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Big Big Congratulations to Cool FM on air personality Shine Begho. She is engaged!!

The star shared the news on Instagram with a photo of her engagement ring.


“#Latepost… I said YES. Soon to be Mrs…loading.. #Thecountdown starts now..what a way to end the year
#shinebeghoisoffthemarket,” – she posted

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She’s one in a million to you. It wouldn’t be a surprise that you’d want to give her the most stunning ring as you go down on one knee and ask her to marry you. Especially if she does have glamorous taste in fashion, you just have to give her a ring that would match her style.

What makes an engagement ring dazzling? The setting, the centre stone and all the details contribute to the overall look of the ring. Here are some ideas on how to have a piece of jewellery that will really stand out from all the others but still be elegant and romantic enough to symbolize your love and commitment.


You’ll find a variety of jewellery settings when you go out shopping for a ring. But if you want a stunning piece, the halo setting will never let you down. However, you can also have something distinctive with a three-stone or a prong setting.

Halo. Smaller stones surround the centre stone, creating the illusion of one bigger stone and more fire and brilliance. Any shape of a centre stone can go well with this setting. But the best ones would be round, cushion or emerald.

Three-stone. An engagement ring can have three featured stones, instead of just one. This trio of gems signifies the past, the present and the future of the couple. Each can be held by simple prongs, but you can also have each on a halo setting.

Prong. The simplest support a stone can have in jewellery is a set of prongs. But they make a diamond or any other gem stand out since the gem is literally lifted from the band. If you want a really dazzling ring, make sure you choose a top-grade stone. The cut and clarity should be really good. Even if you choose an outrageously huge diamond or some other stone, it still wouldn’t be as stunning as you’d want it to be.


And if you’re looking for sparkle, no other accent can give that to you than a row or rows of diamonds in a pave setting. Aside from pave, baguette stones and split shank setting can also give you a fascinating piece of jewellery to go with your proposal.

Pavé setting. This setting is named as such because it literally “paves” the band with stones. It intends to create the illusion that the band itself is made of diamonds or stones and not metal.

  • You can opt for a full pavé setting, where the whole band has stones encrusted on its surface.
  • You can also have a half-pavé ring, which will have encrusted stones only at the top half of the band.
  • If you wish to heighten the glamour, have pavé-set diamonds in two or three rows.

Baguette diamonds. The rectangular and slim cut of diamonds is called baguette because it resembles the shape of the famous French bread. In rings, it’s used to accentuate the beauty of the centre stone, especially one with an emerald or a cushion cut.

Split shank. This design makes the band appear as if it is split into two or even more “strands” until it reaches the centre stone of the ring. If you want an eye-catching ring, have the strands encrusted with pavé-set diamonds. Some even add other accents like milgrain to make the jewellery design even more intricate.

With the different settings, details and advanced technology that jewellers now use, you can have a ring as fancy as you want it. Please keep in mind, however, that before you get carried away with the idea of a ring dazzling with diamonds, be sure that it fits your girlfriend’s personality and preference.

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So a few days ago, there was this whole debate on twitter about how much a guy should spend on an engagement ring for his soon to be wife. Of course a conversation like that is always bound to get very interesting and lots of comments were made but one really stuck out to me.

I’ll just give the context. If a man is proposing with a relatively “cheap” ring then the woman wont accept. Yea I know… Who would think right? But what is cheap though? One of the things that flew around twitter that night was the engagement ring should be 3 times the man’s monthly salary. So it might be safe to assume that anything less than that is considered cheap right? So let’s say you bank about 4ooo dollars after tax, then a $4000 ring is considered cheap because you should actually buy a $12000 ring as per 3 times your monthly salary.

So if I buy a ring that is not up to par I should pretty much expect my girlfriend to say no. Ummm…Flag on the play. Fa Fa Fa Foul! I highly doubt that any girl would stay there examining the ring and deciding if the ring is worth it or not before she says yes, and if she does then there’s a problem somewhere and nah there the thing go end for both of us.

I mean from all the engagements I’ve seen, the girl is halfway in tears almost and all her friends are shouting “Say Yes! Say Yes!” (if in public) so I don’t know where in that time she’ll just be like “Hmmm… Bros bring that ring make I scope first. I’ll get back to you in the morning when I gather the statistics and compare it your salary.” Abegi.

So what’s the fascination with the worth of the ring anyways? One popular answer was “it shows how much he loves you.” So let’s get this right? The worth of the ring = How much he loves you, so the love get price? Them get 1000 dollar love, and 5000 dollar love and 50 naira love I suppose. Whatever happened to “Whether Nah One Naira?” (I knew that song was film trick lol). To me personally it doesn’t make sense. If a guy gives you a ring then hey, nah there him money reach. Chances are if it’s a guy you want to marry and you’ve been in a good relationship with then he’ll buy a good enough ring that wont shame him or you.

In one instance I heard of girls and their friends going to appraise the ring to find out the worth. I mean is all that really necessary? Please lord if I find out my wife went to find out if my ring was good enough for her, I go collect my ring back dash am to charity. Madness!

If you ask me, this whole “how much the ring cost” is nothing more than a way for girls to compete with themselves and show off to their friends. Add Jennifer Anniston and all those other million dollar ring wearers into the mix plus some TMZ and Entertainment tonite, and you have this unrealistic fascination with engagement rings.

I mean what happened to good ole carrying palmwine to your father’s house and asking for that “flower in the garden”? All this oyimbo tings don tire person jare. I’m if you look back you’ll see that most of our parents didn’t even do all that engagement ring kini.

Anyways, I don yarn enough. But ladies though, for real, what’s the fascination with the worth of the ring? Do y’all really look at it as a measure of his love for you? Would you say no if it’s not worth 3 times his salary (assuming you actually find out the price)?

Please I need answers. So I know if I need to rob central bank biko.

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