vote. One vote does actually make a difference. One extra vote in every Local Govt Areas in Nigeria will give you 774 more votes than you had before.

To Nigerians in diaspora like myself that might not be able to vote, we can raise awareness. Most of us have family in Nigeria, that we can encourage to vote, and exert their own piece of change. We can inform other Nigerians outside Nigeria so their voices can be heard also. Never underestimate the power of a large public outcry, and pressure from citizens. The voices of citizens in diaspora affected the holocaust, and the biafra war, so please, don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. On facebook, on twitter, hi5(lol), and to your friends. Even though we are not in Nigeria we still get affected by Nigerian leadership as long as we are Nigerians. Let’s make our voices heard, and let’s make it known that we want change. We want a leader chosen by us, and not by bureaucratic BS. Educate yourselves, and stay informed. Don’t be one of those that don’t know anything happening in Nigeria, but always seem to complain with no basis.

Call me naively optimistic, but I truly believe we are on the verge of a major turn around in Nigeria. I feel like, one day I’ll tell my kids that it was our generation that flipped it around. We keep saying Nigeria will never change, but I say, No… Nigeria must change. It can’t be like this forever… It just can’t. I mean, is anyone with me on this? It has to change. And my belief is this our time. We will no longer accept crappy health-care, we will no longer accept corruption, we will no longer accept bad roads, we will no longer accept no electricity, we will no longer accept religious conflicts that destroy our cities, we will no longer accept a dying education system. It has to stop. It just has to. If not when Nigeria turns 50 then when? When we are 100? or 200?

I’ve chosen not to dwell on the negative in the present, but rather the potential positive in our future, and with that being said I urge all my fellow Naija people, from 18 to 75, please let your voice be heard. Vote! Change can actually happen now if we believe and act.

For more information on what you can do to help, visit: www.enoughisenoughnigeria.com

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I saw this and made a decision. Walahi, me ma, I will enter politics too. After all, I need to have a share in the National Moi-Moi!

What a Senator Earns In Nigeria – N29,479,749.00 Per Year

Basic Salary – N2, 484, 245.50.

Hardship Allowance @ 50% of Basic Salary – N1,242,122.70 (I love this kind of hardship)

Constituency allowance @ 200% of BS – N4,968,509.00

Furniture Allowance @ 300% of BS – N7,452,736.50

Newspaper allowance @ 50% – N1,242,122.70 (Which kind newspaper be this shey na online or hard copy?).

Wardrobe allowance @ 25% – N621,061.37

Recess Allowance@ 10%: – N248,424.55

Accommodation @ 200% – N4,968,509.00.

Utilities @ 30% – N828,081.83.

Domestic Staff @ 35% – N863,184.12.

Entertainment @ 30% – N828,081.83.

Personal Assistance @ 25% – N621,061.37.

Vehicle Maintenance Allowance @ 75% – N1,863,184.12.

Leave Allowance @10% – N248,424.55.

One off payments (As advised by SagamiteSeverance gratuity) @ 300% – N7,452,736.50 (Once they get fired.)

Motor Vehicle Allowance @ 400% of BS – N9,936,982.00 – Every Four Years

Senators Salary per month. – N2,456,647.7 (approx $16,900)

Total = N29, 479, 749.00 (approx $203,000.00)

* 109 Senators Grand Total = N 3,264,329,264.10

Salary U.S. President: $250,000/yr.

GDP U.S. Economy: $13Trillion/yr.

Allowance Nig. Senator: $1,500,000/yr

GDP Nig. Economy: $45 Billion/yr.

And they want more. Doctors, teachers, civil servants can’t boast of N1m a year and these guys want N30m every month

A feeding frenzy!!!




I’ve been sitting here for the past 7 minutes thinking of a title for this post, and for the love of me I can’t find one. I can tell you though this post has absolutely nothing to do with Cabin Biscuits and Cornflakes. I want to write about my country, Nigeria. Something is happening in that country. There is a long overdue revolution taking place and I am super excited because I get to tell my children.. “and OUR generation said #EnoughIsEnough!!”. The first trace of this uprising that I saw was in the #LightUpNigeria movement. When that first started I was all for it. I mean I was tweeting, posting, commenting on everything light-related. For a while most of it was just web-talk and I must confess I started to feel like this was just ‘mouth’… Then the rallies started, and other groups started emerging. Now I strongly believe that the Nigerian youth are not backing out of this. Not this time.

Today I read a blog post by one of my favorite Nigerian RnB stars, Banky W, and I was really inspired. For a short while I was lost in a daydream of a Utopian Nigeria where there was order, stability, good government, and constant light! Suddenly a thought slid into my mind. I remembered a few years back when I was talking with a classmate of mine about how corruption has taken over our country and he said something that I could never get over. This is not exactly what he said but its exactly how I remember… “Well our father’s have had their turn to chop money and when my turn comes I must chop too”…

I am all for a better Nigeria, I will do everything within my power to see that Nigeria becomes a better place. But today I had an electric jolt of reality that not all Nigerian youth are as optimistic and good-hearted as I am. As much as I would love to dwell in the naivety that all will be “Cabin Biscuits and Cornflakes”, it won’t. Just because a good number (and I say that with all optimism) of us youth see change in a future Nigeria, does not mean that there aren’t a few of us that are purposely pessimistic about our Fatherland. I have a (Bad?) habit of seeing things in practical and real terms and the fact is when Nigerian power is handed over to the next generation, corruption is not just going to be magically obliterated.

I don’t mean to bring anyone’s spirit down or anything but I say what I see and from what I see the real challenge starts when ‘we’ are the one’s in power and have to confront our own comrades regarding bad governance and corruption. Its one thing to tell someone else that they are doing it wrong and its another thing when the issue is raised among peers.. I know that its a good idea to take this one step at a time and I can understand if you think that this issue will be dealt with when the time comes, but it does not hurt to mention it now. As a popular saying goes, “The end of everything is always the beginning of something”.

From what I have been reading, and please correct me if I’m wrong here, it seems like most people see this revolution as the Nigerian youth telling the current generation in power that they have messed things up and should give us youths a chance to show that there is still hope for Nigeria. I don’t think this should be seen as one generation versus the other. I mean if and when we do get that power to shape Nigeria and, God forbid, we do not see the change we all envisioned, who then are we going to blame? I don’t know about you but I see the sudden outcry as a battle between what Nigeria is and what Nigeria could be. Old school Nigeria or New School Nigeria, you fall into one of those categories and that is what determines which ‘side’ you are on. My friend that I talked about, he was seeing things as what Nigeria is and was willing to just go with the flow.

When Nigeria just got her independence I doubt that the likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe and Tafawa Balewa had this, the current state of Nigeria, in mind. I bet they were filled with all the hopes and dreams that we have now, so where did it go wrong? I’m sure they had plans for our great nation, so where did all those plans go to? Just like the dawn of the ‘new Nigeria’ in 1960 I think this will be another memorable moment in our history. I do pray that, in another 50 years our children will not be seeking change but will still be reaping the harvest of our leadership.

This is totally unrelated to this post but I am very curious as to why we say “Nigeria got HER independence” but in our anthem we say “to serve our FATHERLAND”. Please comment with your thoughts. lol

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I must say that I’m impressed with this. As young people we are limited with what we can do to change the government directly, but our strength is in our numbers and passion. If you’re around abuja, I encourage you to attend, and if you’re not then you can help spread the word to all young nigerians. Our destiny can be in our hands if we demand action and let our voices be heard. This is Peaceful Protest, so if you get wahala please stay at home. See details below:::

March 16 is the date that young Nigerians will march in Abuja to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Time: 11am Venue: National Assembly, Abuja (We gather at Eagle Square at 11am PROMPT) Demands:

1) President Yar’Adua should resume, resign or be removed

2) The promise of 6000megawatts must be fulfilled

3) The 5-m…onth fuel crisis needs to end now.

• From wherever you are in Nigeria, come too Abuja and join the rally – if you book early on many airlines, you get cheaper tickets, and you can return on the same day!
• If you are in Abuja, attend the rally with an average of TEN of your friends/family.
• If you are in any of the neighbouring states – Plateau, Kaduna, Niger, Nasarawa, Kogi – attend the rally with an average of FIVE of your friends.
• Get at least FIVE of your friends and family who live or work or school in Abuja to attend the rally.
• Get at least FIVE of your friends and family who live or work of school in neighbouring states – Plateau, Kaduna, Niger, Nasarawa, Kogi – to come to Abuja and join the rally.
• If you cannot attend yourself and you can afford it, sponsor at least one other young person to attend on your behalf. To get more information about how you can do that, call 07028101959 or mail info@enoughisenoughnigeria.com.
• On your Facebook (groups and profiles), Twitter, and BBMs, update DAILY with the date and time of the rally, as well as the website www.enoughisenoughnigeria.com until the 16th of March so that people do not forget.
• Join the Facebook group Enough is Enough Nigeria and invite your friends and family to join. Our target is 10000 members by the end of March. We need more people involved!
• Put up information about the rally daily on your website and blogs to sensitise young people so they don’t forget the date, venue and time.
• There are plenty of logistics that we have to deal with – buses, water, legal, media & publicity, crowd control, mobilization, distribution of publicity materials etc – if you have experience or resources in any of this, please call 07028101959 or email info@enoughisenoughnigeria.com to offer your help.
• SUPPORT the rally. There is so much to do in so short a time and we NEED the support of as many young and older people who are fed up with Nigeria’s situation.
If you are ready to support, please call 08022226712 or 07028101959 NOW!
Email: info@enoughisenoughnigeria.com,
URL: www.enoughisenoughnigeria.com, www.whereisyaradua.com